Friday, January 3, 2014

Fantasy Friday

She twisted her hands together, nerves wracking her whole body.  It was silly, really.  Brigitte had seen him naked, he had seen her the same.  But, that was all through fuzzy webcams, late at night, in dimmed lighting.  This was different.  Face-to-face.  In bright fluorescent lighting.  What if he didn't think she was he had told her all those times?

Brigitte left the lobby and headed to the bar.  Liquid courage was in order, right now.  She and Justin had discussed meeting finally, after over a year of being virtual friends.  It sounded great over the phone, but now that she was here, Brigitte began to wonder if it was such a good idea.

Being a half-hour early, all Brigitte could do was wait...and think.  Her mind wandered back to when she first connected with Justin.  He was funny and intelligent and always made her smile.  At the time, she had a long-term boyfriend, and Justin was single.  They didn't really flirt, they just shared a piece of themselves with one another...a part of them that no one truly understood.  It made them instant friends.

Over time, life changed.  Brigitte's boyfriend moved on to greener pastures and broke her heart.  Though she needed a shoulder to cry on, she couldn't do that to Justin.  He'd just started to date a nice local girl.  Brigitte valued his friendship too much to get in the way of that.  After all, she was a virtual friend...and hundreds of miles away.  Justin needed someone 'real' in his life.  As much as it hurt, she put on a happy face for him.

Sitting at the bar, Brigitte couldn't help but smile as she remembered the night everything changed.  Justin drunk texted her in the middle of the night.  His girl had dumped him and he was crying into a bottle of Jack.  He'd told her that his girlfriend dumped him because there was someone else...for him.  She dialed his number right away.

"She said my heart is on hold.  Whaf da fuck? Gave er the bess monks of ma laf."

"Justin, babe, you are drunk."  Brigitte laughed.

"Brigiiiiiiiiiiiiit.  See sez I was unvelble. Wat see mean?"



"God you're funny when you're drunk."   Brigitte reigned in her laugh.  "Look, is she right?  Have you been unavailable to her?"

He didn't answer.

"Justin, wake up."

"Summin else."

"There's someone else?"


"So, then it's for the best.  Did you tell the other woman?"

"Cannnnnt telllll herrrrr."

"Why not?"

"See wid summon else."


Brigitte's heart broke. She'd really wanted to be that someone else, but she wasn't with anyone else.  He couldn't be talking about her.

"Does she know how you feel?"

"I dun no."

Brigitte wanted to steer the conversation on to more neutral ground...get her emotions under control.  Just as she was about to change the subject, Justin said,  "Do you?"  His voice was crystal clear at that moment.  As if he'd suddenly sobered up.

"Miss?"  A kindly-looking older man was standing beside her.  "Are you Brigitte?"

"Yes.  Yes, I am."

"Then this is for you."  The older man handed her a lily and a card.  Only one person knew her favorite flower was a lily...Justin.

Meet me in Room 820.  

This was it.  She would finally meet Justin, in person.  Her nerves were on edge as she stood among a small crowd in the elevator.  By time she reached the 8th floor, she was alone again.  Alone in her thoughts.  Looking at each door, she found room 820 at the end of the hall.  Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

The door flew open and Justin stood before her.  Suddenly, she didn't feel nervous anymore.  She was excited.  He stood before her in a dress shirt and jeans.  Everything flew out of her mind as she stepped into his waiting arms and tilted her head. His lips met hers and for the first time in a long time, she felt happy.

All the anticipation of their meeting...all the worry that he wouldn't find her attractive in person...all flew away as easily as their clothes.  Shoes tossed here and there, pieces of clothing left a trail to the bedroom.  Kisses, words, touches...all that they'd been waiting for finally available to them.

Justin laid Brigitte down on the bed, both clad only in their underwear.  Standing over her, his eyes roamed her body and when she went to cover herself, he grabbed her hands, pulling her arms away from her body.

"I don't want you to cover yourself.  I just can't decide where I want to start."

Brigitte let out a relieved sigh and smiled.  She used his hold on her to her advantage and pulled him off-balance, his hard body falling on to hers.  She licked and nipped at his neck then whispered in his ear, "Who says you get to start this?"

Justin chuckled, then groaned as Brigitte bit at the corner of his mouth. be continued.

Hope you enjoyed today's teaser.  Brigitte and Justin's story will be continued in my anthology to be released in time for Valentine's Day.