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Connected by Kim Karr Book Review

If you don't know me by now, one thing is that I LOVE to read, especially romance novels.  Another thing is that I seriously ENJOY posting reviews.  I love to share how stories move me, heart & soul.  And, one last thing, more specifically about my reviews, is that I don't re-tell the story.  I feel that the author, publishers, etc have already spent their time giving readers a synopsis, and some reviewers really dig deep and tell you a lot of detail.  So, I tell you how the book made me feel, what I thought and by the end, what I was left with. 

One other note I wanted to add is that if you want AMAZING book reviews, I highly recommend Aestas Book Blog, just click on the pink box over on the right hand side of this page to visit it.  Great reviews! back to "Connected" by Kim Karr...

Connected by Kim Karr

This story is beautiful in so many ways. In the beginning we find a loving story between Dahlia and Ben.  Childhood friends that grew to be lovers and in love.  Their story was sweet and fairly 'normal'. The tradegy and following pain that Dahlia went through is sadly realistic and broke my heart. Adding in a little intensity with a band lead singer named River causes Dahlia a great conflict not just of the heart, but of the soul.  And, she makes the wise decision to walk away.  

The reconnection, between Dahlia and River is what got my heart racing and had me "hot under the collar" for most of the book.  Their story is not only hot & steamy, but aside from that, there is a soul-connection between the two.  A connection that few will probably ever really know, and most only dream of.  Of course, this confuses and terrifies them both; I could feel that throug the words Ms. Karr wrote in their scenes and their dialogue.

I am going along the journey with them on their intense and whirlwind romance.  But, as is life, some curveballs are thrown in, and even though I knew it wasn't all a coincidence (I just watch too much tv and read too many mysteries), they go along under that assumption.  By the end, every reader will know a bit more about these curveballs I am referring to.  *wink*

Of course I adore Dahlia, fell in love with River, am unsure about Caleb and laugh at Aerie's boldness.  And, sad to say, by the end, I'm no longer liking Ben very much.  He wasn't my "type" in the beginning...I've never been one for the over-confident type, but it worked for Dahlia and of course, she'd known him since childhood.  But, something always loomed over his character and after the Epilogue, I think I wanted to go back to the beginning and strangle him. 

There are many unanswered questions in my mind as I finished. I know the author will wrap it up in "Torn", the next book. If you don't like cliffhangers, and many of us don't; if you are the type to wait to watch all of your fav shows on DVR in one shot so you're never left screaming, "I have to WAIT!?!?" then, yes, wait until "Torn" is out and then read them back to back.

By the end, after the Epilogue, I was anxious to get my questions answered. Ms. Karr promised all of us Facebook fans that all will be revealed soon...and much like life...sometimes you just have to wait it out.
Meet her on Facebook HERE or her Blog HERE

Highly recommend for those who love soul-mates, steamy intimate scenarios, and true love stories. ;) 

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Random Thoughts

So, I've been cruising Facebook a lot recently and have been meeting most amazing people.  Some are authors, like me, others are just avid readers.  It got me to thinking about how in the past my FB days were spent on hours of marketing and promotion for home-based businesses.  I see that in many ways, nothing has changed, but for me, everything has changed.

For the first time in a long time, I am on a focused path for myself.  But, as an author I am not only compelled to write the stories that play in my head day-to-day, but I find I want to share as much as I can.  Being surrounded by others who adore romance, crave bad-boys and just simply love to escape real-life for a little bit of fantasy..well, it's been amazing.  And it is addictive.

I am new to the flow of up & coming authors, but I jumped in feet first. Even though there are thousands of other Romance authors, we all have different stories.  Different heroines and heroes.  Different life experiences that influence our stories.  Occasionally I read a success story and I feel a bit daunted.  I mean, to sell 500k of books in 3 months is mind-blowing.  And, for a split second, I frown.  Then, it hits me...that could be too.

Two amazing friends have been helping me with edits on my most recent book.  Each has completely different feedback, and that is AWESOME.  It can seem like a "bad" thing, but in all reality, for me, it shows me two different perspectives that I can implement within that story, as well as the one I am currently working on.  Gentle reminders to give more of my characters than I have been.  To dig deeper in to their emotions.  I have a tendency to see it all in my head, but am unsure if it comes out in the words I use.  These ladies have helped me to see where I can improve.

I want you to know that if you are an author, or whatever it is you do, find some people that you can surround yourself with that will support you.  They will say "Great Job!" AND they will also say "Improve this, leave that out, do more here."  What good are supportive people who only pat your back, but never encourage you to better yourself (or your work)?

