Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Anthology Update

Hey Friends!

I just wanted to post a quick update to let you know that the anthology is about half-way done.  My good friend and fellow author, Samantha Holt http://www.samanthaholt.org.uk/ has been helping me along the way.  Not only does she do my covers, but she proofs my work and helps when I get stuck in a story.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the finished product.  As I get closer to finishing, I will update again.  I will also be considering ways to promote my collection at the time of release.

Here's an excerpt from one of the stories:

“Let go ‘Rese.”  The pull lessened then became stronger once again.

Larese felt her orgasm building, her pussy clenching as Tony continued.  Tony slipped his head down low, to her ass and when his wet tongue slipped just inside her tight hole, Larese fell off the ledge.  Her orgasm was so strong, she bucked up and away from Tony.

Following her, Tony kept the dildo going but released the suction on her clit.  Pussy still pulsing, her body held on tight to the dildo as Tony gently slid it out.  Hot and hard, once again, he slipped his cock slowly into her quivering pussy. 

“Oh, God, Tony, you feel so good.”

Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement.  And for those who've inspired me... luv you!!!

Will touch base with you all soon!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taking a Break

Going on a break for awhile.  In order to finish my anthology, I need to "disconnect" from social networks like Facebook and Twitter for awhile.  There are just way too many distractions these days!  I also will be only blogging as the mood strikes me, so enter your email in the box in the upper right hand corner so you get notifications of when I post...because it won't be often for awhile.

I really want to finish my Erotic Stories Collection, Book One and Two, and in order to do that I have to focus.  =)  Also, you can reach me via email at JaynWilde@gmail.com and I promise to write back within 24-28 hours.

Thank you for reading my posts, encouraging and supporting me.  I love you guys!!!  XOXOXO


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday

Visit:  http://www.wewriwa.com/ to see all the amazing authors participating.

My excerpt is from my current WIP "Naughty Surprises, An Erotic Collection of Short Stories" which will be released in February.


Oh good Lord, Yvonne thought to herself.  There is a gorgeous man in the tub.  A naked, slippery and 

hot hunk of muscle only a few steps away.  She felt the strongest urge to strip right then and there and sink 

in beside him.  He tilted his head back and Yvonne soaked in his profile.  Strong jaw line, straight nose, 

dark skin and just the slightest sexy stubble covering his face.  Yvonne pressed her legs together. 

She wanted to feel that stubble scraping along her thighs, her ass...everywhere.  


Interested in reading more?  My published works can be found here:  http://amzn.com/e/B00D1RDLQE

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Sexy Saturday

"What are you doing?"  Stacey walked into the bedroom, where Danny was lying on the bed, on his stomach.

"Selfies."  Danny tapped at the screen of his phone.

"Lying on the bed like that?"  Stacey shucked off her heels as she neared the bed, and then pulled her hair from its ponytail, allowing the golden-brown waves to cascade over her shoulders and down her back.

"Yep."  He still hadn't looked up from the phone.

She moved next to Danny and climbed on the bed.  Straddling his hips, she started to massage his back.  "I've got something else for you to do, baby."  Stacey knew how to get his attention off that damn contraption.

"Mmmm, what's that?"  Danny rested his head to the side, closing his eyes and grunting as Stacey kneaded his muscles.

Stacey stripped off her t-shirt and tossed it to the floor, leaving her in only a black lace bra.  Unsnapping her jeans, she said, "Roll over."

Still straddling Danny's hips, she lifted herself to her knees and he rolled his body over, between her legs.  He grinned and clicked a few more shots.  She ducked down her head, covering her face, leaving only her half-naked upper body exposed.

"This one goes online."  Danny turned around his iPhone and showed her the pic he took.  She loved the way she looked, sexy and mysterious as she straddled his waist.  The view was close-up and intimate; how he viewed her when she was on top of him.

"What's it gonna say?"  She didn't miss a beat undoing his pants as he tapped away at the screen.

"My sexy girl is about to ride me.  Gotta go..."

Stacey smirked as she tugged his pants down his legs, laughing when she realized he was going commando.  His erection proudly stood up, at attention.  Sliding her body up along his, she flung the phone to the carpeted floor as she placed her hands in his, lacing them together.

"You want me to ride you, hard and fast?"  Stacey rubbed her breasts in his face but avoided his mouth.  He leaned forward to nip at her, but she leaned back.

"Oh God, yes, please."

"Help me out of my jeans then, cowboy.  Fast."

Tossing her on to her back, Danny quickly yanked the offending jeans and damp panties off, making Stacey giggle.  Just as fast, he moved her back on top of him, his cock brushing against her clit.  She rubbed against him, all joking aside.  She wanted to tease him until he begged a little more.

"Regular or reverse?"

"I get to pick this time?"  Danny wiggled his eyebrows.  Stacey nodded and smiled.

"I want to look in your eyes and watch when you explode."

"As you wish," Stacey answered in a whisper as she slid herself onto him without hesitation.  She couldn't help it; whenever he filled her up  like that, she closed her eyes.


She savored the moment, then began to grind against him.  Opening her eyes, she noticed his were barely open.  "Open them cowboy.  Watch me fuck you hard and fast.  And...hold on."

Stacey giggled as his eyes popped wide open.  He reached around and planted his hands firmly on her hips.  "Let me have it cowgirl."

She did and he returned the favor shortly after.



Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

From a WIP with the working title "Reconstructing Kailee"


My heart pounded ferociously in my chest.  Our first time was intense but the second time left me seeing stars.  Kailee fit me perfectly, her body curved against mine as if she had been made just for me.  She was tight, wrapping around me like a glove.  And, she tasted amazing, like strawberries.  I didn’t even know exactly what I was doing, I just let myself explore her and watched her reactions carefully.  I hadn’t imagined she’d be so responsive, so hot for me.

After I put out the fire in the fireplace, Kailee took my hand and led me down the hallway.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Would she want me to stay the night?  We’d slept in each other’s arms before.  But, that was mostly from staying up late watching movies and just drifting off.  Would this be different?  I wanted so much more from her, but I didn’t know what she’d want from me.

Kailee led me in to her bathroom, which was surprisingly large and modern.  After seeing the rest of the house, I’d have figured this bath would need work too, but it was redone with a huge tub and shower.  She turned on the water, and stepped in, never letting go of my hand.  I followed her in, not sure what to expect next.  Kailee’s eyes were roaming my body, her tongue licking at her bottom lip.  She was so sexy, I felt myself growing hard again.

I had never showered with a woman before, so I had no idea what to do first.  I wanted to touch her everywhere, but honestly, I was scared I was going to fall on my ass in the tub.  Kailee handed me a soap-filled washcloth.

“Wash my back, please,” her voice was too damn sexy.

