Friday, December 27, 2013

Sassy Saturday

"Let's go in here."  Monica pulled Troy's hand and led him in to a club.

The club was dark and lit with little more than neon lights on the walls.  Music thumping, Monica couldn't hear Troy speaking to her.  He pulled her hand and caused her to fall back against his chest.

"Mon, this is a strip club."

"I know."  Monica winked at him and again started walking to the back of the club.  She sat at a booth in the far corner.  Troy sat next to her and glared at her.

"Why are we here?"

"You'll see."

The topless waitress bounced her way over and leaning her DD's in Troy's face, she asked for their drink order.  Troy licked his lips and Monica couldn't help but giggle.  She reached under the table and stroked his hardening cock through his jeans.  "You like?"  Monica whispered in his ear, then nipped the lobe.

"Uh..."  Troy's face was red, she could tell even in the dark.  Monica knew this birthday surprise would supersede what she had done for him last year, hiring a stripper to come to the house.  They'd talked a lot that night and she'd concocted a scenario that was a full year in the making.  She couldn't wait to see it play out tonight.  Monica ordered two Mojitos.

When the waitress returned with their drinks, Monica downed hers quickly.  Her panties were already wet just thinking about what was coming next and in a few minutes, everything was about to begin.  Troy looked at her glass, then at her face and he smiled.  He knew she was up to something now.

"Hello.  How are you folks doing tonight?"  Monica smiled at the pretty brunette that had stopped at their table.  She had on a silver skirt that barely covered her black lace-covered pussy.  Her stocking were held in place with a black garter belt and she wore silver fuck-me heels.  A black and silver slip of material crossed her enormous, perky breasts like a tiny tube top. Monica tipped her head towards Troy and once again, a look of bewilderment came over his face.

"Come with me please, sir."  Troy took her hand and followed her to the rooms in the back.   Monica went with them.

"I'm Lana.  Monica wanted to wish you a very special birthday tonight."

"Troy, first, happy birthday, my love.  Second, I've hired Lana for a special, private lap dance.  You cannot touch her.  She can touch you, however.  And, you and I can touch each other.  Also, Lana is allowed to touch me.   We are going to start off with a little fantasy I came up with and then give you one wish."

Troy's face was one giant smile.  He licked his lips and wiggled in the seat that Lana had led him to.  It wasn't very comfortable, but it would allow both women easy access to him.  He adjusted his rock hard erection and took a deep breath.  He watched Lana turn on the music and she began to strip off her top, very slowly.  Her large breasts were perky and round.  Lana leaned towards Troy ever so slightly, her breasts in front of his mouth and she tugged on her nipples.

While Troy was entranced with Lana, Monica got on her knees between his legs and nudged his legs wide.  He didn't take his eyes off of Lana, until Monica pulled down the zipper of his pants.  His cock sprung out, his boxers unable to hold it back.  Monica pulled his boxers down around his shaft, through the slit in the front and licked his dripping head.  Troy jerked his hips.

Lana ran her hands over Monica's head, then pushed her head down as she straddled her head.  Troy's eyes popped open wide.  He could lick Lana's breast if he stuck his tongue out.  In her heels, she was tall enough to be over  Monica as she sucked and licked Troy's cock.  He wasn't going to last long and he tapped Monica on the cheek twice, his silent code for her to stop.  Instead she licked and sucked harder, taking him deep in her throat.  He blew seconds later, his whole body bucking, forcing his cock deep in her throat.

Monica grinned and then twisted her body, so she sat on the floor between Troy's legs, and tilted her head back, resting it in his lap.  Monica stuck her tongue out and Lana squatted over her face.  Her legs were rubbing against Troy's as her pussy came in to contact with Monica's tongue.  Lana proceeded to dance and grind against Monica mouth as she straddled them both.  To anyone glancing in, it would almost look as if Lana was merely dancing on Troy's lap...until they saw the legs splayed out beneath her.

Monica didn't touch Lana, but kept to the rules and allowed Lana to do all the work.  Lana moaned and swirled her hips against Monica's mouth while she caressed and squeezed her own breasts.  Troy was rock-hard again already, his shaft throbbing against the top of Monica's head.  Lana's orgasm shook her whole body and she braced herself against Troy's shoulders.

Monica licked her lips and smiled at Lana.  As Lana stepped back from Troy's lap, Monica turned around and once again on her knees, stretched her body up to kiss Troy hard.  She wanted him to taste Lana on her lips and tongue.  He leaned down and met her half-way, his soft lips caressing hers, his tongue plundering her mouth, swirling around and tasting her thoroughly.

He pulled his head back, cupped her face and stared into her eyes.  "You are so fucking hot, Mon," Troy rasped out.

"You are so getting fucked hard and fast all night long, love," Monica replied.  "Now, birthday boy, what is your wish?"

Troy grinned.  This was already the best birthday ever and it was only going to get better.

More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Troy and Monica will be there as well.  ;)  

Hope you enjoyed this #SassySaturday tease.  If so, please feel free to comment, share, "Like", tweet and so on!