Monday, December 30, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Neil Bowler Photography

"SOLD!"  The auctioneer's voice boomed.

Maddie shook her head.  Had she really just done that?  

"Here you go ma'am.  Just go to the cashier and pay."  A tall blond with enormous boobs handed Maddie a ticket.  For a second, Maddie couldn't take her eyes off the bouncing bosom.  She wasn't into women, but the Pamela Anderson look-alike shocked her into silence.  That, and the fact she had just spent ten-thousand dollars on a stranger.  


God, how she hated being called that.  It was effective though, snapping Maddie out of her daze.

Maddie went to the cashier and filled out the forms, paying for her date with a ten-thousand dollar check. Chanting to herself, she reminded herself that it was for a good cause.  It was for a charity that worked with victims of domestic abuse.

"Would you like to meet with your date now?"  The man behind the desk was older, with a piece of hair that wrapped around his bald head, small round glasses and a pasty face.  Maddie flickered her gaze away from him and tried to focus on the date she bought tonight.  A male model that had volunteered himself for the charity event.

Not just any model though.  Danny Evans.  If she hadn't been a big fan of his already, she probably could've controlled her hand tonight.  Instead, she flipped up the paddle every time someone else placed a bid.  Finally, at eight thousand, she got nervous and shouted "ten.”  


Oh. My. God.  This old guy is calling her ma'am?  What the hell?  She was barely forty.  Why the hell was everyone out to make her feel ancient tonight?

"I will just meet him another night.  Can I arrange that?"

"Absolutely.  Fill out this form."

Maddie took the clipboard and filled out the blanks.  Providing her contact information to Danny would make it easier to call off the date.  She'd done her bit for charity.  He wouldn't have to be subjected to a night out with a woman eleven years his senior.


Maddie didn't have to turn around to know who was behind her.  She recognized his deep voice from the numerous commercials she'd seen him in.  Danny Evans.  Heart racing, palms sweating, Maddie gulped in a few breaths before she turned.

Holy Shit.  He was more beautiful, up close and in person.  His blue eyes sparkled.  His short, dark hair was groomed perfectly.  His suit did nothing to mask the chiseled body she knew would be underneath.  He was almost a foot taller than her.  Maddie began to wonder if they would line up perfectly, lying flat on her bed, naked, sweaty, and...


Perfection.  He was fucking perfection and he didn't call her "ma'am."  A sudden urge to strip naked right before him took over her.  

"Um, thank you Mr. Evans."  Maddie couldn't hide the fan-girl blush, labored breathing and raspy voice.  She cleared her dry throat.  "It's all for a good cause, right?" Maddie glanced around the room, trying to find the exit.

"I was hoping you'd win."  Danny stepped closer to her and she could smell his cologne.  She inhaled deeply, wanting to savor the smell.  She wondered if she could find that fragrance at the department store tomorrow.  A nervous giggle slipped out.

"Well, I am glad that I did." Maddie’s voice was cool.  Danny frowned.  Her smile dropped away.  She gave her head a shake and continued, "Look, Mr. Evans, you don't have to go through with this.  The charity got their money.  You're in the calendar for next year.  I don't want to waste your time.  We'll just part ways now.  Okay?"

Still frowning, Danny lifted his hand to her cheek and brushed the back of his fingers along her jaw and down the side of her throat.  "You don’t want to go out with me?"

“I do, but…”

Danny leaned down and brushed a soft kiss on her lips.  “I’ve been watching these lips all night, desperate to taste them.”

Was this an act?  Her whole body was trembling.  He had slipped one hand behind her head and the other slightly above her ass, just inside the fabric of her open-back dress. Maddie couldn’t think.  Hell, she couldn’t breath.  Was he for real?

“Let me take you out tonight.  Please.”  He brushed a kiss along her ear.  “I want to wine you, dine you and then fuck you until you can’t walk.”  He whispered the words in her ear.

Holy Hell!

Maddie’s voice squeaked, “Me?”

“Do you have any idea how sexy you are?  As soon as you walked in, all heads turned your way.  That red dress is fucking sexy as hell.  You have curves that are perfect for gripping tight while you ride me hard.  Perfect, natural breasts begging to be nipped and sucked.  I want to see every inch of you, naked and writhing beneath my own.  Then I want to flip you over and watch those gorgeous breasts bounce over me.  If you hadn’t won, I still would be standing here, right now.  But, since you outbid everyone else, I am yours for the night.   And you, my dear, are mine.”

Maddie’s whole body was on alert.  His presence oozed confidence and virility. Danny’s words created pictures in her mind that made her whole body tingle.  And, she had been wet from the second she first heard his voice. She squeezed her thighs together, but that only made the throbbing there worse.  She took a deep breath and said, “Okay.”  She’d never get a shot like this again.  She had promised herself she’d enjoy the rest of her life, and she was going to start tonight, with Danny.

Maddie grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the hotel lobby.  “Let’s call room service.”

More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Maddie and Danny will be there as well.  ;)  

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Eve Blog Hop

Happy New Year Friends!!!

From December 31 until Jan. 2, 2014 I am participating in a blog hop with some pretty amazing writers.  Click the link for their blog, from the list below.  Stop by, read the post and leave a comment.  Subscribe to their blog too, and show them some support.

Our theme is about what we are looking forward to in the new year.  I tell you, I am excited about a few projects I have in the works.  I've been blogging daily, with erotic teasers that will be compiled in to an anthology to be released by Valentine's Day 2014.  Also, I have a contemporary suspense romance novel in the works.  Besides that, on a personal level, I am working to get fit and hope to have a great year with my family.

Leave your comment at the bottom of this post about what YOU are looking forward to in 2014!  Scroll down for an amazing GIVEAWAY!  Grand Prize will be drawn on January 3, 2014.


Smile Somebody Loves You!                                                   Lisa Carlisle 
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Mad Monday

"Will you tell me your greatest fantasy?"  Eric was tracing his fingertips along the tattoo on Becky's side.  He loved the swirls of it and how it made a path from her breast to her hip.

Becky shut her eyes and blushed.  "Why?"

