Monday, December 23, 2013

Mad Monday

Roxanne pulled in to the parking lot of the gym and took a spot near the front.  Her radio blared Christina Aguilera's "Fighter" and it fit her mood.  She'd finally had enough of Scott's shit and she was ready to kick ass.  Catching him banging her co-worker on the chaise lounge in the backyard had been the last straw.  It was one thing to hear the rumors, but to see it with her own two eyes was enough to make her want to take a baseball bat to both of their skulls.

Without a word, Roxanne grabbed a bag, shoved all her clothes and other important crap inside and left.  It's not like she had much there anyway.  Grateful that Scott hadn't been able to convince her to move in, it wouldn't be a problem to go back to her apartment.  But, right now, she had to punch or kick something...hard.

In the locker room, Roxanne stripped out of her mini skirt and thigh-high boots, then yanked on a pair of shorts and sneakers.  She sat for a minute and tried to calm herself.  If she went out there and started pounding the bag, she'd break something.  Sitting still was a mistake.  The image of Scott and Lulu fucking, the sounds of grunting and moaning, all crashed over her.  It was too much and her anger escalated.  

"You fucking asshole."  She didn't even warm up, but went straight to the punching bag, her fists flying.  She may be an exotic dancer, but first and foremost she was a fighter.  She'd learned to fight at the age of ten when her older brother pushed her to know self-defense. From there, she'd taken every available class that involved kicking or boxing.  When her step-father next laid a hand on her, he ended up in the hospital with a concussion and a dozen broken bones.  After that, no one messed with eleven-year old Roxy.

"Hey, go easy."  A voice startled her and out of instinct, Roxanne turned and swung.

She made contact with a firm set of abs.  He grunted and she hissed.  Pissed that she let someone sneak up on her, the anger boiling inside of her overflowed.  Her hands hurt, but she couldn't stop.  Scott...sticking his tiny dick in Lulu's disease-ridden...

"Hey!"  The guy with the voice was yelling at her now.  Roxanne stopped punching, and grabbed the bag.  Leaning her forehead against it, she took a few breaths to calm herself.

"You wanna hit the mat?"

"What?"  Roxanne looked at the voice again.  Oh damn.  How had she not noticed him?  He was tall, stacked and had intense dark eyes.  He wore a hoodie that was open in front.  "I asked if you wanted to hit the mat?  You look like you need someone to work with.  That bag's only going to do so much."

She didn't know if it was a good idea.  Roxanne never had a problem sparring with a guy, but she wasn't in the mood to take it easy and if she pushed him too far, they were both going to get hurt.  "No." She turned her back to him.


"Are you fuc..." Roxanne twisted her head back and saw his smile.  Hot damn.  What a gorgeous smile.  "Fine."  If he wanted to have a girl kick his ass, so be it.  She'd take out her anger over Scott on this guy.  She wasn't small but people always misjudged her.  She was fast and extremely flexible.  It helped, considering her line of work.

They faced off at the center of the mat, bumped fists then backed away.  Roxanne had to concentrate or this guy would wipe the floor with her.  Never one to back down, she struck first.  She swung her leg around and caught him in the back of the knee and he went down.  She grinned.  He recovered fast and swept his other leg out, knocking Roxanne on her back.  She flipped up quickly and swung a few punches at his sides.  He tucked in, protecting himself until she stepped back.

Noting the surprise on his face, she decided to try her latest move and hopped on her right foot, then brought her left knee up high, catching him in the chin.  The move backfired however, when he grabbed her knee and pulled her into him.  They both toppled to the mat, his body pressed against hers.  Her left knee was tucked up tight against his right shoulder her other leg angled out.  He looked down into her eyes. "Pinned."

She wriggled and struggled, but all she managed to do was push herself against his crotch, causing her body to react to him immediately.  She felt him grind against her and she knew he wasn't wearing a cup.  It wasn't a smart move on his part, but she wasn't about to complain.  "Roxanne."

He took his hand off her knee and grabbed her arms, pinning them over her head, against the floor.  "Matt."

Roxanne laughed and bucked her ass up off the ground, pushing hard against his bulge.  "Wanna go again?"

Scott and Lulu forgotten, now all Roxanne wanted to do was find a way to pin Matt this time around.

"Here? Or my place?"  Matt grinned. be continued...perhaps.  ;-)