Those two lovely ladies, Sam and Eve, share their work with me as well.  And, because they've learned my strength is in finding the small details, they ask me to seek them out.  I give them my feedback on the overall story and point out small things that could be improved.  It's an honor to work with them both and we have a lovely "give and take" relationship.  We also share our real lives with one another, making our friendship more than just about writing our stories.

Anyway, keep writing...or whatever you love to do AND make sure you have people around you to support you in a way that benefits you.  Always be sure to give more than you take and tell them how much they mean to you!

And to my fans...thank YOU for coming on by and reading my posts, commenting and sharing them.

I <3 YOU!


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Review: "Message In a Bottle" by Nicholas Sparks

I may be a bit behind others when it comes to Nicholas Sparks' books, but that's okay.  My step-daughter has been bring me tons of hard cover books lately, since someone she works for closed his eBay book store.  I've been more of a Kindle reader as of late, but there's something about sitting and reading a book, snuggled up in a blanket that I still cherish.

With my reviews, I tend not to re-hash the story too much.  Honestly, there is always a synopsis or snippet available AND typically there are other reviewers out there that spend a great deal of time giving a over-view of the story.  Heck, that's where I usually look to see if it's a book that I will like, with characters I could love.  My review is more of what the book did for me, what the story said to me.

I didn't know who Nicholas Sparks really was.  I just knew he was behind the story of one of my favorite movies, "A Walk to Remember" which still makes me cry every time I watch it.  Recently, "Safe Haven" was released in the theaters, but I still didn't know who this guy was.  But, the hardcover book was sitting there, right where the corner of my eye could see it.  So, I decided to pick it up and check it out.

Right from the beginning, I was intrigued.  I had no idea there was so much interest in messages in bottles.  That, scientists used them for figuring out currents and such.  Being a native of the Jersey Shore, I've picked up my fair share of treasures along the shore.  But, never anything that made a huge impact in my life.

As I read the beginning chapter, I wondered, "what if"? What would I do if I had found a bottle on the beach?  Yep, I too would look for a place to throw it out and probably blame tourists or teens for littering the shore.  And, from there, feeling like I was Theresa...the story sucked me in.

I picked up the book right before bed, grabbing a slip of paper to use as a bookmark.  I figured it was late, 3 AM and I'd just read enough to tire my eyes.  By 5 AM my eyes barely blinked.  I had read over one hundred pages already.  I felt the pain of her divorce (been there), the anxiety of being a single boy (was there too for awhile), the craziness of living a fast-paced life and the loneliness that exists. The more she learned, the more I was hooked.  My heart burned for the man, Garrett.

I wanted her to find him...of course, it's 2013 as I read it, and I had forgotten that many resources were different in the 90's. Internet was there, but not like today.  People still used phone books and maps.  People relied on land-line phones and answering machines.  But, she and Deanna were reporters at heart, and I know that no matter what decade, reporters knew how to do their research.  I felt myself sitting in the newsroom or office, with them, wanting to give ideas and suggestions as to how to find him.

Once Theresa found him...she did what I (mentally) told her.  I told her to watch him, observe his life.  Don't reveal anything just yet.  That's what she did.  And from there, it was a beautiful romance.  Long-distance was their biggest issue.  He was wonderful with her son, which IS a huge challenge for single parents.  They had a wonderful time together and even though I live in a different place, I could imagine the story taking place here at the Jersey Shore.  It was going so well.

By 7 AM (yes, I stayed up all night), my heart was breaking.  His love for his dead wife kept surfacing.  Garrett compared her and Theresa.  And, Theresa sometimes compared Garrett to her ex-husband.  They both knew they were falling and it was a tough journey for them both.  But, with each other, they seemed to make it work.  They seemed to both be healing, albeit slowly.

Then came the ultimatum.  The heart-breaking moment when one had to walk away from the other.  I still held out for a happily ever after.  I so badly wanted them to be together.  He went after her, just wanting one more chance, willing to sacrifice on her behalf.  But, Theresa kept going.

I won't give away the ending, for those who haven't read it yet.  But, it is bittersweet, much like the ending to "A Walk to Remember" and probably other books by Mr. Sparks.  All that I know is that by 8 AM as I read the last few pages, tears flooded my face, my nose running like mad.  I could barely make out the words I knew were coming.  And, her message to Garrett really undid me completely.

A beautiful romance that will wrench at your heart.  A message in a bottle brought them together.  A message in this book will hopefully give some people hope, too.  It's okay to love AND  it's okay to let go.