"If it's something I can do for you, I want to."  Eric leaned over and kissed along her neck.  His tongue swirled over her skin, tasting the sweetness mixed with saltiness from their intense lovemaking.  He couldn't get enough of her.  No matter how much she pleased him, he always wanted more.  Wanting her to feel the same way, he was willing to bring her fantasies to life.

"You're going to think it's madness.  But here goes.  Remember when we watched that adult movie?  I forget the name of it, but the woman was being made love to by two men?"  Becky stared up at the ceiling, her usually pale skin flushed.  She didn't look at him as she waited for his reply.

"Yes, I remember it very well."  Eric whispered in her ear.  His hands continued to caress her body, moving from her side to her breasts down to her stomach.  "You were insatiable that night."  He plucked her nipple, reminding her of how rough she'd begged for him to be with her that night.

"It drove me crazy.  Seeing the one guy eating the girl's pussy while the other stood by and shoved his cock in her mouth.  I guess it was because I'd never watched porn before, but still, something about it...well, it made me ache.  I wanted that with you, that night, but of course, you're only one person."  Becky grinned at him as his hand slid down to her aching pussy.

"Would you like that?"  He didn't stop his hand, instead he continued down and thrust two fingers inside of her. She bucked on the bed as he began to finger her.  He pulled his fingers out slowly, then thrust them in again.  "Tell me."

Becky's face burned bright red, and her eyes rolled back in her head.  She couldn't think.  She probably would've censored her words, but with Eric slipping in and out of her like that, she let the words tumble out.

"Yes.  I want that."

Eric pulled his hand away from her pussy and she whimpered.  He knelt between her legs, hooking his forearms behind her knees and lifted her ass off of the bed.  Hard as a rock, Eric slipped the head of his penis into her.  "I have a friend."  He slipped in another inch.  "Who I trust."  Another inch.  "That would love to help us out with your fantasy."  Eric slipped out a bit and then thrust back in hard.  Becky screamed out as the angle was perfect to hit her g-spot.

Becky couldn't talk as Eric slammed into her abused pussy.  They'd been going at it all night and still she wanted more.  He went hard and fast, then slow and gentle.  "I will call him tomorrow and set it up."  As Eric slammed in to her again, Becky imagined him pounding at her while she sucked his friend's cock and within seconds, her orgasm ripped through her.  Eric's own explosion came only a few strokes later.

Collapsing on the bed, Eric brought his arms around Becky and snuggled her to his chest.

"Tomorrow..."  Eric kissed the tip of her nose and drifted off to sleep.

Becky beamed.  It was complete madness, yet, she couldn't wait for  tomorrow...


More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Becky and Eric (and friend) will be there as well.  ;)  

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Slippery Sunday

Slippery Situation

Don't know model's name, but image came from:

"Housekeeping," Yvonne knocked before sliding the card through the slot.

Pushing her cleaning cart inside, Yvonne assessed the room.  There were personal items everywhere.  A laptop on the coffee table, a camera next to it, take-out containers from Muscle Maker on the counter nearby.  Her supervisor had sent her up because the guest had checked out.  If that was the case, she or he left everything behind.

"Housekeeping!"  Yvonne called out.


Yvonne decided to take care of the linens and towels and make the bed, but leave the rest for later.  If she went back without touching anything, Ronnie, her supervisor would fire her.  Ronnie was waiting for an excuse to get rid of her.  Yvonne frowned. She needed this job far too much to let a jealous college drop-out ruin everything for her.  It wasn't Yvonne's fault she worked two jobs just to continue going to school; she was determined to get her BS in Criminal Justice and no one was getting in the way of that.  Not even Ronnie.

Yvonne listened carefully as she made her way to the bedroom.  The door was wide open and everything was silent.  She found clothes strewn about the room, so she tidied up a bit.  She switched the linens and made the bed, dusted the tables and cleaned the mirror.  Her eye caught movement behind her as she made a final swipe over the mirror and she stopped, holding her breath.

She hadn't thought the guest might be in the en suite.  Gulping, she tip-toed over to the bathroom door, bringing a stack of towels, holding them against her body as a shield.  "Housekeeping," she said once more.  Again, no answer.  The only sound was rushing water.

Now, Yvonne started to feel beyond nervous...scared, in fact.  She was about to turn and place the towels on the bed before leaving until she heard a deep male laugh come from inside the bathroom.  The door was slightly ajar.  Peeking through the opening, she saw a large tanned, muscled body step in to the tub.  Steam swirled around her as she gaped at the tight ass and thick legs that sunk in to the water.  Licking her lips, Yvonne clenched the towels tighter to her breasts, that were now throbbing, as her eyes traveled over wide shoulders, an arm covered in tattoos and up to short dark hair.

Yvonne wanted to run.  And at the same time she wanted to stay.  This could get her fired for sure, she knew, but her mind had yet to get her feet to move.  The man slid around in the tub, and now his profile was in view.  He must've been talking on the phone when she heard him laugh before, because she saw him set it down on the cabinet by the sink.

Oh good lord, Yvonne thought to herself.  There is a gorgeous man in the tub.  A naked, slippery, hot hunk with tantalizing muscles only a few steps away.  She felt the strongest urge to strip right then and there and sink in beside him.  He tilted his head back and Yvonne took in his profile.  Strong jawline, straight nose, tanned skin and just the slightest dark, sexy stubble covering his face.  Yvonne pressed her legs together. She wanted to feel that stubble scraping along her thighs, her ass...everywhere.

The Adonis before her shifted and stood briefly, grabbing a washcloth off the cabinet.  Yvonne gasped.  She couldn't help it.  The front of him was as beautiful as the backside.  Perfect cock, smooth skin, no tan lines.  Everything on the man was sleek and solid... and wet.  Her body tensed and her pussy clenched.  She couldn't take it anymore.  She had to leave.  She slipped back a step, trying to remain undetected.

"Care to join me?"

Yvonne dropped the towels.



More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Mr. Slippery will be there as well.  ;)  

Thank you to Jo, Allie and Jase for always giving me great ideas to write from.  Follow us on Twitter and join in the fun! *wink*



Friday, December 27, 2013

Sassy Saturday

"Let's go in here."  Monica pulled Troy's hand and led him in to a club.

