Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wet Wednesday

Happy New Year to you!  I wanted to first and foremost wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014.  Now, since I can't seem to get any fresh words out, I'd like to share a steamy excerpt from my latest book, New Year's Kiss (One Night in New York) available on Amazon for only 99cents.  Just click HERE.  Hope you had a wonderful celebration and are ready to have an AMAZING year!!  XOXOXO  ~Jayn~


“Kyle, I have a confession for you as well.  This isn’t me.  I don’t go to hotel rooms with men I barely know and drink cocktails ten feet away from a bed.  I also don’t see what you find so attractive about me.  I don’t get why you want me.”  Haylee dropped her head.  She hadn’t meant to go down that familiar train of thought, but alcohol tended to make her feel sad and right now, she felt pretty low.  Her confession brought out her insecure side and a tear formed, sliding down her nose.
Kyle stepped close to her, so close that the tips of his boots almost touched her toes.  She found the sight erotic for some inexplicable reason.  Her bright red toes peeping out of her heels, so feminine and dainty.  His thick black boots, so tough and manly.  It was just like the two of them; she small and insecure, Kyle tall and handsome.  Another tear fell and dropped on his boot.

“Can I show you?”  Kyle reached out and caressed her cheek.  “Can I show you why I want you?”

Haylee wiped her cheek and looked up at Kyle.  His eyes were forest green now, his face serious but soft.  A small, tilted smile graced his handsome face.

Words didn’t come.  She was a writer by profession but in that moment, only a single phrase came to mind.  “Yes, please.”

Kyle smiled wide and brought his hands up to cup her face, just as he had done earlier.  Haylee’s heart raced and her lips parted slightly.  Kyle leaned down and brushed his lips softly against hers.  Butterflies danced in Haylee’s belly at his gentle contact.  It was soft, sweet, yet it seared her with an intense heat.  She opened her mouth, inviting him in and he didn’t hesitate to take the kiss deeper, his tongue plundering her mouth.  He tasted sweet and hot.  She brought her hands up around his neck and pulled him closer, urging him to intensify the kiss.  He obliged.

“You are so beautiful,” Kyle said against her lips.  He slowly turned her around so she was facing the windows that looked over the city lights.  Just over her shoulder she could see his reflection.  He lifted up her dress and pulled it over her head, leaving her in her bra and panties.  She went to cover herself, not knowing if anyone could see her.  But Kyle grasped her wrists firmly and lifted them up.

“Put them here.”  Kyle pressed her hands to the glass and she placed her palms against the cold window.

“Spread them.”  He tapped at the inside of her feet and she obeyed his prompting.

Kyle ran his hands from her wrists, slowly down her arms until her reached her shoulders, then followed the lines of her extended arms down her sides.  Normally she was quite ticklish there, but for some reason, her skin burned from his touch instead.  He continued down to her hips and slipped one hand around to her lower belly, spreading his large hand wide so his thumb was by her navel and his pinky just grazing the top of her panties.

Haylee tried to push her self back into him, her need to feel him against her overwhelming her.  “Not yet.” Kyle whispered in to her ear.  His other hand came up her side and gently grazed her skin until it landed on her breast.  He rubbed his thumb over her nipple, making it harden almost painfully.  Haylee began to feel frustrated, as her body wanted to lean into his hand on her breast and at the same time, go back towards the heat of his body.

He caressed her covered breast, gently squeezing and pulling at her nipple through the material.  His fingers moved over the swell, causing her skin to prickle.  At the same time, his other hand had slipped lower into her underwear and his fingers explored her smooth skin there.  Every touch sent powerful sensations through her and she felt herself dampen.  Suddenly, she wanted out of her clothes.  There was barely any, but yet there was just way too much material between them.


Hope you enjoyed!!  Please grab the full story here --->  and leave a review if you could.

Happy New Year!