Sunday, January 5, 2014

Slippery Sunday

The water was running in the shower when Melissa came into the bedroom.  She hadn't seen Josh for two weeks and she was horny as hell.  Tossing her clothes as she made her way to the en suite, her plan was simple.  Seduce and fuck her man until neither of them could walk.

Quietly slipping in to bathroom, she saw Josh through the shower curtain.  His outline was as beautiful as ever and her hands itched to touch him.  He was humming a Maroon5 song and Melissa covered her mouth with both hands to stifle her giggle.  She adored the man, but he couldn't carry a tune to save his life.

She watched as the outline of his arms moved from his head and traveled down.  Taking a few steps, she could see the outline of his hands now.  He was soaping his chest and those perfect abs she loved.  His hands went further south and Melissa watched as his outline changed.  His cock was at half-mast now and she couldn't wait any longer to touch and taste him.

"Naughty boy," Melissa said.

"Come here and punish me,"  Josh replied.

"My pleasure."  Melissa pulled back the curtain and stepped in the shower.

"Were you watching me for long?"  Josh kissed the tip of her nose.

"Not long enough," Melissa began to run her hands over his body, spreading the bubbles that remained.  She glanced down, while keeping her hands on his chest.

"I missed you," Josh pulled her close, his hard cock slipping against her stomach.

Melissa giggled.  "Be careful with that thing.  You could poke my eye out."  She loved their playful banter.

"You know that is not what I want to poke."  Josh lifted her leg up and hooked it around his waist.  Slipping his fingers into her core, she knew he'd find her slick and ready.

"This is gonna be fast.  I can't hold back right now."

"Don't you dare hold back."  Melissa put her hand over his cock and stroked a couple times, watching his face scrunch as he tried to maintain control.

"Lissa."  Josh groaned.

"Come on in big boy.  I've missed you so fucking much."  She guided the head of his throbbing cock to her dripping sex and inserted just the tip.

That was all it took...Josh slipped in hard and deep.  Together, they moaned.  He stilled and they looked into each other's eyes.

"Don't go away for so long.again."  Melissa whispered then smacked his ass.  "Now, fuck me like you mean it sailor."

"As you wish."

And he did...


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