Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mad Monday

"Will you tell me your greatest fantasy?"  Eric was tracing his fingertips along the tattoo on Becky's side.  He loved the swirls of it and how it made a path from her breast to her hip.

Becky shut her eyes and blushed.  "Why?"

"If it's something I can do for you, I want to."  Eric leaned over and kissed along her neck.  His tongue swirled over her skin, tasting the sweetness mixed with saltiness from their intense lovemaking.  He couldn't get enough of her.  No matter how much she pleased him, he always wanted more.  Wanting her to feel the same way, he was willing to bring her fantasies to life.

"You're going to think it's madness.  But here goes.  Remember when we watched that adult movie?  I forget the name of it, but the woman was being made love to by two men?"  Becky stared up at the ceiling, her usually pale skin flushed.  She didn't look at him as she waited for his reply.

"Yes, I remember it very well."  Eric whispered in her ear.  His hands continued to caress her body, moving from her side to her breasts down to her stomach.  "You were insatiable that night."  He plucked her nipple, reminding her of how rough she'd begged for him to be with her that night.

"It drove me crazy.  Seeing the one guy eating the girl's pussy while the other stood by and shoved his cock in her mouth.  I guess it was because I'd never watched porn before, but still, something about it...well, it made me ache.  I wanted that with you, that night, but of course, you're only one person."  Becky grinned at him as his hand slid down to her aching pussy.

"Would you like that?"  He didn't stop his hand, instead he continued down and thrust two fingers inside of her. She bucked on the bed as he began to finger her.  He pulled his fingers out slowly, then thrust them in again.  "Tell me."

Becky's face burned bright red, and her eyes rolled back in her head.  She couldn't think.  She probably would've censored her words, but with Eric slipping in and out of her like that, she let the words tumble out.

"Yes.  I want that."

Eric pulled his hand away from her pussy and she whimpered.  He knelt between her legs, hooking his forearms behind her knees and lifted her ass off of the bed.  Hard as a rock, Eric slipped the head of his penis into her.  "I have a friend."  He slipped in another inch.  "Who I trust."  Another inch.  "That would love to help us out with your fantasy."  Eric slipped out a bit and then thrust back in hard.  Becky screamed out as the angle was perfect to hit her g-spot.

Becky couldn't talk as Eric slammed into her abused pussy.  They'd been going at it all night and still she wanted more.  He went hard and fast, then slow and gentle.  "I will call him tomorrow and set it up."  As Eric slammed in to her again, Becky imagined him pounding at her while she sucked his friend's cock and within seconds, her orgasm ripped through her.  Eric's own explosion came only a few strokes later.

Collapsing on the bed, Eric brought his arms around Becky and snuggled her to his chest.

"Tomorrow..."  Eric kissed the tip of her nose and drifted off to sleep.

Becky beamed.  It was complete madness, yet, she couldn't wait for  tomorrow...


More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Becky and Eric (and friend) will be there as well.  ;)  

Hope you enjoyed this #MadMonday tease.  If so, please feel free to comment, share, "Like", tweet and so on!