Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

"Trust me."  Tony said in a low voice.

Larese merely nodded.

Tony took the blindfold and tied it snug behind her head.  Leaning her back, he rested her head against pillows. He walked away for a moment, and she could hear drawers, a crinkling wrapper and a click.  She wriggled on the bed in anticipation.

"Stay still or I will have to tie you down."

Larese stopped moving, but wondered if it wouldn't be worth getting punished.  Just the thought of being tied down and completely under Tony's control made her body quiver.

"Hands up."  Larese obeyed, putting her hands above her head and grabbing the headboard.

Something warm and wet ran over her folds and she instinctively closed her thighs.


She opened her legs again, the cool air rushing over her sensitive, moist skin.  Something hard and smooth gently nudged her folds and her own juices began to flow.  Larese felt the object probe her slowly, Tony teasing her throbbing nub and labia.  She knew she shouldn't move, but her body reacted to his touch regardless.

"Last warning pet."

Larese nodded.  She loved when Tony tied her up and he knew it, so chances are if she didn't obey, something a bit more punishing was in store for her.  She was torn...behave or misbehave?  She grinned, but it quickly turned to a gasp as Tony slid in the hard object.  It felt different, as if it was inside of her and on the outside at the same time.

Trying her best to stay still, Larese breathed in and out, relaxing her body.  Easily her pussy accepted the foreign object.  She heard a click right before it started...vibrations that rocked her core.  Something was tickling her clit and at the same time, a gentle rumble teased inside her pussy.  She bucked as the sensations alternating in intensity and location.  It was torture.  It was sweet, erotic torture.

Larese heard the rasp of Tony's zipper and the sounds of his clothes hitting the hardwood floor.  A wrapper crinkled and her heart thumped hard.  Yes.  He was going to end her torture and allow her to come.  She was gritting her teeth, holding back an orgasm, as the vibrations brought her to the edge.

Another click.  Larese couldn't help it, this time her hips came up off the bed.  Whatever Tony was doing, the vibrations within her were hitting a new spot.  It had to be her g-spot.  She'd felt his cock rub up against it many times before, but she'd always begged him to stop.  It had always been too intense...too foreign to her. It scared her.  But, this...she wasn't going to get a chance to say a single word because now she was moaning and thrashing.

Tony's hands gripped her wrists, just as he put his body weight on top of hers.  He slowly slid into her slick core, his cock forcing the vibrator deeper.  She flinched at first, the fullness strange, until her body sucked him in as an orgasm ripped through her.  He rode it out with her, but she was still on the edge.  There was more...she knew it.

Larese was panting now, an explosion just seconds away.  Tony kept thrusting into her in a hard and slow pattern.  Hard thrust, slow retreat.  His body shook and Larese recognized his attempt to maintain control.  He caressed her breast with one hand, while he ran the other down the length of her leg then lifted it up onto his shoulder.  It was merely seconds before she came.  The explosion caused her to scream and moments later, Tony followed, her name echoing off the walls of the bedroom.  

The vibrations didn't stop and Larese's body continued to tremble.  Tony pulled out and then removed the device from her aching pussy.  He tugged off her blindfold and leaned down to kiss her deeply.  She snuggled in to his strong arms.

"That was intense," she whispered.

"We're not done yet.  Wait til you see what else I have planned for you."  Tony grinned.

Larese moaned.  There was more?  She grinned.  She couldn't wait.


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