While I washed her back, Kailee soaped her front, slowly rubbing her breasts, her flat stomach and then in-between her legs.  I don’t remember when I stopped washing her back, I just know I wanted to be where her hands were.  My hands covered hers and roamed her body.  I pressed up against her, wanting to climb inside of her over and over until I was lost completely.

Kailee slowly turned in my arms, her hands still soapy.  She started at my neck and slowly moved her slick hands down my chest, then up and over my shoulders, down my arms and returned to my chest.  She put more soap on her hands and then rubbed at my stomach, slowly inching lower until she was just above my shaft.  Her hands teasingly went around and rubbed at my upper thighs, coming around inside my thighs up to my balls.  She soaped me up there, then her hands gripped my shaft and I almost fell to my knees.  The slide of her hot hands made me throb and twitch. Shifting to the side, Kailee allowed the hot water to rinse all of the soap off of my body.

Her hands never left me, and once the soap was completely gone, she dropped to her knees in front of me and I braced myself against the wall behind me.  Was she really going to…?  Holy shit.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I started panting as Kailee slipped those beautiful pink lips over the head and slowly up the length of me until I hit the back of her throat and her nose almost pressed against my lower belly.  Her soft mouth moved up and down my length and despite having already come twice, her mouth on me had a third orgasm erupt from me in mere minutes.

When we finally made it to her bed, I was completely exhausted.  That was the first time in my life, that I came three times in one night, and in only a couple of hours.  No one has ever made me so horny in all of my life.  But, there was more to me and Kailee.  Right from the moment we met, I felt something so strong for her that I couldn’t explain it.  And, every time we were together, even if just watching a movie or driving in the car, she made my heart beat faster and my body heat up.

I wrapped my arms around as she tucked her back in to me.  I think spooning is my favorite way to sleep with her.  As if I can keep her safe and she can’t escape my arms.  I tuck my nose in to her neck and inhale the scent of her hair.  She is perfect for me.  I don’t ever want this to end.


Hope you enjoyed!  And, I sincerely hope you needed an ice-cold drink after that.  ;-)

I'm hoping to finish this WIP and release it this Spring!


Wet Wednesday

Did you read yesterday's post?  If not, check it out here: HERE


I wiggled as Andy's mouth trailed down to my breasts.  He laved at my nipples, sucking the champagne off and nibbling my flesh.  I squirmed.  I couldn't help it.  He knew how sensitive I was, how my body responded to his attentions.  I am not sure when I did it, but my hands were suddenly in his hair, pulling him hard against me.  He laughed and continued from my breasts to my belly button.  My body was on fire, and I tugged his hair...hard.

Slipping one warm hand up my skirt, while the other firmly grabbed my breast, Andy managed to slip my underwear down, and then off.  I was literally grinding on the chair at this point, desperately needing his tongue on my pussy.  Andy picked up on my cues, as he always did.  Moving his mouth up my thigh, he came closer to where I wanted him.  But, then, he started nibbling back down the other leg.  I groaned and slid forward, chasing his mouth, almost slipping off the chair completely.  Andy laughed and then tugged my legs wide open.  I gasped as his mouth finally descended on my throbbing clit.  His tongue swirled around the bud, then dipped inside my pussy as far as it would go.  He retreated then repeated it all over again.  I was chanting his name like a prayer.  I needed more.

"Andy....please."  I begged.  I couldn't take anymore teasing.  Finally...."Yes!"  He slipped a finger in and stroked me rhythmically as his tongue danced over my clit.  I gushed...literally.  When his head finally emerged from between my legs, I was already wanting more.  Now it was my turn.  I ripped off the blindfold and leapt at him, pinning him against the counter.  Our tongues dueled and the taste of me in his mouth excited me further.

I reached over an grabbed an ice cube from the bucket where the champagne was.  At some point, Andy had lost his shirt.  Now it was my turn to tease him.  I began to trail the ice cube down his chest as his gaze stayed on my face.  I smiled when I saw his erection poking up out of the waistband of his boxers.  This was going to be fun...drawing out his pleasure and teasing him until he begged this time.


Enjoyed?  Please share, RT, Fav, all that good stuff!



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Andy sat me in a dining room chair and smiled.  "I have a surprise for you."  I couldn't help but look around the room.  He knew how I hated surprises.  Yet, I knew how much he loved to do special things for me. Andy found ways to tease and please me all the time.  I merely had to have enough patience to let him do what he planned.

"Now, I know how you are about surprises.  So, I have this."  Andy held up a long black sash...a blindfold.  "Keep your hands in your lap for now."  Andy tied the blindfold snugly at the back of my head.  I took deep breaths, waiting for what would come next.

"If you are a good girl and keep your hands to yourself, then I won't tie them.  But..." Andy let his words drop away, as I felt the silk drift across my hands.  I knew what that meant.  Last time I couldn't keep my hands to myself, he tied them securely behind my back.  Memories from that night flooded my mind and I felt myself warm from my chest to my cheeks.

I heard Andy walking around, sounds of plastic bags rustling in the kitchen.  Though I couldn't see him, I easily sensed when he stood before me.  Warm fingertips touched along my collarbone, and I jumped at the sudden contact.  Deftly, Andy unbuttoned my blouse and opened it wide. Trailing his fingers over the swell of my breasts, Andy teased my hot skin.  He gently caressed and played with my nipples through the satin material of my bra.  With one flick, he undid the front clasp on my breasts, allowing them to slip from the confining material.

I took a deep breath.  My hands twitched in my lap.  I wanted to taste and touch him so badly that I almost couldn't control myself.  Andy must have noticed, because he took my hands and brought them to my sides, letting them hang down alongside the chair.  "Behave, love."  I nodded.

Something cool and wet trickled from my collarbone down to my breasts.   I could feel rivulets of the mystery liquid travel across my breasts, down over my nipples and tickle along my stomach to my navel.  I squirmed at the sensation.  Andy tugged on my skirt, unzippering it and then his warm hands pried the material open, exposing my satin panties.

Another item, cold and hard traced the path of the liquid.  I could smell it was sweet...possibly a strawberry.  Andy trailed it across both breasts, then over each nipple, finally trailing down to my navel.  "Open."  The hard item was suddenly at my mouth.  Yes, it was a strawberry...covered in champagne.  That must've been the liquid.  I nibbled at the strawberry until Andy replaced it with his lips.  His kiss was sweet, the effect of the champagne and strawberry amazing.

"There's so much more to come, love."

