Monday, January 6, 2014

Manly Monday

"Oh Damn." Elise slammed her hands on the steering wheel.  She watched the billows of steam seep out under the hood.  "That's not good." She grabbed her cell phone.  No signal.  "Of course."

Elise got out of the rented Camaro and headed to the trunk.  Grabbing her bags, she wrapped her hot pink scarf on the handle and click the key fob, setting the locks.  She looked around at tree and mountains surrounding her.  Fine place to break down, she thought to herself as she began walking back to the service station she passed.

The late-day sun was scorching Elise's head as she walked along the side of the road.  Her favorite Jimmy Choo shoes were pinching her toes as she wobbled along.  The sound of a truck coming around the bend brought hope to her.  Waving frantically, Elise tried to catch the eye of the driver of the pick-up.  But, they passed her anyway.

The sky darkened and a bolt of lightning cracked through the sky.  Then, out of nowhere the sky opened up and rain poured on her.  Her tears mixed with the rain dripping on her cheeks.  A few minutes later, a truck came up behind her and slowed to her pace, keeping beside her.

"You need a lift?"

What a dumb question.  "No, I like walking in $500 shoes in thunderstorms."  Elise kept stumbling along the muddy trail alongside the road.  It was the same truck that had passed her just a few minutes ago.

"Oh, okay.  Good luck then."  The pick-up picked up speed and turned the bend ahead.

"No freaking way.  Asshole."  Elise cursed out the driver, then started to curse herself for being snide.

As she made her way around the bend, flashing red lights caught her eye.  The guy in the pick-up had pulled over.

"Now do you need a lift?"  He grinned at her as she stepped next to the driver's side window.

"Yes. Please."

"Hop in."

Elise didn't balk at getting a stranger's truck, not did she worry that her soaked clothes dripped all over his leather interior.   Despite the heat outside, she was chilled and soaked to the bone.  Her only thoughts were dry clothes and to sleep away the remainder of the day.

"I'll take you to the service station.   It's about ten miles ahead."  She glanced over and noticed how the driver looked like a hot cowboy in a calendar she once had.  She blushed.  It was one hell of a calendar.  This guy could easily be Mr. June.

"Uh, thanks."  Elise gave herself a shake.  "My name's Elise.   I appreciate you stopping.  Especially, after, well..."

"Name's Trevor.  Hey, I get it.  You were probably pissed and not in the mood for obvious questions.  Just had to ask cause that's the way I was raised.  Can't pull up behind a beautiful lady and tell her to 'get in', ya know?"

Elise nodded.  Her eyes shifted down broad shoulders donned in a denim shirt grazing over large thighs and then back up to tree-trunk arms.  The man was huge.  Probably worked on one of those ranches she had passed.

By time they reached the service station, it was almost six.  Trevor pulled up to the front door and pointed.  "Seems they're closed already.  I can call Buck and see if he'll come out, but chances are you're going to be stuck until morning here."

"Is there a hotel here?  A bed and breakfast?  Anything with a hot shower and warm bed?"

Trevor opened his mouth, shook his head and then closed his mouth again.  He pulled away from the service station and drove a few blocks to a large Victorian house.  "May has nice rooms and will charge you a decent rate."

"Okay, thank you."  Elise grabbed her bag and opened the door.  She turned and looked at Trevor.  Her heart raced a little bit at the way his eyes blue sparkled and his tan face softened as he grinned.  "Thanks again for the ride and the help."  He tipped his hat and turned to look out the windshield.

Elise got herself set up in a large room in May Milton's Bed and Breakfast.  May was a nice older woman who had a big heart and a generous smile.  She served Elise a hot dinner and then scooted her off to the living room to rest by the fire.  May had mentioned the nights were cold and Elise grabbed her Kindle and sat in a overstuffed chair.

"Whatcha reading?"  A voice in the shadows startled Elise.

"Who's there?"

"It's me, Trevor."  He leaned forward on the couch, and she could see the bright smile on his face.

"Why'd you scare me like that?"  Elise snapped.

"Are you always this nice?"

"Dammit, Trevor, you nearly gave me a heart attack."  Elise tried to compose herself.

"So, whatcha reading?"  He repeated.

"A novel."  Elise felt her cheeks heat up.  He didn't need to know it was an erotic romance novel.

"Must be pretty good.  Your face is all red."  Trevor wiggled his eyebrows at her.  Crossing the room, he sat on the coffee table in front of her.  "Want to read some to me.  I could use a good bedtime story."

Her face heated eve more.  He smelled delicious.  Everything male mixed with the fresh outdoors.  She wondered if he went to bed alone.  Bed.  Not a place she should be thinking of right now with this handsome stranger in front of her.

"Um, no.  I'd rather get to bed."  Dammit.  There's that word again.

"Let me walk you up."

"Uh, are you a guest here?"

"I live here."

"Oh."  Now why didn't he mention that before?  She'd have stayed somewhere else.  Anywhere else.

Elise simply nodded and made her way to the stairs.  He followed behind her and she couldn't help but wonder if he liked the view.  She giggled then threw a hand over her mouth.

"Nice view."  Had he read her mind?  What the hell?

"Well, this is me."  She stopped outside her bedroom door and unlocked it.   Without looking back, she entered her room.  As she went to close the door, a booted foot stopped her.

"I'm right next door, if you need anything."  Trevor said, smiling wide.  He moved his foot and then disappeared into the dark hallway.

Elise let out a sigh as she closed the door and flipped the lock.  Wow.  He was intense.


Elise woke in the middle of the night, sweat covering her body.  She'd been having a dream.  A dream about Trevor using those strong hands to manipulate her body into a number of positions as he pounded his cock into her.  She jumped out of bed and headed into the hallway, for the bathroom.

There he was.  Trevor.  Coming out of the bathroom in only pajama pants.

Holy Hell.

"Couldn't sleep?"  He said as he stepped closer.

"Dream woke me up."

"Care to talk about it?"  He was now in her  personal space.  So very close, but yet not touching.

"No.  No, thank you."  She blushed, again.  What about this man set her body on fire, she didn't know exactly.

"Were you dreaming of me?"

"Psshhh.... no.  No."  Elise tucked her head down and tried to make her way to the bathroom.

"Shame.  I was dreaming of you."

Elise stopped and looked up at him.  His smile was gone.  And intense look on his face made tingles travel to all her girly parts.  She licked her lips.  He was gorgeous, why would he be dreaming of her?

"Night."  Trevor turned away and went to his door.  He called back, "You know where to find me if you need me."

Elise stood in the hall for a few minutes.  She tossed around the thought of just going back to bed.  But, something made her turn and walk to his door.

Knock. Knock.

"It's open."

Elise opened the door and there he was.  Lying across his bead, buck naked.  Elise swallowed.
"Want to tell me about your dream?"

Trevor grinned.  "Come here. I'd rather show you."

Holy hell...


Hope you enjoyed!