Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Its LIVE New Year's Kiss Now Available

Mature Audiences.  Story Contains Adult Themes and Sexual Scenes.

Haylee Perry is 25 and living the perfect life.  She has a job she loves, great friends and her own

home.  All that is missing is someone to share it all with.  This New Year's she is determined to not

feel lonely, if only for one night.

Kyle is the new friend in the group.  He’s met everyone before at various get-togethers, but because

of his hectic schedule as co-owner of a software company, he somehow never met Haylee before.

When he sets his eyes on her, he knows that he has to make her his.  If only he can convince her of


New Year’s Eve 2011 will change both of their lives forever. One kiss that night will open up a

flood of emotions that neither can handle.  When fate splits them apart, will they ever find their way

back to one another?

Grab it on Amazon, today!!  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HHH799O

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