I smiled.  I couldn't wait.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sexy Saturday

From a WIP that I started in  March of 2013 and worked on from time to time.  I haven't finished it yet, and it stands at 17k words.  I hope to finish it this year.  Anyway, here's a little excerpt.  ;)



I was seriously starting to get annoyed.  I couldn’t find that brunette bombshell anywhere and now I’ve got sleazy chicks hitting on me.  Well, just one, and maybe not so sleazy, but once I said no she acted like I slapped her in the face.  I really just wanted to see that girl one more time before I left.  Bobby had said he was ready to go.  They wanted me to drive them to a party across town.  I told Bobby I wasn’t staying there, and he said he’d take a cab home.  We were just about to leave when I saw her again.

“Hi,” her voice was smooth.

“Hey,” I tried to keep my voice even.

“Red heads not your type?” She joked.

“Um, not really.  I prefer brunettes.”  I wasn’t trying to flirt.  It just came out. 

“Hmmm, me too,” she winked.  I think my heart stopped beating right there.  I was obviously blonde.  Was she joking or what?  She pulled her hair back over her shoulder and the scent of flowers tickled my nose. 

I didn’t know what to say.   

“What’s your name?”  I may not be her type, but I at least wanted to know the name of the girl that was going to haunt my dreams tonight.

“Kailee. Yours?”


“Well, Kevin, I have a confession.”  She paid for her drinks as she turned to me, her scent waved up my nose making my pulse kick up a notch.  “I have a weakness for blondes.”

She turned and walked away and all I could do was watch, mouth hanging open, heart thundering in my chest.  Bobby ribbed me and the guys started hooting and hollering.  I watched her walk back to the other side of the club where her friend waited.

Bobby smacked me on the back and said, “If you don’t want it, I’ll take it.”

I looked at him, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about.  On the bar, by my hand was a napkin with writing on it.  Kailee 555-6824  Holy shit!  She’d slipped me her number and I hadn’t noticed.  What a jackass I was.  I snatched up the napkin before Bobby or any of the other guys did and tucked it in my pocket.

Now, was the hard part.  Calling her to go out on a date.  Not exactly something I was very good at.  


Hope you enjoyed.  


Fantasy Friday

Christina put her cell in her purse and walked in to the bar.  She straightened her skirt and glanced around for her friends.  Her eye caught sight of Melanie, her co-worker.  Mel was hard to miss at 5'10" with platinum blond hair and a group of guys always hovering around her.  Chris chuckled to herself as she made her way over to the bar.  Pushing her way through the groupies, Chris finally made her way to Mel, Alex and Simone.

"Hey girls!"  Christina hollered over the music thumping through the speakers.

Chris hugged each of the girls and ordered herself a beer.  "How's the prospects tonight?"

Alexandra, or Alex, laughed.  "Slim pickings.  Once Mel cuts these guys down and sends them with their tails between their legs, it's gonna be hard to find anything young and handsome here tonight."

The girls all laughed and Chris looked around.  Sure enough, "Ladies Night" was truly that for a change.  Most of the guys that were present were either the usual bar slugs or young bucks that had gravitated towards Mel.

Chris didn't blame them.  If she were a guy, she'd do the same.  Melanie had an amazing personality, a beautiful heart and was a professional model.  Problem was, most guys never looked beyond the fact that she was a model, to see the true gem she was.

Sipping down her beer, Chris realized that most guys in bars were the same.  At 5' 8", with long wavy golden-brown hair, deep green eyes and a curvy figure, Chris had her fair of attention.  But, it was always the same...one-night hook-up and then one kicked the other to the curb right after.  At almost 30, she was getting tired of all the nonsense and wanted to find someone real.

Like Toby.

Toby was Melanie's brother.  They'd all grown up together, but Toby was 3 years older, so when Chris finally was allowed to date, he had already left for college.  Tall, blonde with blue eyes, he was the male version of Melanie.  And, he got just as much attention as she did.  A fact that always irked Christina.

Now, at 33, Toby was a prime catch.  He'd matured not only physically, but mentally as well.  His body had transformed into a rock hard wall of muscle covered in tattoos.  After he left college, he went off to be a professional fitness competitor and model.  Now, he was a personal trainer as well.  Chris remembered when she saw him last, at Christmas.  He was not only amazing looking, but was just as witty and funny as he'd always been.  But, he still treated her like his little sister.


Mel was standing right in Christina's face, shouting her name.  "What?"

"I said...can you let me know if you see Toby.  He's supposed to be meeting us here."

Toby.  Here.  Tonight.

"Uh, yeah."  Chris smoothed down her skirt again and reached to fix her shirt.  She'd left an extra button open to display her cleavage, but she wondered if now it was too revealing.

"Leave it."  Simone slapped away Chris' hand.  "You want him to notice you, don't you?"  Simone was the only one that knew of Chris' major crush on Toby.  Sometimes drinking loosened lips, ya know?

"But, not for these."  Chris motioned to her breasts just as someone walked up next to her.

"Those are quiet nice I think."  Toby chuckled.

Chris blushed fiercely.  Holy crap he had the worst timing.  "Oh shut up."  Chris smacked his arm, trying to play off her embarrassment.

Toby leaned over to kiss Chris on the cheek, a greeting he always gave her, but she had turned her face at the last minute and his lips landed on hers.  She froze.  A zing of electricity ran through her.  He didn't move immediately and Chris held her breath.  Straightening, Toby cracked his usual sexy grin.  "Didn't expect that."

Chris wondered what he meant...her turning or the electric charge.  Or, maybe she was the only one that felt the latter.  Eyes wide, Chris couldn't say a word as Toby turned and said hello to Mel, Alex and Simone, then introduced the guys that came with him.  Chris didn't hear a word.  Something so small had struck her completely dumb.

It was too overwhelming for her, so Christina grabbed her purse off the stool and headed to the door.  She'd made it all the way to her car when a strong hand grabbed her elbow.  Toby whipped her around and firmly pushed her against the car.  He leaned down and hovered his mouth over hers.  His minty breath washed over her face as he panted.  He must have run to catch up to her.

"Can I get another shot?"

Another. Shot.  Wow.

Christina sucked in a breath and nodded.  Toby's mouth slowly inched closer and Chris opened her own slightly.  His soft, warm lips tickled hers at first. There was that shock again...electricity that coursed through her body.  From her mouth to every part of her body.  "Do you feel that?"  Toby whispered against her mouth.  Again, Christina could only nod.

He didn't ask permission again.  This time his kiss was intense.  His tongue slipped into her mouth and Christina groaned.  He wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her tight to him.  She could feel his erection against her belly and her underwear was instantly wet.  She'd wanted him for so long that this moment was surreal.  But, he was here, his tongue was probing her mouth, causing her whole body to go boneless. Only his strong arms held her up, her legs useless now.

"Do you want to continue this somewhere else a bit more private."

Christina finally found her voice.  "Yes.  Please."


