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Erotic Romance:

Finding Lacey

Lacey was a simple woman with a quiet, albeit boring, life. That all changed when she bumped in to the ladies' man of the neighborhood, Shawn. Their chemistry is hot and after just one date, they cannot resist one another. From that night forward, it is a hot, fast and passionate journey together.

Teasing Lexi: 

Book One of the Letting Go Series

Lexi has a thing for Dante. He's handsome, strong and carries himself in a confident way that always grabs her attention. Up until meeting Dante, Lexi always preferred non-committal, vanilla sex. The heat turns up with Dante and he introduces Lexi to a whole new world of physical pleasures.

Before it really gets going, a turn of events changes everything between Lexi and Dante as well as her best friend Lacey. Now, Lexi has lost everything she loves and wants something she cannot understand

Lexi’s Lessons Book Two of the Letting Go Series.

Lexi has moved across country to get away from the pain caused by her lover, Dante and her best friend, Lacey.  Once she’s there, her handsome neighbor becomes her one and only friend in the sleepy Tennessee town.

She falls for her neighbor, Seth hard and fast.  He teaches her much about her own pleasure and the joys of being pleasured by someone who truly cares.  But, a small misunderstanding shatters her fragile heart and she runs again.  This time, is there enough between her and her lover to make things right so she can finally learn to let go and be happy?


Fantasy Romance:

The Key to Helmbrooke: For the Love of Isabelle

Isabelle is a young village woman who must find her way to her father who has been kidnapped by the vindictive Queen Tristana. Isabelle must bring the Key to her in order to save her father, Thomas' life. Time is of the essence and when she meets the handsome Zander along the journey, she finds herself thinking thoughts and feeling emotions she never has before. His motives, however, are not as noble as she thinks.

Along the way, truths are revealed, motives are uncovered, and emotions flare. In order for Isabelle, Zander or Thomas to be truly free, the truth must reveal itself before the Queen uses the Key to regain her health and her youth. Because once that happens, all will be lost.


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