The club was dark and lit with little more than neon lights on the walls.  Music thumping, Monica couldn't hear Troy speaking to her.  He pulled her hand and caused her to fall back against his chest.

"Mon, this is a strip club."

"I know."  Monica winked at him and again started walking to the back of the club.  She sat at a booth in the far corner.  Troy sat next to her and glared at her.

"Why are we here?"

"You'll see."

The topless waitress bounced her way over and leaning her DD's in Troy's face, she asked for their drink order.  Troy licked his lips and Monica couldn't help but giggle.  She reached under the table and stroked his hardening cock through his jeans.  "You like?"  Monica whispered in his ear, then nipped the lobe.

"Uh..."  Troy's face was red, she could tell even in the dark.  Monica knew this birthday surprise would supersede what she had done for him last year, hiring a stripper to come to the house.  They'd talked a lot that night and she'd concocted a scenario that was a full year in the making.  She couldn't wait to see it play out tonight.  Monica ordered two Mojitos.

When the waitress returned with their drinks, Monica downed hers quickly.  Her panties were already wet just thinking about what was coming next and in a few minutes, everything was about to begin.  Troy looked at her glass, then at her face and he smiled.  He knew she was up to something now.

"Hello.  How are you folks doing tonight?"  Monica smiled at the pretty brunette that had stopped at their table.  She had on a silver skirt that barely covered her black lace-covered pussy.  Her stocking were held in place with a black garter belt and she wore silver fuck-me heels.  A black and silver slip of material crossed her enormous, perky breasts like a tiny tube top. Monica tipped her head towards Troy and once again, a look of bewilderment came over his face.

"Come with me please, sir."  Troy took her hand and followed her to the rooms in the back.   Monica went with them.

"I'm Lana.  Monica wanted to wish you a very special birthday tonight."

"Troy, first, happy birthday, my love.  Second, I've hired Lana for a special, private lap dance.  You cannot touch her.  She can touch you, however.  And, you and I can touch each other.  Also, Lana is allowed to touch me.   We are going to start off with a little fantasy I came up with and then give you one wish."

Troy's face was one giant smile.  He licked his lips and wiggled in the seat that Lana had led him to.  It wasn't very comfortable, but it would allow both women easy access to him.  He adjusted his rock hard erection and took a deep breath.  He watched Lana turn on the music and she began to strip off her top, very slowly.  Her large breasts were perky and round.  Lana leaned towards Troy ever so slightly, her breasts in front of his mouth and she tugged on her nipples.

While Troy was entranced with Lana, Monica got on her knees between his legs and nudged his legs wide.  He didn't take his eyes off of Lana, until Monica pulled down the zipper of his pants.  His cock sprung out, his boxers unable to hold it back.  Monica pulled his boxers down around his shaft, through the slit in the front and licked his dripping head.  Troy jerked his hips.

Lana ran her hands over Monica's head, then pushed her head down as she straddled her head.  Troy's eyes popped open wide.  He could lick Lana's breast if he stuck his tongue out.  In her heels, she was tall enough to be over  Monica as she sucked and licked Troy's cock.  He wasn't going to last long and he tapped Monica on the cheek twice, his silent code for her to stop.  Instead she licked and sucked harder, taking him deep in her throat.  He blew seconds later, his whole body bucking, forcing his cock deep in her throat.

Monica grinned and then twisted her body, so she sat on the floor between Troy's legs, and tilted her head back, resting it in his lap.  Monica stuck her tongue out and Lana squatted over her face.  Her legs were rubbing against Troy's as her pussy came in to contact with Monica's tongue.  Lana proceeded to dance and grind against Monica mouth as she straddled them both.  To anyone glancing in, it would almost look as if Lana was merely dancing on Troy's lap...until they saw the legs splayed out beneath her.

Monica didn't touch Lana, but kept to the rules and allowed Lana to do all the work.  Lana moaned and swirled her hips against Monica's mouth while she caressed and squeezed her own breasts.  Troy was rock-hard again already, his shaft throbbing against the top of Monica's head.  Lana's orgasm shook her whole body and she braced herself against Troy's shoulders.

Monica licked her lips and smiled at Lana.  As Lana stepped back from Troy's lap, Monica turned around and once again on her knees, stretched her body up to kiss Troy hard.  She wanted him to taste Lana on her lips and tongue.  He leaned down and met her half-way, his soft lips caressing hers, his tongue plundering her mouth, swirling around and tasting her thoroughly.

He pulled his head back, cupped her face and stared into her eyes.  "You are so fucking hot, Mon," Troy rasped out.

"You are so getting fucked hard and fast all night long, love," Monica replied.  "Now, birthday boy, what is your wish?"

Troy grinned.  This was already the best birthday ever and it was only going to get better.

More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Troy and Monica will be there as well.  ;)  

Hope you enjoyed this #SassySaturday tease.  If so, please feel free to comment, share, "Like", tweet and so on!



Fantasy Friday

Welcome to  Fantasy Friday.  If you enjoy today's teaser, please free to share with your friends.  ;-)


Skye watched Zane as he closed his eyes and strummed the last few notes.  He was a god up there on stage.  When he was in his element, performing in front of others, he looked ecstatic.  Skye couldn't help as her own smile widened.  Zane was amazing.  And, he was all hers.

She skipped the last song and slipped her way backstage. Skye hadn't seen Zane for months and she was hungry for his attention, so she had a plan to surprise him.  They Skyped often and talked over the phone, but tonight, she wanted his hands on her body, his lips tasting her pussy, his cock thrusting deep inside of her.  No phone sex tonight.  She was getting the real deal and her body hummed with excitement.

It seemed like forever before Zane came through the door.  Skye wished she could see the look on his face, but she'd turned out the lights and the room was dark, except for the dim light cast from a small window.  All she could make out was the outline of him standing there.  She carefully made her way over to him, as she heard his hand rubbed against the wall, obviously looking for a light switch.  That wouldn't work since she had loosened all of the light bulbs in the room.  She giggled.  Zane's body froze in place and she could see him scratching his head.  