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Can I Get A Little Help?

Hey folks!  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  The kids are home for Spring Break, so already they are bored to pieces.  LOL  And, to make it worse, despite the fact that it is Spring, it is 38 degrees and snowing with rain mixed in.  UGH!  So, they are housebound too.  

Anyway, going to share my hunk for Manly Monday and also wanted to ask for some help.

My first published book, "The Key to Helmbrooke" is available on Amazon for only 99 cents.  But, I'm new, the book is new and so, it's been a little tough getting sales and of course, reviews.  I am offering 5 (five) copies of my book for free in exchange for honest reviews...good, bad,'s okay.  

The Key To Helmbrooke is a quick read and more than anything, I just want to get my name out there before my next book releases.  Just send me an email at JaynWilde(at)gmail(dot)com and put Book Review in the subject line.  Also, let me know what type of file you need, and I will send it off to you.

Thanks so much!  Here's your Manly Monday Hunk!!  Keep Warm and Keep Reading...or Writing...  ;)


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Sexy Saturday

I have been working on some "theme" names for every day of the week, so I can share some photos with you, perhaps some story snippets, to get your blood going for the day.  Today is Sexy Saturday and here is a pic and a snippet for you.  Enjoy! And, please help me out...this is a new blog, so comment, Like, Share, or whatever else you can do to spread the love.  THANK YOU!  

The Key To Helmbrooke Excerpt

"Zander came up to the edge of the water, a few yards downstream from the water fall. He
looked for Isabel and saw her immersed under the water fall, only a portion of her face
sticking out. She had her eyes closed and was smiling before slowly turning, almost
completely disappearing from view.

He felt himself smile too, and crouched down to collect water in the flask.
Fool. Of course she’s fine. Out of the corner of his eye he could see her clothes on the
bush. He realized that she was not fully dressed in the water. The thought of her being
naked under the waterfall excited him and at the same time scared him. He felt frozen for
a second as she backed out from under the waterfall. He didn’t know if he should go…
or wait to see if she’d go back under the water so he could escape.

His eyes involuntarily traced the outline of her body as her long wet wavy hair clung to
her. She had a white slip on, but her hair covered most of her backside, ending at the
backs of her knees. He continued to stare at her as she ran her hands down her hair,
smoothing out the brown ripples as far as her hands could reach, then bringing most of it
over her left shoulder. Her petite frame was completely visible as the slip hid nothing
now that it was wet.

He felt a strong longing to touch her and he knew it was a bad idea. He couldn’t stand
looking at her anymore; it was too much to handle. He stood to leave, but just then she
turned forward letting the water of the falls cascade down her backside. Quickly he
ducked back down, shifting so he was behind a small bush. He peered up and saw that
her eyes were closed as she tilted her head back.

He couldn’t move; he was entranced. His eyes were mesmerized as he looked from the
edge of her jaw to the v-shaped neckline of her slip, which gathered up under her breasts
bringing his attention to them; her skin was smooth and glistened in the sunlight. She
brought her hands down the sides of her head and rubbed her arms. The slip stopped just
above her knees and he could see clearly the outline of her slim legs. She was exquisite
and he wanted to go to her; to take her in his arms and kiss her. He stood up, feeling
bold, not wanting to hide what was stirring inside of him.

As he did, he startled a small animal and it thrashed in the bushes half-way between
them. His burning desire for her was quickly doused. He saw her turn her head in the
direction of the sound, rubbing her eyes. She looked around holding her hair up in her
arms, gently wring the water out. She called out a faint hello, but there was silence.

Zander ducked behind a tree and waited there, holding his breath. He heard her moving
through the water, and took a chance at glancing around the tree trunk. She had her back
to him as she picked up her clothes off the bush. He took off for the camp hoping she
had not seen him ogling her."

Zander longed for Isabelle

The Key to Helmbrooke is available now on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed the snippet and the semi-relevant sexy pic.  :)

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Posts of barely dressed men...

What do you think of posts online of barely dressed, handsome men?  I see them on Facbook, Pinterest, and of course blogs.  Most of Romance authors envision our characters and what I have found is that photos of hot guys not only gets the creative juices flowing but also can serve as inspiration for a great story.

Here are some of those photos, for your enjoyment.  ;)  Let me know what you think, comment below the post.

Leave your comments below...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things Are Heating Up

From my latest work-in-progress.  My two main characters Danika and Derek have just come back from their first date.  