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

“I’m really sorry about that.”  Rich grinned.  Yvonne wondered about his sincerity.  “You truly are beautiful.”  He pushed her uniform open with the towel.  Her body longed for his touch; to feel his fingertips on her heated skin.  She found herself leaning toward him as he continued to touch her with the towel.  Rich pushed the towel up near one shoulder, then the next, effectively moving her uniform off her shoulders.  Yvonne’s mouth had gone dry.  She couldn’t tell him to stop.  She didn’t want to.

Rich continued to wipe at her as her uniform slipped away, revealing her body to him.  His eyes raked over her and for a split second she attempted to cover herself.  Rich shook his head and she let her arms drop.  He dropped the towel to the floor and let his hands roam her shoulders.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Yvonne shook her head.  It had been a very long time since a man had appreciated her body.  She didn’t know Rich, but he was handsome and his hands felt wonderful.

“I asked for you, you know.” 

Yvonne’s head snapped up.

“I saw you the other day when I checked in.”  Rich traced the swell of her breasts and the edges of her lace bra.  “I tried to put you out of my mind.  But, you haunted my sleep.  I had the most delectable dreams of you.  Here.  Naked.  Under me.  Over me.  I called down this morning and demanded that your supervisor send you up.  You know, she balked at first.  But, a generous tip changed her mind.”

Yvonne’s eyes grew wide.  He had set this up?  Intentionally brought her to his room.

“I have a proposition for you.”  Now Rich’s hands traced her stomach, circling her navel then down to the edge of her panties and back up to her navel.  Yvonne squirmed, the feeling he created made her body hum with electricity.


“Spend one night with me.  Let me show you how much I can please you.  Then, if you want to go our separate ways, we will.  But, if you like how I make you feel, I want you to come work for me.”

Work for him?  What the hell did that mean?

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wet Wednesday

Channing Tatum

Bri brushed back her hair with a muddy hand.  She'd been slaving in her garden all morning, sweltering in the midsummer heat.  Rocking back on her heels, Bri took in the scenery.  Her garden looked beautiful and other than the birds, the neighborhood was quiet.  She loved having a weekday off; no one else was around and she could truly enjoy her beautiful property.

Kicking off her shoes as she went in the house, Bri shed her clothes and made her way to the bathroom.  She grabbed her bikini off the hook on the back of the door and tugged it on.  Her sweaty body made the material difficult, but she knew once she hit the water, she'd feel better.

She took a moment to glance in the mirror.  A huge smile spread across her face.  It had taken over a year, but she finally had a body to proudly display in the bikini she wore.  It had been one of her goals...and rewards.  Lose fifty pounds, tone and tighten her 30 year old body and for the first time in her life, wear a bikini.

Making her way to the back of her property, Bri looked around before diving in to the pool of fresh water.  One reason she had bought the house was the small body of fresh water at the edge of the property.  No one fished here, no one could see her.

Rolling over on to her back and floating, Bri closed her eyes and let the sun warm her body.  The small pool was chilly, being constantly sourced by a stream from the mountains nearby.  Bri thought about all the times she and Damon had swum together in the lake behind his summer house, as kids.  Damon had been her best friend since they were toddlers.  She smiled as she thought of the good times they had; the trouble they got in to.  Her smile slipped when her memories wandered into high school and beyond.

Damon had gone off in to the Navy right after school.  He'd written to her often, but as time went by, their lives took different paths.  She started a catering business, and he'd become a decorated Navy SEAL.  Last she'd heard from him was about two months ago, when he was about to go on some secret mission.  Bri felt the tears trickle down the sides of her face.  She'd loved Damon since childhood, but deep down, she knew it was one-sided.   His love was the SEALs.

Turning her body, she dove under the water and started swimming laps across the width of the pool.  It was one thing she'd struggled with when she was overweight.  Now, she felt free as a bird, or in this case, a fish. Bri kept going until her body was exhausted and her mind was clear.  Pulling herself up on to the side of the pool, she laid in the grass and closed her eyes against the sun.  A dark shadow crossed over her and she sat up.

"Well aren't you looking hot...and wet."  His deep voice reverberated through her.  Goosebumps covered her body and her nipples hardened.


"Uh, hey.  What are you doing here?"  Bri scrambled for her towel.

"I'm here for you."  Damon stood before her, as gorgeous as ever.  Big and bulky, dark short hair, dark eyes, black tattoos sneaking out under the sleeves of his t-shirt.  Tan cargo pants hugged his thick legs and his trademark black boots finished off the ensemble.  She couldn't help but giggle.

"Isn't it hot for boots?"

"You know me, babe. Either barefoot or boots.  Only two ways to go."  Damon took a couple steps towards her.

Bri began to back away, frantically tucking the ends of the towel under her arms.

"So, how long are you home for?"  Bri started to walk back to the house.  She needed to dry off and get into clothing.  Being so close to Damon after not seeing him for so long was doing funny things to her body; things that would be quite evident in her tiny bikini.

"For good."

Bri stopped in her tracks and turned to face him.  "What?"

"Yep.  Staying state-side and going into teaching here at the base."


"I want to settle down Bri.  I don't want to be away from home anymore.  Away from you."  Damon had stepped closer to her and his rough hand traced the side of her face.  An intense look in his brown eyes that she'd only seen when he was dead-serious, now gazed into her own eyes.

Bri gulped.



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Available now on Amazon--->  http://amzn.com/B00CEKO9PQ

Excerpt for Teaser Tuesday

Would she ever find someone who thrilled her with a simple touch and wanted to be with her forever?

“Hi,” Lacey said quietly as she sat down.

“Everything okay?”  Shawn looked at her, his azure eyes searched her face.

“Yes.  I think I am ready to go home though.  It’s been a long day for me and I’m tired.”

Shawn simply nodded and waved to the waiter who promptly brought over the check.  Shawn paid in cash and tipped the waiter generously before escorting Lacey out to the valet station.  He didn’t say much, but glanced down at her from time to time. The drive home was just as quiet and Lacey sunk down in the seat feeling lost and empty.

“Did you enjoy dinner?” Shawn glanced over as he broke the silence.

“Yes. Very much. Thank you.”

“Then, may I ask what is troubling you?”  Shawn pulled in to her driveway and put the car in park.  He turned off the engine and Lacey felt her nerves bundle up. 

Lacey sighed.  She may as well get it over with.  “I’m not in to one-night stands Shawn.”

“Me either.”

Lacey’s head snapped up to look at him.  Was he telling the truth?  Of course he was.  He was into weekend flings she remembered.

“I don’t do casual very well either,” she admitted shifting her eyes to her hands folded in her lap.