Slipping behind him, Skye brought her hands up to Zane's shoulders from behind.  He was a good foot taller than her so she had to reach up on her tiptoes.  She ran her hands down his broad back to his waist, then slipped her hands around front.  Her left hand stroked up his chest under his t-shirt, while her right hand traveled down to stroke the front of his jeans. He bucked into her hand as she cupped his crotch and she giggled again.  It was hard to contain her excitement.  It had been months and she wanted to make up for lost time.

"My girlfriend is gonna to be looking for me."  Zane's voice was husky.   "We need to make this fast."

Skye stopped moving her hands as anger washed over her.  What the hell was that supposed to mean?  Was this normal for him?  Skye hadn't told him she would be waiting in his changing room.  Hell, she hadn't even told him that she was driving across the state to see his show.  Who the hell did he think she was, some groupie?  Skye pulled her hands slowly away from his body, but Zane reached back and cupped her ass, bringing her body hard against his.  She didn't want to do this anymore.  She wanted to get away from him.

He wasn't letting her go though.  One hand slipped under the edge of her skirt, lifting it up, while the other hand tugged her thong down.  Despite the awkward positioning, Zane shoved two fingers into her throbbing pussy.  Skye gasped and Zane turned slightly.  His fingers pulled out and wiped her juices on her clit.  Then, just as he would do onstage, he strummed hard and fast; he played her like his beloved Fender.  She writhed against him, her nails digging in to his arms.  She wanted more.  It had been so long since his fingers played her to orgasm.  Moaning, Skye couldn't hold back.  She didn't want to think, she only wanted to feel.  And quickly, an orgasm ripped through her, causing her to stumble back against the door.

Back to the door, panting, Skye was shocked.  She knew it was Zane, and that was all it took for her to release.  But, he didn't know it was her and that hurt her deep down.  Had he been playing with other girls all this time?  Even though they masturbated together, virtually or over the phone, every single night?  The high of her orgasm quickly faded.  A tear slid down her cheek.

Zane turned just then and in the dim lighting, she could see that he had unzipped his pants and his huge cock was standing almost straight up, casting its own shadow.  She licked her lips and then mentally chastised herself for being such a fool.

"On your knees."

"No."  Skye tried to disguise her voice.


Was this what he did?  Her stomach burned with the thought of him and other girls.  "I'm not one of your groupies."  Skye didn't care now, she wanted to leave.


What?  He knew?

She didn't fight anymore.  He knew it was her.  Zane wasn't playing with another girl tonight.  He was playing with her.  She'd pay him back for scaring her, later.  Right now, she wanted to suck his cock, and taste his cum.  She'd missed all of it and she shut her brain off, dropped to her knees and took him in deep.

Zane groaned.  Skye moaned.  

"You are the only groupie I want, Skye.  Now suck me like you mean it and then I am going to fuck you every which way until Sunday."

The fun was only just beginning...


More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. This rockin' couple will be there as well.  ;)  

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

"Thank you, sir."  Kara glanced at the envelope her boss handed her.

"My family has tried very hard to continue our traditions.  Boxing Day isn't an American holiday, but nonetheless, my parents would expect me to give you something."

Kara held the envelope up to the light.  She couldn't see through it, but it was thin. Perhaps it was money or a gift certificate of some type.

"Happy holidays, sir."  Kara said quietly.  She had left a gift for him on his desk.  Painfully shy and extremely attracted to her young employer, Kara had no difficultly finding the right gift for him.  As his new PA, she knew his likes and interests, as well as what he bought for his family and lady friends.  She'd settled on a pair of onyx cuff links with his initials, J.R. engraved on them.

Kara hurried out of the building before Mr. Reynolds could find the gift she'd left.  Knowing she wouldn't see him until January 13th, after he returned from his family's home in Coventry, meant she could avoid any awkwardness.

The bus driver yelled her street and Kara quickly got off the bus and headed to her apartment.  A flicker of light caught her eye, but when she looked over, all she saw was a black Jaguar slowly moving down the street.  It was moving too slowly, she noted and picked up her pace.  The car passed her just as she stepped into the foyer of her building.

Showered and dressed in her threadbare flannel pajamas, Kara dropped on to her couch with a glass of Southern Comfort and a piece of reheated pizza.  Flipping through the channels, she passed over one sappy Christmas romance movie after another.  Finally settling on an old favorite, A Christmas Story, Kara snuggled under an afghan throw.  She took the envelope that Mr. Reynolds had given her and opened it.  It was a gift certificate.  She choked as she read it.

"This certificate is good for one night with James Reynolds.  Including, but not limited to: wining and dining, dancing and fucking.  The recipient may have all fantasies and wishes fulfilled by James Reynolds during allotted time.  Only requests that can be completed within set time frame will be honored.  All activities will be at recipient's discretion and evening may be concluded at any time.  Not transferable.  Full confidentiality for both recipient and James Reynolds will be expected and strictly enforced."  

Shocked, Kara sat there staring at the TV as Ralphie "shot his eye out,", but her mind went elsewhere.  Her thoughts conjured up images of her handsome boss.  His dark hair slicked back, his clean-shaven face, broad shoulders, trim abdomen and thick thighs.  She closed her eyes, imagining he was there with her and she reached in to her panties, fingering her slick pussy.

Her thoughts took her back to the office…to James.  

Mr. Reynolds took her by the hand and led her to his desk.  He motioned to the gift and she nodded.  James pulled her in for a breath-stealing kiss and leaned her back over his desk.  Her legs were spread wide open and James shifted himself in-between her thighs.  He broke the kiss and stood over her, simply staring at her stockinged legs.  He ran a finger over the lace that held them snug to her legs then lifted the edge and released it, the elastic snapping her thigh.  Kara gasped.  James held a finger to her lips, indicating he wanted her silence.  She nodded and then licked at the finger he held there.

All control seemed to snap for him at her flirtatious gesture.  James shoved her skirt up around her waist and ran his hands over her pink lace panties.  A ripping sound echoed through the office as he tore her panties in half.  The sound, that action, spurred Kara on and she brought her heeled feet up and around the back of his thighs, securing him in front of her.  He wasted no time with his pants, unzipping them to reveal his throbbing cock.  He had no underwear on under his suit pants and Kara licked her lips.