“I know.  I don’t want to tell you.”  Derek had a devlish grin on his face and my stomach flipped with nervousness.  “Don’t look at me like that.  I can’t tell you all my secrets on our first date.”

“Good night.”  I was pissed at him and yet I wanted to laugh.  I reached for the handle and got out before he could stop me.  I ran up to the apartment and he followed after me.

“I like that better than good bye. But I’d rather do this the right way,” Derek whispered in my ear as I fumbled to unlock the door.

Derek leaned over me and kissed the side of my neck.  A gasp slipped out before I could stop it.  His strong hands came around me and he hugged me back towards his body.  A moan threatened deep within me and I felt my knees go weak.

“Kiss me good night Danika,” Derek’s breath was hot against my neck.  Thrilling chills thrummed through my body and I had to rub my thighs together to stop the tingling there.

Could he read my mind?  Could he know how badly my body desired him?  That can’t be fair.  I slowly turned in his arms and grinned at him.  I had an idea.  I envisioned a fat man, with rolls and rolls of fat, in a beer stained tank top and droopy boxer shorts with a bald head and pimply face.  I closed my eyes and thought hard.  Then I quickly opened them to see Derek’s reaction.  Nothing.  Hmmm…. Maybe he isn’t reading my thoughts.  

Without thinking any further, I reached up and pulled his head down to mine pressing my lips against his.  Damn his lips tasted sweet.  They were soft yet firm and when his tongue darted out to tickle my bottom lip I lost control.  I opened my mouth to him and let him in.  His tongue caressed mine.  They tangled together and my body shuddered in his arms.  He pulled me even closer as he deepened the kiss.  My body was on fire and I felt like I would explode.

I couldn’t think even if I wanted to.  If he wanted to read my thoughts, then so be it.  They were a complete jumble of lust, desire, need, compassion, empathy and love.  Love?  NO.  He snaked on of his hands up under my shirt and the skin-to-skin contact changed everything.  Suddenly, I felt connected to Derek.  It was as if we were one being.  As he touched my body, an energy soared through me like I had never felt.  It was like earlier, but way more intense, more powerful.  I couldn’t move from him and he couldn’t move from me.  Our bodies were fused together, or souls intertwining.  How could this be?

And then the moment was gone.

“Oops, sorry.”  Sam blushed as she came up behind us.  Derek and I broke apart, neither of us able to catch our breath.  His face practically glowed beneath the tan, his eyes were bright in the dim light and his body was covered in a sheen of sweat."

Hope you liked that little interlude!  Leave your comments below!  :)


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Favorite Character Names?

If you don't already know, I read a LOT of books.  When I do, I am very aware of the character names that I like.  Of course, when I go to write my own stories, there are names that just come automatically to me.

For guys, it always seems like Dominic, Derek, Drake are strong names that I favor quite a bit.  I also like Brian, Ryan and Seth.

For the gals, it's always names like Belle or Isabelle, Amanda, Danika, Sherry or Annabelle.  I like names that are pretty and yet show a hit of strength to them.

So, now it's YOUR turn?  What character names do you like?  Your favorite movies or shows, what names do you find really stand out for you?  Are there names that you always think "hunky guy" or "gorgeous gal"?  Comment below with some of your favorite names.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Danika and Derek

I am working on a new story and here is a snippet of that story...ENJOY!  Please leave a COMMENT below the post and share your thoughts of this work-in-progress.  :)

A little back story first.  Danika is seventeen and has led a pretty sheltered life.  She has a gift that makes her stand out from other people and her mother didn't want her to suffer the judgment of the other kids at school.  Since her mom passed, Danika is now taking her own life in to her hands and is starting college.  Her cousin Samantha attends the same college and is also her room mate.  Today is the beginning of a new chapter in Danika's life...

     “Hey, you coming?”

     I turned to my left and looked at the source of the voice.  It came from a huge, muscled chest standing not more than a foot away from me.  My eyes traced the chest up to the thick neck above it and slowly up to the handsome face staring down at me.  I wasn’t short by any means, at five foot eight, but this guy seemed to tower over me.  He had the most amazing green eyes I had ever seen that crinkled at the corners as he smiled.  My eyes slipped down to his lips, deliciously curved in a big smile with perfect white teeth.  My eyes continued to scan up and down his face, to his dark brown wavy hair and back down to his perfect nose and then to his strong jawline.  He was tanned, muscular and hot as hell.  I felt my knees go weak and my heart beat race.  He was so close that I could smell his soap and shampoo; he smelled of citrus and a hint of something musky.  I opened my mouth to speak, but it was too late.  Mr. Corbin, the professor announced the start of class and asked us to take our seats. 

