Friday, December 27, 2013

Fantasy Friday

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Skye watched Zane as he closed his eyes and strummed the last few notes.  He was a god up there on stage.  When he was in his element, performing in front of others, he looked ecstatic.  Skye couldn't help as her own smile widened.  Zane was amazing.  And, he was all hers.

She skipped the last song and slipped her way backstage. Skye hadn't seen Zane for months and she was hungry for his attention, so she had a plan to surprise him.  They Skyped often and talked over the phone, but tonight, she wanted his hands on her body, his lips tasting her pussy, his cock thrusting deep inside of her.  No phone sex tonight.  She was getting the real deal and her body hummed with excitement.

It seemed like forever before Zane came through the door.  Skye wished she could see the look on his face, but she'd turned out the lights and the room was dark, except for the dim light cast from a small window.  All she could make out was the outline of him standing there.  She carefully made her way over to him, as she heard his hand rubbed against the wall, obviously looking for a light switch.  That wouldn't work since she had loosened all of the light bulbs in the room.  She giggled.  Zane's body froze in place and she could see him scratching his head.  

Slipping behind him, Skye brought her hands up to Zane's shoulders from behind.  He was a good foot taller than her so she had to reach up on her tiptoes.  She ran her hands down his broad back to his waist, then slipped her hands around front.  Her left hand stroked up his chest under his t-shirt, while her right hand traveled down to stroke the front of his jeans. He bucked into her hand as she cupped his crotch and she giggled again.  It was hard to contain her excitement.  It had been months and she wanted to make up for lost time.

"My girlfriend is gonna to be looking for me."  Zane's voice was husky.   "We need to make this fast."

Skye stopped moving her hands as anger washed over her.  What the hell was that supposed to mean?  Was this normal for him?  Skye hadn't told him she would be waiting in his changing room.  Hell, she hadn't even told him that she was driving across the state to see his show.  Who the hell did he think she was, some groupie?  Skye pulled her hands slowly away from his body, but Zane reached back and cupped her ass, bringing her body hard against his.  She didn't want to do this anymore.  She wanted to get away from him.

He wasn't letting her go though.  One hand slipped under the edge of her skirt, lifting it up, while the other hand tugged her thong down.  Despite the awkward positioning, Zane shoved two fingers into her throbbing pussy.  Skye gasped and Zane turned slightly.  His fingers pulled out and wiped her juices on her clit.  Then, just as he would do onstage, he strummed hard and fast; he played her like his beloved Fender.  She writhed against him, her nails digging in to his arms.  She wanted more.  It had been so long since his fingers played her to orgasm.  Moaning, Skye couldn't hold back.  She didn't want to think, she only wanted to feel.  And quickly, an orgasm ripped through her, causing her to stumble back against the door.

Back to the door, panting, Skye was shocked.  She knew it was Zane, and that was all it took for her to release.  But, he didn't know it was her and that hurt her deep down.  Had he been playing with other girls all this time?  Even though they masturbated together, virtually or over the phone, every single night?  The high of her orgasm quickly faded.  A tear slid down her cheek.

Zane turned just then and in the dim lighting, she could see that he had unzipped his pants and his huge cock was standing almost straight up, casting its own shadow.  She licked her lips and then mentally chastised herself for being such a fool.

"On your knees."

"No."  Skye tried to disguise her voice.


Was this what he did?  Her stomach burned with the thought of him and other girls.  "I'm not one of your groupies."  Skye didn't care now, she wanted to leave.


What?  He knew?

She didn't fight anymore.  He knew it was her.  Zane wasn't playing with another girl tonight.  He was playing with her.  She'd pay him back for scaring her, later.  Right now, she wanted to suck his cock, and taste his cum.  She'd missed all of it and she shut her brain off, dropped to her knees and took him in deep.

Zane groaned.  Skye moaned.  

"You are the only groupie I want, Skye.  Now suck me like you mean it and then I am going to fuck you every which way until Sunday."

The fun was only just beginning...


More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. This rockin' couple will be there as well.  ;)  

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