“I understand.”  Shawn’s voice was gentle as he reached over and put his finger under her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.  “I just want to get to know you Lacey.  For over a year, we’ve kept passing one another and other than an occasional ‘hello’ we’ve never even talked to one another.  I’d like to take you out and learn more about you and what makes you happy.”

Lacey stared in to his eyes.  They shone softly as he spoke to her.

“I’d like that too.”  Lacey admitted.

“May I walk you to your door?” 


Lacey walked slowly, enjoying how Shawn’s hand rested on her lower back again.  She fumbled and pulled her keys out.  She knew she was stalling for time, since the goodnight kiss was always awkward.

Shawn placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her towards him.  Lacey’s heart began to race, her body quivering at his slight touch on her skin.  He leaned down and placed a whisper of a kiss on her forehead.  Lacey looked up at him, and saw tenderness in his face.  Shawn took a step back and instantly Lacey missed his warmth.  Feeling bold, Lacey took a step forward, closing the distance between them once again and stood on her tiptoes, placing a light kiss on his lips.  His lips were warm and soft.  She had only meant to give him a quick kiss, but once she felt those lips on hers her body leaned in to his.  Shawn dipped in to Lacey, nibbling on her bottom lip.  A small moan rose up in her chest and she parted her lips for him.

Shawn brought one strong arm down from her shoulder, along her back, pulling her body in tight to his while bringing the other hand up to the back of her neck.  Shawn’s fingers reached up and pulled the clip that held up her chignon, causing her curls to tumble down her back.  Lacey brought her arms up to grab on to his shoulders, nails digging into the muscles.  Shawn groaned and Lacey felt his arousal grind into her belly.

“Not here,” Shawn rasped.


Lacey fumbled with the keys all the while Shawn nibbled on her neck and shoulders from behind her.  He brought his large hands around her waist.  His hot breath was causing her to completely unravel.  She had to have him.  Now.  She’d never felt this reckless, this worked up, this intense and she didn’t want it to stop.

The door burst open and crashed in to the wall.  Without taking his hands from her waist, Shawn leaned over and kicked it shut with his foot.  His lips crushed hers as Lacey met his every move with as much passion.  Max barked and came running towards them but Lacey merely shooed him away with one hand and he loped away.  In frenzied movements, Lacey yanked off Shawn’s blazer as he undid the knot on her wrap dress.  Their tongues dueled with one another, thrusting and parrying back and forth. Lacey jerked his shirt out of his trousers as Shawn finally got the dress opened.  His hands moved to her breasts, tweaking and pinching her nipples through her satin bra.  The pleasure-pain streaked shocks through her body. 

Lacey undid the buttons on his shirt and moved her hands across his broad chest, feeling every muscle undulate under her touch.  Swiftly, she undid the button on his pants, pulling the zipper down and reaching her hands inside to grab his smooth hips.  Her hands traveled around the back, hands slipping inside of his boxers until she was clutching his smooth and taught ass.  Shawn let out a deep groan that rumbled in his chest. 
Breathless, Shawn slowly pulled his head back and looked at Lacey.  He slowed their pace by pressing gentle kisses to her forehead, her cheek, her jaw until he reached her neck and inhaled her perfume.

Sensing the change of pace, Lacey looked up at Shawn, studying his face.  She didn’t know what to make of his reaction, but she did know he wanted her just as much as she wanted him.  His arousal pressed in to her belly and she felt the tip sticking out of the front of his boxers, a bead of moisture touching her bare belly.

“I want you so much,” Shawn whispered into Lacey’s hair.  “Do you want me?”


“Say it.”

“I want you, Shawn.”


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Monday, January 6, 2014

Manly Monday

"Oh Damn." Elise slammed her hands on the steering wheel.  She watched the billows of steam seep out under the hood.  "That's not good." She grabbed her cell phone.  No signal.  "Of course."

Elise got out of the rented Camaro and headed to the trunk.  Grabbing her bags, she wrapped her hot pink scarf on the handle and click the key fob, setting the locks.  She looked around at tree and mountains surrounding her.  Fine place to break down, she thought to herself as she began walking back to the service station she passed.

The late-day sun was scorching Elise's head as she walked along the side of the road.  Her favorite Jimmy Choo shoes were pinching her toes as she wobbled along.  The sound of a truck coming around the bend brought hope to her.  Waving frantically, Elise tried to catch the eye of the driver of the pick-up.  But, they passed her anyway.

The sky darkened and a bolt of lightning cracked through the sky.  Then, out of nowhere the sky opened up and rain poured on her.  Her tears mixed with the rain dripping on her cheeks.  A few minutes later, a truck came up behind her and slowed to her pace, keeping beside her.

"You need a lift?"

What a dumb question.  "No, I like walking in $500 shoes in thunderstorms."  Elise kept stumbling along the muddy trail alongside the road.  It was the same truck that had passed her just a few minutes ago.

"Oh, okay.  Good luck then."  The pick-up picked up speed and turned the bend ahead.

"No freaking way.  Asshole."  Elise cursed out the driver, then started to curse herself for being snide.

As she made her way around the bend, flashing red lights caught her eye.  The guy in the pick-up had pulled over.

"Now do you need a lift?"  He grinned at her as she stepped next to the driver's side window.

"Yes. Please."

"Hop in."

Elise didn't balk at getting a stranger's truck, not did she worry that her soaked clothes dripped all over his leather interior.   Despite the heat outside, she was chilled and soaked to the bone.  Her only thoughts were dry clothes and to sleep away the remainder of the day.

"I'll take you to the service station.   It's about ten miles ahead."  She glanced over and noticed how the driver looked like a hot cowboy in a calendar she once had.  She blushed.  It was one hell of a calendar.  This guy could easily be Mr. June.

"Uh, thanks."  Elise gave herself a shake.  "My name's Elise.   I appreciate you stopping.  Especially, after, well..."

"Name's Trevor.  Hey, I get it.  You were probably pissed and not in the mood for obvious questions.  Just had to ask cause that's the way I was raised.  Can't pull up behind a beautiful lady and tell her to 'get in', ya know?"

Elise nodded.  Her eyes shifted down broad shoulders donned in a denim shirt grazing over large thighs and then back up to tree-trunk arms.  The man was huge.  Probably worked on one of those ranches she had passed.

By time they reached the service station, it was almost six.  Trevor pulled up to the front door and pointed.  "Seems they're closed already.  I can call Buck and see if he'll come out, but chances are you're going to be stuck until morning here."

"Is there a hotel here?  A bed and breakfast?  Anything with a hot shower and warm bed?"

Trevor opened his mouth, shook his head and then closed his mouth again.  He pulled away from the service station and drove a few blocks to a large Victorian house.  "May has nice rooms and will charge you a decent rate."