James sheathed himself in a condom and nudged the tip of his cock against her slick folds.  Kara could feel herself literally dripping on his desk as she tilted her hips in invitation.  A sudden knock on the door startled them both.  Kara panicked, but James simply moved her skirt back down and pulled his pants up as he walked to his office door.

A loud knocking sound startled Kara out of her fantasy.  Sweat covered her body.  Nipples taut and aching, body trembling, pussy throbbing; it took almost a full minute for Kara to realize someone was at her front door.

Glancing at the clock, Kara wondered what crazy neighbor was standing outside her door at midnight.  It wouldn't be the first time one of the drunks in her building came to her door by mistake.  She peered through the peep-hole and jumped back in shock.

"Kara?"  A deep voice came through her door and stroked her senses.  Every ounce of her being had been on edge a moment ago, but that voice...James, standing on the other side of her apartment door...lit her whole body on fire.  She unlocked the door and took a deep breath, though it didn't help.  When she whipped open the door, her knees almost gave away.

James stood in her doorway, not in his usual Armani suit, but rather in tight black jeans, black boots and a blue sweater that brought out the color in his eyes.  His hair was disheveled a bit, as if he'd been running his fingers through his hair.  A dark stubble covered his normally baby-smooth face.  He looked different and he was even sexier.  Kara gulped.

"Did I wake you, Kara?"

"Um..."  Kara tried to smooth down her flannel pajamas, giving her hands something to do besides grab the man in front of her and plant a kiss on those perfect lips.

"May I come in?" be continued...

Happy Boxing Day to my friends who celebrate!  I had to do a little research to remind myself that the holiday had nothing to do with fighting or flying fists.  LOL  I think it is a neat holiday and wish we could celebrate here in America as well.  Most people I know are back to work today.  =(

More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Kara and her boss will be there as well.  ;)  

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Merry Christmas-Wet Wednesday

Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating today.  

Usually, today would be "Wet Wednesday" and I would create a short teaser that would hopefully tantalize you and have you asking me for more.  However, in consideration for today's significance, it seemed disrespectful for me to write something erotic.  So, in lieu of the typical post, I am sharing a snippet from my recent release Four Weeks 'til Christmas.

Now, I want to say that when I wrote this story, it was about six weeks until Christmas.  Today, the story comes to its conclusion, but I hope it will continue to entertain readers for a long time.  At the end of this post is my more recent release; it went LIVE yesterday and I hope that you will grab a copy of it after you leave my blog.

Technically, the way the characters meet includes liquid, so it's a respectful "Wet Wednesday"; mild and sweet as well.

Four Weeks 'til Christmas Snippet:

“Ah…” Tony put his feet up on the chair next to Noelle.  “I desperately needed to sit down.”

Laughing, Noelle chucked a holiday cookie at Tony.  “You sit all the time.”

“Not true.  Tonight, I've been on my feet since one.”

“Well, I've been on my feet since midnight.  And, a fifteen minute break isn't going to help.”

“Grump.”  Tony chuckled.  “Time’s up kiddo.”

Noelle rolled her eyes at her best friend.  Since coming to work at Samson’s Department Store, Tony had been one of the only people to get close to her.  He didn’t take her quietness as offensive and he went out of his way to make her smile every chance he could.  He was a handsome guy, twenty-one to her twenty-five.  He had beautiful dark brown hair and thick lashes that Noelle would kill for.  Tony had a beautiful swimmer’s physique, just the kind she was attracted to. 

Unfortunately, Noelle wasn’t his type.  When she first started working at Samson’s, she thought his playful ways were flirtation.  Yet, he never asked her out and she began to feel self-conscious.  It took awhile for her to pick up on the fact that it wasn’t her that he was not attracted to, but rather her gender.  When he came to her house to pick her up for the movies, bringing his date Daniel with them, it all had become crystal clear to her.  And, of course, Tony never let her forget it, either.

By six a.m. Noelle was beginning to fall apart.  Her feet hurt, her eyes stung and her holiday cheer had walked out the back door.  She only had two more hours to go and she picked up another cup of coffee to boost her energy. When she heard her name called over the loud speaker, she bolted out of the break room with her cup of coffee and barreled in to a wall.  A human wall.


“Oh my gosh.  I am so sorry.”  Embarrassment and exhaustion took over and as she stared at the huge brown spot on the white shirt in front of her, tears began to slide down her cheeks.

“Hey.  Don’t worry, it’s okay.”  A deep voice vibrated through her.

“I just…it’s…sorry.”  Noelle glanced up at the victim of her clumsiness and gasped.  The man, whom she had just spilled her coffee all over his white button-down, was beautiful.  He was probably over six feet tall, though with his head ducked down to look at her, she couldn’t be sure.  His dark blue eyes were fixed on her face.  He was frowning, but whether it was out of concern or annoyance, she wasn’t sure.  

Noelle hadn’t noticed the strong hands that held her up until now.  Warmth flooded through her and for the first time, in a long time, she felt safe.  Noelle glanced down at the large hands that gently held her forearms and the man suddenly let her go, leaving her feeling bereft.  She wondered what it would be like to feel those gentle hands on other places of her body.  How it would feel to tuck herself in to those strong arms?  She sniffed, wiping her hand over her eyes, and an intoxicating scent drifted to her nose, assaulting her senses.

“Sir.  Please forgive me.  It’s been a long night.  If you send me the cleaning bill I will reimburse you.”

“What?”  Oh, he was well over six foot and built like a linebacker.  His face was scrunched with confusion.  Then, a smile crept on his face as a light flickered in those beautiful eyes.

“Don’t worry about the shirt, sweets.  I have plenty more.”

Noelle would normally bristle at the endearment, but something about the gentleness in his voice comforted her, instead.  To make matters worse, the warmth that had flowed through her body was now probably displayed by the blush in her cheeks.  Which, he was gazing at, that moment.

“I am so sorry.  I have to go.”  She turned to head back to the break room.