     Mr. Hottie moved past me, and his arm brushed gently against mine as he did.  He winked at me as I just stood there.  I was completely mesmerized and dumbstruck.  Professor Corbin cleared his throat and I hustled inside, taking a seat as far as away from everyone, including Mr. Hottie, as I could.

     I focused on Professor Corbin for the remainder of the time.  He was talking about what he required of his students, basic math principles and the curriculum for the course.  As I sat there, I felt someone looking at me.  I dared not look, but I had a feeling it was Mr. Hottie.  I tried not to look, honest.  It was just that I dropped my pencil and couldn’t help but see him when I straightened back up in my seat.  Yep, Mr. Hottie was staring at me.  My stomach did some weird flip-flop.  There was a look in his eyes that I didn’t understand.  What good was an IQ of over 160 if a person had no people skills?  I felt utterly confused and uncomfortable. 

      As Professor wrapped up class, I put my books together.  I couldn’t stay here, not near him.  I needed to get away and forget those eyes.  Those dreamy emerald eyes that did funny things to my stomach.  I waited until all of the other students left, pretending I was busy packing my messenger bag.  I felt Mr. Hottie looking at me again, and realized he was standing in the hallway, watching me.  I had to get out of this class today.

     “Yes, Miss, um? 
     “Danika.  Danika Rodriquez”
     “Yes, I am sorry.  It takes me awhile to remember everyone’s name.  Then, once I do, the course is over.”  He chuckled as he packed his own bag.
     “I think this class isn’t right for me.”
     At that, Professor Corbin stopped and looked at me.  “Why ever not?”
     “I looked at the curriculum, and it is…well…basic.”
    “Yes. This is Algebra One my dear.”
     “I know.  It’s just that I already learned Algebra.  I chose the courses the website said were required.  I’m just afraid of wasting your time,” and mine, I thought to myself. 
     “So you are advanced in your education then?”
     “I believe so.  I was homeschooled and my mother taught me Algebra a few years ago.”
     “A few years?  Dear, how old are you?”
     “Seventeen.  I learned Algebra at 11 and Calculus at 13, Physics at 15.  I honestly think I signed up for the wrong courses.”  The realization that my entire schedule may be made up of classes that I had already taken dawned on me and depressed me at the same time.
     “Let’s get you over to the main office and see if an advisor can help you with your classes my dear.  I do teach advanced math as well, so perhaps you will be in another of my classes.”
     I nodded and waited for Professor Corbin to finish packing his bag.  My eyes drifted to the doorway again.  Mr. Hottie wasn’t there anymore.  Perhaps he overheard our conversation.  Perhaps he felt I was “too smart” for his liking.  I knew I wasn’t his type, but the realization that I was a freak on a whole new level depressed me further.
     “So, how did it go?” Sam peered at me over her can of cola as she sipped it.
     “Horrible.”  I poured myself yet another cup of coffee.
     “Ick, how do you drink that sludge?”
     “Same way you drink that crap,”  I laughed at my cousin.  We were both sugar and caffeine junkies, we just had different sources and neither liked the other’s.
     “So tell me what was so horrible?”
     “I picked all the wrong classes.  It was a mess.  Luckily, my first class was Algebra and once I realized what I had done, the Professor helped me straighten it out with an Advisor at the Admissions office.”
     “So that wasn’t so bad.”
     “No, but I also bumped in to a guy going in to class.”
     Sam set her can aside and leaned over the table at me. Her eyes scanned my face.
     “And, nothing.  He seemed to be waiting for me after class.  But after I talked to Professor Corbin, he was gone.  Guess I am too nerdy.”
     “Hmmmm…” Sam had a weird expression on her face.  “What did the guy look like?”
     I described Mr. Hottie to Sam, but downplayed it a tad.  I didn’t want her to know I was all hot and bothered over some guy whose name I didn’t even know.  Honestly, it was the first time I had come in to close contact with a guy and I probably just let my imagination get to me.
     “He doesn’t sound familiar to me.  Not that I know everyone on campus, but at least he doesn’t have a reputation that makes him known, if you know what I mean.” Sam winked and I laughed.
     “Anyways, it doesn’t matter.  My classes are all switched around now, so the chances of running in to him again are pretty slim.”  I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice, but I don’t think Sam was convinced.
     “Did he have anything special going on?”  Sam gave me a knowing look.
     “No.  Honestly, my gift has been dormant since Mom died.  No one has any lights, colors, shapes around them.  It’s almost like the gift died when she did.”  I wiped away the tear that had fallen as I spoke.
     “Well, that could be.  Or, perhaps being in mourning and otherwise withdrawn emotionally, has caused it to go in to remission in a way.”
     I knew that my cousin was smart and perceptive.  And, I knew that remission was more likely the answer, since I was emotionally dead since Mom passed away.  I doubted that my connection to her had anything to do with it.
     “Anyway, I have homework to do and forms to fill out.  Is dinner almost ready?”
     “Are you kidding?  It’s Tuesday.  Your night to cook.” Sam laughed when my mouth dropped open.
I had completely forgotten what day it was.   My nerves were bundled tight since last night.  I checked my wallet and then made an executive decision.
     “Pizza tonight!”
     Sam laughed as she grabbed the menu off the fridge and threw it to me.  I called in our usual order.  Two pies, one extra, extra cheese and one Hawaiin barbeque chicken pie.  It was going to be about 30 minutes, so I slid over to the couch and went through some of the paperwork that had been handed to me by my Advisor.  I was under 18, so there were forms I had to fill out that other students didn’t.  Before mom died, she helped me become an “emancipated minor” and Sam was my “guardian” so to speak.  I got a monthly allowance from my trust fund, which covered our apartment, utilities and school expenses.  We both would have to get part-time jobs for food and “play” money.  For now, we were just trying to get settled in with school and after that we could each focus on getting jobs. 
     Sam lived in this apartment for two years and her parents paid her monthly expenses.  When mom died and I moved in, we agreed to give her parents a break for awhile and use my allowance to cover the costs.   My aunt and uncle were good people and my mom was very close to them both, even though my parents divorced when I was 3.  My dad moved to Australia for some job and he kept in touch, but I knew his job is what broke them up.  Being married to a cop was hard on most people.  But for my mom, it was the constant worry and stress that kept her up nights.  When they divorced, dad decided being a cop wasn’t worth the heartache and he became head security for a major computer company.  It was great for awhile because he was around a lot more.  For awhile, I even dreamt of them getting back together.  But, when that company moved him to Australia, he just disappeared from our lives.  His sister, Aunt Patty, and her husband, Dominic, kept me and mom close to them.  That’s how Sam and I became such good friends.