"Okay, thank you."  Elise grabbed her bag and opened the door.  She turned and looked at Trevor.  Her heart raced a little bit at the way his eyes blue sparkled and his tan face softened as he grinned.  "Thanks again for the ride and the help."  He tipped his hat and turned to look out the windshield.

Elise got herself set up in a large room in May Milton's Bed and Breakfast.  May was a nice older woman who had a big heart and a generous smile.  She served Elise a hot dinner and then scooted her off to the living room to rest by the fire.  May had mentioned the nights were cold and Elise grabbed her Kindle and sat in a overstuffed chair.

"Whatcha reading?"  A voice in the shadows startled Elise.

"Who's there?"

"It's me, Trevor."  He leaned forward on the couch, and she could see the bright smile on his face.

"Why'd you scare me like that?"  Elise snapped.

"Are you always this nice?"

"Dammit, Trevor, you nearly gave me a heart attack."  Elise tried to compose herself.

"So, whatcha reading?"  He repeated.

"A novel."  Elise felt her cheeks heat up.  He didn't need to know it was an erotic romance novel.

"Must be pretty good.  Your face is all red."  Trevor wiggled his eyebrows at her.  Crossing the room, he sat on the coffee table in front of her.  "Want to read some to me.  I could use a good bedtime story."

Her face heated eve more.  He smelled delicious.  Everything male mixed with the fresh outdoors.  She wondered if he went to bed alone.  Bed.  Not a place she should be thinking of right now with this handsome stranger in front of her.

"Um, no.  I'd rather get to bed."  Dammit.  There's that word again.

"Let me walk you up."

"Uh, are you a guest here?"

"I live here."

"Oh."  Now why didn't he mention that before?  She'd have stayed somewhere else.  Anywhere else.

Elise simply nodded and made her way to the stairs.  He followed behind her and she couldn't help but wonder if he liked the view.  She giggled then threw a hand over her mouth.

"Nice view."  Had he read her mind?  What the hell?

"Well, this is me."  She stopped outside her bedroom door and unlocked it.   Without looking back, she entered her room.  As she went to close the door, a booted foot stopped her.

"I'm right next door, if you need anything."  Trevor said, smiling wide.  He moved his foot and then disappeared into the dark hallway.

Elise let out a sigh as she closed the door and flipped the lock.  Wow.  He was intense.


Elise woke in the middle of the night, sweat covering her body.  She'd been having a dream.  A dream about Trevor using those strong hands to manipulate her body into a number of positions as he pounded his cock into her.  She jumped out of bed and headed into the hallway, for the bathroom.

There he was.  Trevor.  Coming out of the bathroom in only pajama pants.

Holy Hell.

"Couldn't sleep?"  He said as he stepped closer.

"Dream woke me up."

"Care to talk about it?"  He was now in her  personal space.  So very close, but yet not touching.

"No.  No, thank you."  She blushed, again.  What about this man set her body on fire, she didn't know exactly.

"Were you dreaming of me?"

"Psshhh.... no.  No."  Elise tucked her head down and tried to make her way to the bathroom.

"Shame.  I was dreaming of you."

Elise stopped and looked up at him.  His smile was gone.  And intense look on his face made tingles travel to all her girly parts.  She licked her lips.  He was gorgeous, why would he be dreaming of her?

"Night."  Trevor turned away and went to his door.  He called back, "You know where to find me if you need me."

Elise stood in the hall for a few minutes.  She tossed around the thought of just going back to bed.  But, something made her turn and walk to his door.

Knock. Knock.

"It's open."

Elise opened the door and there he was.  Lying across his bead, buck naked.  Elise swallowed.
"Want to tell me about your dream?"

Trevor grinned.  "Come here. I'd rather show you."

Holy hell...


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Slippery Sunday

The water was running in the shower when Melissa came into the bedroom.  She hadn't seen Josh for two weeks and she was horny as hell.  Tossing her clothes as she made her way to the en suite, her plan was simple.  Seduce and fuck her man until neither of them could walk.

Quietly slipping in to bathroom, she saw Josh through the shower curtain.  His outline was as beautiful as ever and her hands itched to touch him.  He was humming a Maroon5 song and Melissa covered her mouth with both hands to stifle her giggle.  She adored the man, but he couldn't carry a tune to save his life.

She watched as the outline of his arms moved from his head and traveled down.  Taking a few steps, she could see the outline of his hands now.  He was soaping his chest and those perfect abs she loved.  His hands went further south and Melissa watched as his outline changed.  His cock was at half-mast now and she couldn't wait any longer to touch and taste him.

"Naughty boy," Melissa said.

"Come here and punish me,"  Josh replied.

"My pleasure."  Melissa pulled back the curtain and stepped in the shower.

"Were you watching me for long?"  Josh kissed the tip of her nose.

"Not long enough," Melissa began to run her hands over his body, spreading the bubbles that remained.  She glanced down, while keeping her hands on his chest.

"I missed you," Josh pulled her close, his hard cock slipping against her stomach.

Melissa giggled.  "Be careful with that thing.  You could poke my eye out."  She loved their playful banter.

"You know that is not what I want to poke."  Josh lifted her leg up and hooked it around his waist.  Slipping his fingers into her core, she knew he'd find her slick and ready.

"This is gonna be fast.  I can't hold back right now."

"Don't you dare hold back."  Melissa put her hand over his cock and stroked a couple times, watching his face scrunch as he tried to maintain control.

"Lissa."  Josh groaned.

"Come on in big boy.  I've missed you so fucking much."  She guided the head of his throbbing cock to her dripping sex and inserted just the tip.

That was all it took...Josh slipped in hard and deep.  Together, they moaned.  He stilled and they looked into each other's eyes.

"Don't go away for so long.again."  Melissa whispered then smacked his ass.  "Now, fuck me like you mean it sailor."

"As you wish."

And he did...


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Friday, January 3, 2014

Fantasy Friday

She twisted her hands together, nerves wracking her whole body.  It was silly, really.  Brigitte had seen him naked, he had seen her the same.  But, that was all through fuzzy webcams, late at night, in dimmed lighting.  This was different.  Face-to-face.  In bright fluorescent lighting.  What if he didn't think she was beautiful....like he had told her all those times?

Brigitte left the lobby and headed to the bar.  Liquid courage was in order, right now.  She and Justin had discussed meeting finally, after over a year of being virtual friends.  It sounded great over the phone, but now that she was here, Brigitte began to wonder if it was such a good idea.

Being a half-hour early, all Brigitte could do was wait...and think.  Her mind wandered back to when she first connected with Justin.  He was funny and intelligent and always made her smile.  At the time, she had a long-term boyfriend, and Justin was single.  They didn't really flirt, they just shared a piece of themselves with one another...a part of them that no one truly understood.  It made them instant friends.