“Before you go, Noelle…” Her head snapped back and she couldn’t help but glare at him.  He pointed at her Samson’s name tag then flashed a beautiful, wide bright smile at her, stealing her breath away.  He was gorgeous.  Sinfully gorgeous.  Noelle felt her knees weaken as the thought invaded her mind.  “Do you have any more of those singing dolls?  Sammy or Stacey?  I was given the duty of stopping by and getting one for my niece, but I don’t see them any where.”

“Singing Suzy?”

“Ah, Suzy, yes that’s the one.”

“Let me check for you.”  Noelle high-tailed it away from him and once again headed to the store room.  She dug in to a new box that had been delivered at five a.m. and found the doll. 

“Here you go sir.”

“Zane. Noelle, please call me Zane.”

Noelle felt her cheeks flame as Zane took the box from her, managing to brush her hand in the process.  She turned again and moved away from him as quickly as she could.  Though she knew she’d never see him again, her heart did flip-flops as she played with his name in her head, thought of his hands on her and imagined kissing those delicious lips.  Just a customer Noelle.  Cut it out.

Four Weeks 'til Christmas Available now on Amazon:

Available NOW on Amazon:

New Year's Kiss (One Night in New York) Synopsis:

Mature Audiences.  Story Contains Adult Themes and Sexual Scenes.

Haylee Perry is 25 and living the perfect life.  She has a job she loves, great friends and her own home.  All that is missing is someone to share it all with.  This New Year's she is determined to not feel lonely, if only for one night.

Kyle is the new friend in the group.  He’s met everyone before at various get-togethers, but because of his hectic schedule as co-owner of a software company, he somehow never met Haylee before.  When he sets his eyes on her, he knows that he has to make her his.  If only he can convince her of that.

New Year’s Eve 2011 will change both of their lives forever. One kiss that night will open up a flood of emotions that neither can handle.  When fate splits them apart, will they ever find their way back to one another?

Its LIVE New Year's Kiss Now Available

Mature Audiences.  Story Contains Adult Themes and Sexual Scenes.

Haylee Perry is 25 and living the perfect life.  She has a job she loves, great friends and her own

home.  All that is missing is someone to share it all with.  This New Year's she is determined to not

feel lonely, if only for one night.

Kyle is the new friend in the group.  He’s met everyone before at various get-togethers, but because

of his hectic schedule as co-owner of a software company, he somehow never met Haylee before.

When he sets his eyes on her, he knows that he has to make her his.  If only he can convince her of


New Year’s Eve 2011 will change both of their lives forever. One kiss that night will open up a

flood of emotions that neither can handle.  When fate splits them apart, will they ever find their way

back to one another?

Grab it on Amazon, today!!

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Thank you!!!



Teaser Tuesday

"Trust me."  Tony said in a low voice.

Larese merely nodded.

Tony took the blindfold and tied it snug behind her head.  Leaning her back, he rested her head against pillows. He walked away for a moment, and she could hear drawers, a crinkling wrapper and a click.  She wriggled on the bed in anticipation.

"Stay still or I will have to tie you down."

Larese stopped moving, but wondered if it wouldn't be worth getting punished.  Just the thought of being tied down and completely under Tony's control made her body quiver.

"Hands up."  Larese obeyed, putting her hands above her head and grabbing the headboard.

Something warm and wet ran over her folds and she instinctively closed her thighs.


She opened her legs again, the cool air rushing over her sensitive, moist skin.  Something hard and smooth gently nudged her folds and her own juices began to flow.  Larese felt the object probe her slowly, Tony teasing her throbbing nub and labia.  She knew she shouldn't move, but her body reacted to his touch regardless.

"Last warning pet."

Larese nodded.  She loved when Tony tied her up and he knew it, so chances are if she didn't obey, something a bit more punishing was in store for her.  She was torn...behave or misbehave?  She grinned, but it quickly turned to a gasp as Tony slid in the hard object.  It felt different, as if it was inside of her and on the outside at the same time.

Trying her best to stay still, Larese breathed in and out, relaxing her body.  Easily her pussy accepted the foreign object.  She heard a click right before it started...vibrations that rocked her core.  Something was tickling her clit and at the same time, a gentle rumble teased inside her pussy.  She bucked as the sensations alternating in intensity and location.  It was torture.  It was sweet, erotic torture.

Larese heard the rasp of Tony's zipper and the sounds of his clothes hitting the hardwood floor.  A wrapper crinkled and her heart thumped hard.  Yes.  He was going to end her torture and allow her to come.  She was gritting her teeth, holding back an orgasm, as the vibrations brought her to the edge.

Another click.  Larese couldn't help it, this time her hips came up off the bed.  Whatever Tony was doing, the vibrations within her were hitting a new spot.  It had to be her g-spot.  She'd felt his cock rub up against it many times before, but she'd always begged him to stop.  It had always been too intense...too foreign to her. It scared her.  But, this...she wasn't going to get a chance to say a single word because now she was moaning and thrashing.

Tony's hands gripped her wrists, just as he put his body weight on top of hers.  He slowly slid into her slick core, his cock forcing the vibrator deeper.  She flinched at first, the fullness strange, until her body sucked him in as an orgasm ripped through her.  He rode it out with her, but she was still on the edge.  There was more...she knew it.

Larese was panting now, an explosion just seconds away.  Tony kept thrusting into her in a hard and slow pattern.  Hard thrust, slow retreat.  His body shook and Larese recognized his attempt to maintain control.  He caressed her breast with one hand, while he ran the other down the length of her leg then lifted it up onto his shoulder.  It was merely seconds before she came.  The explosion caused her to scream and moments later, Tony followed, her name echoing off the walls of the bedroom.  

The vibrations didn't stop and Larese's body continued to tremble.  Tony pulled out and then removed the device from her aching pussy.  He tugged off her blindfold and leaned down to kiss her deeply.  She snuggled in to his strong arms.

"That was intense," she whispered.

"We're not done yet.  Wait til you see what else I have planned for you."  Tony grinned.

Larese moaned.  There was more?  She grinned.  She couldn't wait.


Like? Love?  Comment, share, spread the luv!  ;)  Adults only, please.

Merry Christmas Eve!  My gift to you....