     I stared at the papers in front of me, not really seeing them.  I remembered my mom’s smiling face and how she and my dad would look at one another.  Even after the divorce, they still looked at each other that way, but there was something else in their eyes I could never understand.  I saw the pain and hurt, and I saw the love, but that other emotion, I didn’t grasp.  It was the same look in Mr. Hottie’s eyes that I didn’t recognize.  I wished I could  read people the way my mom did.  She had her own gifts, you know.  Perhaps not magical or mystical, but she had a way with people that was amazing.  She could understand their emotions, the look in their eyes, their body language.  And, she had an amazing ability to calm others when she spoke.  I always wished my gift was like that; something beautiful and amazing.  And helpful.
     “Get the door.”
     Shoot!  I hadn’t even heard the doorbell.  I swung it open quickly, an apology on my lips.  But, the words caught in my throat.   There, standing in the hallway with our pizzas was Mr. Hottie.
     Shit.  Shit.  Shit.
     My brain stopped working.  He was frowning, until he looked in my eyes.  Then, his face lit up as he smiled at me like he had done earlier that day.  Those deep green eyes causing my pulse to quicken and my body to tingle.
     “Hey there.  That’ll be 18 bucks.”
     “Um, yeah.  Sorry about the wait.  Hold on.”  I stammered as I patted down my pockets.  Where the hell was that money? 
     “Got it Dani?”  Sam called out as she walked towards me.  She hadn’t seen Mr. Hottie yet.  For some reason, I didn’t want her to.  She was a guy magnet with her long strawberry blonde hair, toned athletic body and bright blue eyes.  We rarely went out in public together, but when we did, guys always saw her and not me.  Which, was okay, usually.  But for some reason, I wanted Mr. Hottie to like me.  Even if it was only for me to savor in my dreams.


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!  I recently released "The Key to Helmbrooke" on Amazon.  For those who enjoy romance with a little bit of 'magic' go on over and pick up a copy today.  It is a short story, bordering on novella length.  You can read it through in one sitting.  This is my first release, but there are very many more stories in the works.  Please be sure to go back to Amazon and give a "Like" and leave your positive, honest comments.

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