Over time, life changed.  Brigitte's boyfriend moved on to greener pastures and broke her heart.  Though she needed a shoulder to cry on, she couldn't do that to Justin.  He'd just started to date a nice local girl.  Brigitte valued his friendship too much to get in the way of that.  After all, she was a virtual friend...and hundreds of miles away.  Justin needed someone 'real' in his life.  As much as it hurt, she put on a happy face for him.

Sitting at the bar, Brigitte couldn't help but smile as she remembered the night everything changed.  Justin drunk texted her in the middle of the night.  His girl had dumped him and he was crying into a bottle of Jack.  He'd told her that his girlfriend dumped him because there was someone else...for him.  She dialed his number right away.

"She said my heart is on hold.  Whaf da fuck? Gave er the bess monks of ma laf."

"Justin, babe, you are drunk."  Brigitte laughed.

"Brigiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  See sez I was unvelble. Wat see mean?"



"God you're funny when you're drunk."   Brigitte reigned in her laugh.  "Look, is she right?  Have you been unavailable to her?"

He didn't answer.

"Justin, wake up."

"Summin else."

"There's someone else?"


"So, then it's for the best.  Did you tell the other woman?"

"Cannnnnt telllll herrrrr."

"Why not?"

"See wid summon else."


Brigitte's heart broke. She'd really wanted to be that someone else, but she wasn't with anyone else.  He couldn't be talking about her.

"Does she know how you feel?"

"I dun no."

Brigitte wanted to steer the conversation on to more neutral ground...get her emotions under control.  Just as she was about to change the subject, Justin said,  "Do you?"  His voice was crystal clear at that moment.  As if he'd suddenly sobered up.

"Miss?"  A kindly-looking older man was standing beside her.  "Are you Brigitte?"

"Yes.  Yes, I am."

"Then this is for you."  The older man handed her a lily and a card.  Only one person knew her favorite flower was a lily...Justin.

Meet me in Room 820.  

This was it.  She would finally meet Justin, in person.  Her nerves were on edge as she stood among a small crowd in the elevator.  By time she reached the 8th floor, she was alone again.  Alone in her thoughts.  Looking at each door, she found room 820 at the end of the hall.  Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

The door flew open and Justin stood before her.  Suddenly, she didn't feel nervous anymore.  She was excited.  He stood before her in a dress shirt and jeans.  Everything flew out of her mind as she stepped into his waiting arms and tilted her head. His lips met hers and for the first time in a long time, she felt happy.

All the anticipation of their meeting...all the worry that he wouldn't find her attractive in person...all flew away as easily as their clothes.  Shoes tossed here and there, pieces of clothing left a trail to the bedroom.  Kisses, words, touches...all that they'd been waiting for finally available to them.

Justin laid Brigitte down on the bed, both clad only in their underwear.  Standing over her, his eyes roamed her body and when she went to cover herself, he grabbed her hands, pulling her arms away from her body.

"I don't want you to cover yourself.  I just can't decide where I want to start."

Brigitte let out a relieved sigh and smiled.  She used his hold on her to her advantage and pulled him off-balance, his hard body falling on to hers.  She licked and nipped at his neck then whispered in his ear, "Who says you get to start this?"

Justin chuckled, then groaned as Brigitte bit at the corner of his mouth.

...to be continued.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

"May I sit here?" 

Demi nodded but didn't look over at the man standing next to her.  She'd been in the hotel lounge since midnight.  The few guys that spoke to her quickly left when she ignored them.

She knocked back her drink and held the glass out for the bartender.  "Another Captain and Coke please."

The bartender merely nodded and took her glass.  She watched him as he moved behind the bar.  He was handsome but a little young for her.  The bartender set down her drink, took the twenty she held and gave her the change without making eye contact.  Demi sighed, deciding since she wasn't getting laid tonight, she could just lust after him and then head to her room and her trusty We vibe.  It had never failed her before. Though she'd prefer to use it with a lover, as was her intention when she splurged and ordered it.

"Happy New Year."  That deep voice broke through Demi's fuzzy thoughts.

Looking over, Demi took in the gentleman still sitting next to her.  She glanced at her watch and then back in to his green eyes.  He smiled and her heart did a little flip. "Happy new year to you."  She turned back and sipped on her drink again.

He leaned over to speak with the bartender, and she smelled his cologne. It was faint, but nice.  Very masculine.  She lifted her glass and sipped, surreptitiously studying his profile.  He was quite handsome;  short dark hair, dark stubble along a strong jaw, nice build---not overly muscled, but well proportioned. He  wore a blue pull-over and dark jeans that hugged his ass.  Her heart rate increased, her palms began to sweat and her sex throbbed.

She didn't realize, but while evaluating the stranger, she'd sucked down her entire drink  She suddenly felt dizzy and extremely horny. It always happened like that for her.  Unfortunately, once the booze wore off, she'd be sitting in her hotel room, alone, crying.  Unless...she wasn't alone tonight.

She could feel Mr. Handsome watching her.  Feeling self-conscious, Demi picked at the
pretzels on the bar.  She was waiting for a cheesy pick-up line and her mind drunkenly sorted through the best and worst she'd ever heard.  He still watched her, saying nothing.  Demi stood to leave, unable to handle sitting next to the handsome stranger.  He set his hand over hers.

"Don't go."

"I..."  She what?   She didn't even know what to say.  His warm, large hand over hers sent tingles to all of her girly parts. 

"Stay.  I'd like to chat with you for a bit, if you don't mind."

"But..."  What the hell was wrong with her?  This was not who she was.  She was never at a loss for words.  She certainly didn't get picked up by guys in a bar.

"My name is Dan."

Demi and Dan.  How cute.  Demi giggled as he put out his hand to shake.  "Demi."

"Like the actress?"


She sat back down and found herself engaged in a long conversation about everything under the sun. From movies, music, books...even baseball.  For more than an hour, the two talked and laughed.  He was witty, intelligent and looked at her with intense green eyes.  It was as if he was taking in every single word she said, committing it to memory.  As if nothing or no one else existed. It was exhilarating.

She felt an insane attraction to Dan.  But, and this was a big but, did he feel the same thing?  She decided she needed to get away from him before she did or said something stupid. 

"Well, good night.  Take care."

"Let me walk you out."

"I'm actually a hotel guest, so I'll just head to my room."

"It's late.  Let me walk you to your room." 

Demi slanted her eyes and Dan held his hands up in a defense gesture.  "No funny business, I promise."

She knew she should say no.  Instead, she said, "Okay."