Monday, December 23, 2013

Mad Monday

Roxanne pulled in to the parking lot of the gym and took a spot near the front.  Her radio blared Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" and it fit her mood.  She'd finally had enough of Scott's shit and she was ready to kick ass.  Catching him banging her co-worker on the chaise lounge in the backyard had been the last straw.  It was one thing to hear the rumors, but to see it with her own two eyes was enough to make her want to take a baseball bat to both of their skulls.

Without a word, Roxanne grabbed a bag, shoved all her clothes and other important crap inside and left.  It's not like she had much there anyway.  Grateful that Scott hadn't been able to convince her to move in, it wouldn't be a problem to go back to her apartment.  But, right now, she had to punch or kick something...hard.

In the locker room, Roxanne stripped out of her mini skirt and thigh-high boots, then yanked on a pair of shorts and sneakers.  She sat for a minute and tried to calm herself.  If she went out there and started pounding the bag, she'd break something.  Sitting still was a mistake.  The image of Scott and Lulu fucking, the sounds of grunting and moaning, all crashed over her.  It was too much and her anger escalated.  

"You fucking asshole."  She didn't even warm up, but went straight to the punching bag, her fists flying.  She may be an exotic dancer, but first and foremost she was a fighter.  She'd learned to fight at the age of ten when her older brother pushed her to know self-defense. From there, she'd taken every available class that involved kicking or boxing.  When her step-father next laid a hand on her, he ended up in the hospital with a concussion and a dozen broken bones.  After that, no one messed with eleven-year old Roxy.

"Hey, go easy."  A voice startled her and out of instinct, Roxanne turned and swung.

She made contact with a firm set of abs.  He grunted and she hissed.  Pissed that she let someone sneak up on her, the anger boiling inside of her overflowed.  Her hands hurt, but she couldn't stop.  Scott...sticking his tiny dick in Lulu's disease-ridden...

"Hey!"  The guy with the voice was yelling at her now.  Roxanne stopped punching, and grabbed the bag.  Leaning her forehead against it, she took a few breaths to calm herself.

"You wanna hit the mat?"

"What?"  Roxanne looked at the voice again.  Oh damn.  How had she not noticed him?  He was tall, stacked and had intense dark eyes.  He wore a hoodie that was open in front.  "I asked if you wanted to hit the mat?  You look like you need someone to work with.  That bag's only going to do so much."

She didn't know if it was a good idea.  Roxanne never had a problem sparring with a guy, but she wasn't in the mood to take it easy and if she pushed him too far, they were both going to get hurt.  "No." She turned her back to him.


"Are you fuc..." Roxanne twisted her head back and saw his smile.  Hot damn.  What a gorgeous smile.  "Fine."  If he wanted to have a girl kick his ass, so be it.  She'd take out her anger over Scott on this guy.  She wasn't small but people always misjudged her.  She was fast and extremely flexible.  It helped, considering her line of work.

They faced off at the center of the mat, bumped fists then backed away.  Roxanne had to concentrate or this guy would wipe the floor with her.  Never one to back down, she struck first.  She swung her leg around and caught him in the back of the knee and he went down.  She grinned.  He recovered fast and swept his other leg out, knocking Roxanne on her back.  She flipped up quickly and swung a few punches at his sides.  He tucked in, protecting himself until she stepped back.

Noting the surprise on his face, she decided to try her latest move and hopped on her right foot, then brought her left knee up high, catching him in the chin.  The move backfired however, when he grabbed her knee and pulled her into him.  They both toppled to the mat, his body pressed against hers.  Her left knee was tucked up tight against his right shoulder her other leg angled out.  He looked down into her eyes. "Pinned."

She wriggled and struggled, but all she managed to do was push herself against his crotch, causing her body to react to him immediately.  She felt him grind against her and she knew he wasn't wearing a cup.  It wasn't a smart move on his part, but she wasn't about to complain.  "Roxanne."

He took his hand off her knee and grabbed her arms, pinning them over her head, against the floor.  "Matt."

Roxanne laughed and bucked her ass up off the ground, pushing hard against his bulge.  "Wanna go again?"

Scott and Lulu forgotten, now all Roxanne wanted to do was find a way to pin Matt this time around.

"Here? Or my place?"  Matt grinned. be continued...perhaps.  ;-)


Cover Reveal New Year's Kiss


Just in time for Christmas I am releasing "New Year's Kiss (One Night in New York). Here is the cover done by Author and dear friend Samantha Holt Please LIKE, SHARE, RT,"+" and anything else you can do to share it!


Haylee Perry is 25 and living the perfect life.  She has a job she loves, great friends and her own home.  All that is missing is someone to share it all with.  This New Year's she is determined to not feel lonely, if only for the one night.

Kyle is the new friend in the group.  He’s met everyone before at various get-togethers, but because of his hectic schedule at the Exchange, he somehow never met Haylee before.  When he sets his eyes on her, he knows that he has to make her his.  If only he can convince her of that.

New Year’s Eve 2011 will change both of their lives forever. One kiss that night will open up a flood of emotions that neither can handle.  When fate splits them apart, will they ever find their way back to one another?

Thank you SO much for your support!  Release date:  December 24th, 2013!!!

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Love Lust and Christmas Kisses

Let's get ready to PAR-TAY!!!  

Today, myself and 23 other authors are participating in a HUGE Facebook Event!  There are going to be games, trivia and PRIZES for those who participate.  Here are the details:

Love Lust and Lipstick Kisses Multi-author Event

Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains are pleased to announce we're hosting an amazing multi-author Facebook event. On the 22nd December from 1pm-5pm EST 24 authors will joining together to spread some Christmas cheer and give away some amazing prizes, including a grand prize of a $50 gift card plus tons of swag, ebooks, paperbacks and more. 

So if you would like a break from the stresses of Christmas and fancy the chance to play games and chat with some of the hottest authors around, stop on by on Facebook.

Join the event HERE.

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Sassy Saturday

Since it is the last Saturday before Christmas, I thought I'd do something sassy with Santa for my readers. Of course, for those who are quite literal, I am referring to something sexy and fun with a pretend Santa. *wink.*  And, as usual, audiences of 18+ ONLY please.  Thank you!!


