Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

"May I sit here?" 

Demi nodded but didn't look over at the man standing next to her.  She'd been in the hotel lounge since midnight.  The few guys that spoke to her quickly left when she ignored them.

She knocked back her drink and held the glass out for the bartender.  "Another Captain and Coke please."

The bartender merely nodded and took her glass.  She watched him as he moved behind the bar.  He was handsome but a little young for her.  The bartender set down her drink, took the twenty she held and gave her the change without making eye contact.  Demi sighed, deciding since she wasn't getting laid tonight, she could just lust after him and then head to her room and her trusty We vibe.  It had never failed her before. Though she'd prefer to use it with a lover, as was her intention when she splurged and ordered it.

"Happy New Year."  That deep voice broke through Demi's fuzzy thoughts.

Looking over, Demi took in the gentleman still sitting next to her.  She glanced at her watch and then back in to his green eyes.  He smiled and her heart did a little flip. "Happy new year to you."  She turned back and sipped on her drink again.

He leaned over to speak with the bartender, and she smelled his cologne. It was faint, but nice.  Very masculine.  She lifted her glass and sipped, surreptitiously studying his profile.  He was quite handsome;  short dark hair, dark stubble along a strong jaw, nice build---not overly muscled, but well proportioned. He  wore a blue pull-over and dark jeans that hugged his ass.  Her heart rate increased, her palms began to sweat and her sex throbbed.

She didn't realize, but while evaluating the stranger, she'd sucked down her entire drink  She suddenly felt dizzy and extremely horny. It always happened like that for her.  Unfortunately, once the booze wore off, she'd be sitting in her hotel room, alone, crying.  Unless...she wasn't alone tonight.

She could feel Mr. Handsome watching her.  Feeling self-conscious, Demi picked at the
pretzels on the bar.  She was waiting for a cheesy pick-up line and her mind drunkenly sorted through the best and worst she'd ever heard.  He still watched her, saying nothing.  Demi stood to leave, unable to handle sitting next to the handsome stranger.  He set his hand over hers.

"Don't go."

"I..."  She what?   She didn't even know what to say.  His warm, large hand over hers sent tingles to all of her girly parts. 

"Stay.  I'd like to chat with you for a bit, if you don't mind."

"But..."  What the hell was wrong with her?  This was not who she was.  She was never at a loss for words.  She certainly didn't get picked up by guys in a bar.

"My name is Dan."

Demi and Dan.  How cute.  Demi giggled as he put out his hand to shake.  "Demi."

"Like the actress?"


She sat back down and found herself engaged in a long conversation about everything under the sun. From movies, music, books...even baseball.  For more than an hour, the two talked and laughed.  He was witty, intelligent and looked at her with intense green eyes.  It was as if he was taking in every single word she said, committing it to memory.  As if nothing or no one else existed. It was exhilarating.

She felt an insane attraction to Dan.  But, and this was a big but, did he feel the same thing?  She decided she needed to get away from him before she did or said something stupid. 

"Well, good night.  Take care."

"Let me walk you out."

"I'm actually a hotel guest, so I'll just head to my room."

"It's late.  Let me walk you to your room." 

Demi slanted her eyes and Dan held his hands up in a defense gesture.  "No funny business, I promise."

She knew she should say no.  Instead, she said, "Okay."

They continued to talk and laugh in the elevator.  As the numbers ticked away however, Demi began to feel nervous.  She really didn't want the awkward 'goodnight kiss' moment.  And yet, as she watched Dan talk and laugh, she couldn't help wondering what it would be like to kiss those feel them roam her body inch by inch.  She moved her eyes from his lips, trying to break the spell, but it just got worse.  As they roamed his body, her own body covered in goose bumps.   She wrapped her arms around her waist and turned to watch the numbers as the floors slipped past.

Next thing Demi knew, they were at her door.  She slipped the card out of her bra and unlocked her door. 
When she turned to say good night to Dan, her stomach did a little flip.  He was smiling at her.  He kissed her on the forehead and turned, leaving her standing there, mouth gaping.

What the hell?  She slammed the door shut behind her.  "I can't fucking believe that."

Mr. Perfect. Gone.   And, here she was, alone once again. What a way to start the new year.

She stripped off her little black dress and grabbed a robe from the bathroom.  She was too ramped up for bed, but too tired to bother with her black-lace underwear, stocking, garters or shoes.  She simply plopped on the loveseat with the complimentary bottle of champagne and sipped the bubbly liquid.

A knock on the door startled her.  Demi jumped up and went to the door, unaware her robe had slipped open a little.   Looking through the peep hole, she didn't see anyone.  She hooked the security chain, and slowly opened the door.  On the floor was a single red rose with a card.  Demi unhooked the door and opened it wide.  She bent down to pick up the rose and noticed shoes coming out of the room across the hall. 

"Happy new year Demi."

Demi's heart thudded in her chest.  There he was...Dan.  She couldn't stop the large smile that crossed her face. 

"I thought you left."

"Well, I did.  To get you that.  I didn't want to freak you out, but it turns out I am staying in the room across from yours."

Demi sniffed the rose, trying to hide her grin.  She couldn't believe her luck.

"I love your pajamas."  He smiled, but those green eyes pinned her, intense and saying more than words could.

"Um..."  Demi went to close her robe, but Dan's hands stilled hers. 

"Please.  Don't."

Demi let out a nervous laugh and glanced around.  "You'll have to come in then."

Dan grinned and slipped a hand inside her robe, making it fall completely open.   His other hand pushed her door, and he stepped forward gently backing her into the room.

"Can I see everything?"

Demi's heart pounded in her ears, her mouth was dry.  She swirled out of his grasp, placed the rose on the table by the door.  She kicked the door closed with her foot as the robe slipped from her shoulders in to a heap on the floor.

Dan's eyes roamed her body.  Demi suddenly felt nervous, until she saw that look.  A look that says "I am going to devour you."  It had been a very long time since anyone looked at her that way, but there was no mistaking it.  She brought her hands above her head, clasping them together and thrusting her breasts out at the same time. 

She knew he would understand.  And he did.

Dan covered her body with his, pressing her into the wall; his hands roaming, lips kissing, tongue licking.  Demi closed her eyes and tilted her head back, exposing her neck.  The only thought that came to mind as Dan overwhelmed her senses... Heaven.

To be continued...  ;)

Hope you enjoyed today's teaser.  Demi and Dan's story will be continued in my anthology to be released in time for Valentine's Day.