They continued to talk and laugh in the elevator.  As the numbers ticked away however, Demi began to feel nervous.  She really didn't want the awkward 'goodnight kiss' moment.  And yet, as she watched Dan talk and laugh, she couldn't help wondering what it would be like to kiss those lips...to feel them roam her body inch by inch.  She moved her eyes from his lips, trying to break the spell, but it just got worse.  As they roamed his body, her own body covered in goose bumps.   She wrapped her arms around her waist and turned to watch the numbers as the floors slipped past.

Next thing Demi knew, they were at her door.  She slipped the card out of her bra and unlocked her door. 
When she turned to say good night to Dan, her stomach did a little flip.  He was smiling at her.  He kissed her on the forehead and turned, leaving her standing there, mouth gaping.

What the hell?  She slammed the door shut behind her.  "I can't fucking believe that."

Mr. Perfect. Gone.   And, here she was, alone once again. What a way to start the new year.

She stripped off her little black dress and grabbed a robe from the bathroom.  She was too ramped up for bed, but too tired to bother with her black-lace underwear, stocking, garters or shoes.  She simply plopped on the loveseat with the complimentary bottle of champagne and sipped the bubbly liquid.

A knock on the door startled her.  Demi jumped up and went to the door, unaware her robe had slipped open a little.   Looking through the peep hole, she didn't see anyone.  She hooked the security chain, and slowly opened the door.  On the floor was a single red rose with a card.  Demi unhooked the door and opened it wide.  She bent down to pick up the rose and noticed shoes coming out of the room across the hall. 

"Happy new year Demi."

Demi's heart thudded in her chest.  There he was...Dan.  She couldn't stop the large smile that crossed her face. 

"I thought you left."

"Well, I did.  To get you that.  I didn't want to freak you out, but it turns out I am staying in the room across from yours."

Demi sniffed the rose, trying to hide her grin.  She couldn't believe her luck.

"I love your pajamas."  He smiled, but those green eyes pinned her, intense and saying more than words could.

"Um..."  Demi went to close her robe, but Dan's hands stilled hers. 

"Please.  Don't."

Demi let out a nervous laugh and glanced around.  "You'll have to come in then."

Dan grinned and slipped a hand inside her robe, making it fall completely open.   His other hand pushed her door, and he stepped forward gently backing her into the room.

"Can I see everything?"

Demi's heart pounded in her ears, her mouth was dry.  She swirled out of his grasp, placed the rose on the table by the door.  She kicked the door closed with her foot as the robe slipped from her shoulders in to a heap on the floor.

Dan's eyes roamed her body.  Demi suddenly felt nervous, until she saw that look.  A look that says "I am going to devour you."  It had been a very long time since anyone looked at her that way, but there was no mistaking it.  She brought her hands above her head, clasping them together and thrusting her breasts out at the same time. 

She knew he would understand.  And he did.

Dan covered her body with his, pressing her into the wall; his hands roaming, lips kissing, tongue licking.  Demi closed her eyes and tilted her head back, exposing her neck.  The only thought that came to mind as Dan overwhelmed her senses... Heaven.

To be continued...  ;)

Hope you enjoyed today's teaser.  Demi and Dan's story will be continued in my anthology to be released in time for Valentine's Day.



Wet Wednesday

Happy New Year to you!  I wanted to first and foremost wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014.  Now, since I can't seem to get any fresh words out, I'd like to share a steamy excerpt from my latest book, New Year's Kiss (One Night in New York) available on Amazon for only 99cents.  Just click HERE.  Hope you had a wonderful celebration and are ready to have an AMAZING year!!  XOXOXO  ~Jayn~


“Kyle, I have a confession for you as well.  This isn’t me.  I don’t go to hotel rooms with men I barely know and drink cocktails ten feet away from a bed.  I also don’t see what you find so attractive about me.  I don’t get why you want me.”  Haylee dropped her head.  She hadn’t meant to go down that familiar train of thought, but alcohol tended to make her feel sad and right now, she felt pretty low.  Her confession brought out her insecure side and a tear formed, sliding down her nose.
Kyle stepped close to her, so close that the tips of his boots almost touched her toes.  She found the sight erotic for some inexplicable reason.  Her bright red toes peeping out of her heels, so feminine and dainty.  His thick black boots, so tough and manly.  It was just like the two of them; she small and insecure, Kyle tall and handsome.  Another tear fell and dropped on his boot.

“Can I show you?”  Kyle reached out and caressed her cheek.  “Can I show you why I want you?”

Haylee wiped her cheek and looked up at Kyle.  His eyes were forest green now, his face serious but soft.  A small, tilted smile graced his handsome face.

Words didn’t come.  She was a writer by profession but in that moment, only a single phrase came to mind.  “Yes, please.”

Kyle smiled wide and brought his hands up to cup her face, just as he had done earlier.  Haylee’s heart raced and her lips parted slightly.  Kyle leaned down and brushed his lips softly against hers.  Butterflies danced in Haylee’s belly at his gentle contact.  It was soft, sweet, yet it seared her with an intense heat.  She opened her mouth, inviting him in and he didn’t hesitate to take the kiss deeper, his tongue plundering her mouth.  He tasted sweet and hot.  She brought her hands up around his neck and pulled him closer, urging him to intensify the kiss.  He obliged.

“You are so beautiful,” Kyle said against her lips.  He slowly turned her around so she was facing the windows that looked over the city lights.  Just over her shoulder she could see his reflection.  He lifted up her dress and pulled it over her head, leaving her in her bra and panties.  She went to cover herself, not knowing if anyone could see her.  But Kyle grasped her wrists firmly and lifted them up.

“Put them here.”  Kyle pressed her hands to the glass and she placed her palms against the cold window.

“Spread them.”  He tapped at the inside of her feet and she obeyed his prompting.

Kyle ran his hands from her wrists, slowly down her arms until her reached her shoulders, then followed the lines of her extended arms down her sides.  Normally she was quite ticklish there, but for some reason, her skin burned from his touch instead.  He continued down to her hips and slipped one hand around to her lower belly, spreading his large hand wide so his thumb was by her navel and his pinky just grazing the top of her panties.

Haylee tried to push her self back into him, her need to feel him against her overwhelming her.  “Not yet.” Kyle whispered in to her ear.  His other hand came up her side and gently grazed her skin until it landed on her breast.  He rubbed his thumb over her nipple, making it harden almost painfully.  Haylee began to feel frustrated, as her body wanted to lean into his hand on her breast and at the same time, go back towards the heat of his body.

He caressed her covered breast, gently squeezing and pulling at her nipple through the material.  His fingers moved over the swell, causing her skin to prickle.  At the same time, his other hand had slipped lower into her underwear and his fingers explored her smooth skin there.  Every touch sent powerful sensations through her and she felt herself dampen.  Suddenly, she wanted out of her clothes.  There was barely any, but yet there was just way too much material between them.


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