Phoebe grabbed her coat and headed to the back door.  If she was quick enough, she could escape before her boss caught up to her.  She didn't want to work overtime and she definitely didn't want to be "Santa's Helper" for the employee party.  It went the same way every year.  The kids had their turn with Santa and got a little gift, then went to the smaller dance hall where a team of babysitters waited to fill them with cake, candy and soda so the adults could drink and party.  Phoebe loved the first part, spending time handing out gifts to the children.  It was the adults-only part that she was trying to avoid.

"Phoebe!"  Mr. Dayton ran after her huffing and puffing.  He held up a finger as she stood there staring at him.  He bent over, trying to catch his breath.  "I need...your help...with"

"Mr.Dayton, I'm really tired.  I just wanted to get home and get out of this silly elf costume."

"You don't like it?"  His breathing was more normal now.  "It fits you so well and you look so..."  He left the sentence dangling, waving his hand up and down in a "look at you" gesture.  Phoebe couldn't stop the eye-roll.  

She knew how she looked.  She'd been hearing it all night.  Unfortunately, it was from every married man in the building, including Mr. Dayton.  Married men were a huge no-no for her.  Their compliments felt more like propositions and she was nauseated even thinking about it.  Their wives stood within a few feet of them and they showed no respect or remorse for  their behavior.  Ick.  Plus, there was only one person she wanted and he was overseas right now.

"Please.  I am paying double time for the next couple of hours."  Mr. Dayton tried giving her a pleading puppy dog look.  That didn't work with her, but the phrase "double-time" meant that she would have more than enough for next semester's tuition.  She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, "Fine."


Phoebe stood next to Santa's chair as the wives came up and sat on his lap for photos.  Even a few guys plopped down, snuggling in the big guy's lap.  She couldn't hide her laughter when one guy sat and sniffed Santa's neck, then whispered in his ear.  Santa's eyes bulged and the flirty young man was promptly dumped on the floor.

"What about you little girl?  Have you been naughty or nice?"  Santa's voice was deep and raspy.  She wondered who he was, behind the disguise.  She knew he wasn't fat, because she'd glimpsed him stuffing his suit earlier.  He was tall and broad, with beautiful blue eyes and dark hair that peeked out from under his white wig.  She glared at him, but didn't answer.  She tugged down her short striped skirt and pulled up her green bustier.  Her feet were killing her and she constantly shifted while Santa did his bit.  

"Little elf, why do you look so unhappy?  It's Christmas."  Santa was again trying to talk to her.

"Look, 'Santa'," Phoebe made air quotes when she said his name, "I'm not interested.  I just want to be done here and go home."

"Hmmm.  Well, elf Phoebe, you were on my nice list, but now I may just have to put you on the naughty side."

She looked at him in surprise.  How the hell did he know her name?  She looked into his eyes and tried to recognize the way they sparkled and the corners crinkled. He did look familiar, but she just couldn't place him. Was he an employee here at the hotel or just a rent-a-Santa?

"Sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Christmas.  I will give you anything you want, even if you've been naughty.  In fact, naughty elves get the biggest present to unwrap."

Phoebe couldn't help it.  The double entendres spewing from his mouth made her blush.  She suddenly had an image come to mind.  Rick.  She'd been missing Rick ever seen his deployment two years ago.  If she could have anything for Christmas, it would be her best friend and secret crush, Rick, holding her in his arms.  But, he wasn't due home for two weeks.  Just like Santa, Rick had beautiful blue eyes, was tall, dark and handsome.  Damn she missed him.  Melancholy came over her in a  powerful wave, but she insisted on shaking it off.  Instead, she'd play Santa's game.  And give him something to remember.  

Phoebe slipped over, standing between Santa's open legs.  She twirled, knowing it would make the skirt flare out.  Then, she plopped down hard on his lap, almost right on his crotch.  She wriggled a bit, pretending to make herself comfortable, and adjusted her bustier, giving Santa a clear view down her cleavage.  She tucked her head, hiding her wide smile at Santa's deep groan.  If he wanted to play this game, she could too.  No one else around them seemed to even take notice and the photographer had snapped her picture and was off at the bar already.  It was just them.

"Santa, can I tell you what I really, really want for Christmas?"  Phoebe made her voice low and sexy.

"Yes." That one word sounded strangled.  She giggled.

"Well, there's this man that I adore.  He's far from home and it has been really hard for me to be without him.  I'd love for him to come home for Christmas so I can show him all the naughty things I've dreamt of doing to him."

Santa coughed and shifted in his chair, managing to move her slightly away from his crotch.  His hand moved from the armrest to her knee.  Phoebe giggled again.  It was working.

"Do you think I'm naughty because I want to strip off my clothes and go to him with only a big red ribbon wrapped around my perky breasts and shaved pussy?"

This time, Santa went in to a mini coughing fit.  Phoebe held on and waited.  She was having fun and wasn't ready to stop just yet. She wiggled again, and this time her thigh brushed something very hard underneath his faux fur-lined coat.  "Are you okay, Santa?"  She smirked and twisted a piece of her dark blonde hair around her finger, feigning innocence.

"Um,"  Santa's voice wasn't deep this time and for a split second, Phoebe thought she recognized it.  She shook her head. He cleared his throat, his voice deep once again as he said, "Elf Phoebe, in order to deliver this present to you, you'll have to tell me his name."  Phoebe began to feel uncomfortable.  She didn't want to tell this guy about Rick and she also noticed his hand had slipped up just under the edge of her skirt.

"I'd rather not Santa.  He can't come home for a few more weeks."

Santa leaned in to her and whispered into her ear, "What if he came home early?"

Shivers ran up Phoebe's spine.  She did know that voice.  And that wandering hand had now made it's way under her skirt and to the top of her white garter stockings.  He was tracing little circles on her upper thigh.  She looked up at him and her breath hitched.  She knew those eyes.  

Santa pulled his fake mustache and beard down under his chin and smiled.  "Merry Christmas Phoebe."


"Oh my..." before she could finish, Rick's mouth came down over hers and his arms crushed her to him.  He kissed her hard, plundering her mouth as his hands gripped her tight.

Phoebe's body hummed and all rational thought left her.  All she could think was, Merry Christmas Phoebe!

Hope you enjoyed!