Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

"Thank you, sir."  Kara glanced at the envelope her boss handed her.

"My family has tried very hard to continue our traditions.  Boxing Day isn't an American holiday, but nonetheless, my parents would expect me to give you something."

Kara held the envelope up to the light.  She couldn't see through it, but it was thin. Perhaps it was money or a gift certificate of some type.

"Happy holidays, sir."  Kara said quietly.  She had left a gift for him on his desk.  Painfully shy and extremely attracted to her young employer, Kara had no difficultly finding the right gift for him.  As his new PA, she knew his likes and interests, as well as what he bought for his family and lady friends.  She'd settled on a pair of onyx cuff links with his initials, J.R. engraved on them.

Kara hurried out of the building before Mr. Reynolds could find the gift she'd left.  Knowing she wouldn't see him until January 13th, after he returned from his family's home in Coventry, meant she could avoid any awkwardness.

The bus driver yelled her street and Kara quickly got off the bus and headed to her apartment.  A flicker of light caught her eye, but when she looked over, all she saw was a black Jaguar slowly moving down the street.  It was moving too slowly, she noted and picked up her pace.  The car passed her just as she stepped into the foyer of her building.

Showered and dressed in her threadbare flannel pajamas, Kara dropped on to her couch with a glass of Southern Comfort and a piece of reheated pizza.  Flipping through the channels, she passed over one sappy Christmas romance movie after another.  Finally settling on an old favorite, A Christmas Story, Kara snuggled under an afghan throw.  She took the envelope that Mr. Reynolds had given her and opened it.  It was a gift certificate.  She choked as she read it.

"This certificate is good for one night with James Reynolds.  Including, but not limited to: wining and dining, dancing and fucking.  The recipient may have all fantasies and wishes fulfilled by James Reynolds during allotted time.  Only requests that can be completed within set time frame will be honored.  All activities will be at recipient's discretion and evening may be concluded at any time.  Not transferable.  Full confidentiality for both recipient and James Reynolds will be expected and strictly enforced."  

Shocked, Kara sat there staring at the TV as Ralphie "shot his eye out,", but her mind went elsewhere.  Her thoughts conjured up images of her handsome boss.  His dark hair slicked back, his clean-shaven face, broad shoulders, trim abdomen and thick thighs.  She closed her eyes, imagining he was there with her and she reached in to her panties, fingering her slick pussy.

Her thoughts took her back to the office…to James.  

Mr. Reynolds took her by the hand and led her to his desk.  He motioned to the gift and she nodded.  James pulled her in for a breath-stealing kiss and leaned her back over his desk.  Her legs were spread wide open and James shifted himself in-between her thighs.  He broke the kiss and stood over her, simply staring at her stockinged legs.  He ran a finger over the lace that held them snug to her legs then lifted the edge and released it, the elastic snapping her thigh.  Kara gasped.  James held a finger to her lips, indicating he wanted her silence.  She nodded and then licked at the finger he held there.

All control seemed to snap for him at her flirtatious gesture.  James shoved her skirt up around her waist and ran his hands over her pink lace panties.  A ripping sound echoed through the office as he tore her panties in half.  The sound, that action, spurred Kara on and she brought her heeled feet up and around the back of his thighs, securing him in front of her.  He wasted no time with his pants, unzipping them to reveal his throbbing cock.  He had no underwear on under his suit pants and Kara licked her lips.

James sheathed himself in a condom and nudged the tip of his cock against her slick folds.  Kara could feel herself literally dripping on his desk as she tilted her hips in invitation.  A sudden knock on the door startled them both.  Kara panicked, but James simply moved her skirt back down and pulled his pants up as he walked to his office door.

A loud knocking sound startled Kara out of her fantasy.  Sweat covered her body.  Nipples taut and aching, body trembling, pussy throbbing; it took almost a full minute for Kara to realize someone was at her front door.

Glancing at the clock, Kara wondered what crazy neighbor was standing outside her door at midnight.  It wouldn't be the first time one of the drunks in her building came to her door by mistake.  She peered through the peep-hole and jumped back in shock.

"Kara?"  A deep voice came through her door and stroked her senses.  Every ounce of her being had been on edge a moment ago, but that voice...James, standing on the other side of her apartment door...lit her whole body on fire.  She unlocked the door and took a deep breath, though it didn't help.  When she whipped open the door, her knees almost gave away.

James stood in her doorway, not in his usual Armani suit, but rather in tight black jeans, black boots and a blue sweater that brought out the color in his eyes.  His hair was disheveled a bit, as if he'd been running his fingers through his hair.  A dark stubble covered his normally baby-smooth face.  He looked different and he was even sexier.  Kara gulped.

"Did I wake you, Kara?"

"Um..."  Kara tried to smooth down her flannel pajamas, giving her hands something to do besides grab the man in front of her and plant a kiss on those perfect lips.

"May I come in?" be continued...

Happy Boxing Day to my friends who celebrate!  I had to do a little research to remind myself that the holiday had nothing to do with fighting or flying fists.  LOL  I think it is a neat holiday and wish we could celebrate here in America as well.  Most people I know are back to work today.  =(

More to come soon!  I will be publishing an anthology in February where all of my teasers will be expanded upon and wrapped up nicely. Kara and her boss will be there as well.  ;)  

I hope that you enjoy this teaser.  If you do, please share with your 18+ friends.