Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wet Wednesday

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I wiggled as Andy's mouth trailed down to my breasts.  He laved at my nipples, sucking the champagne off and nibbling my flesh.  I squirmed.  I couldn't help it.  He knew how sensitive I was, how my body responded to his attentions.  I am not sure when I did it, but my hands were suddenly in his hair, pulling him hard against me.  He laughed and continued from my breasts to my belly button.  My body was on fire, and I tugged his hair...hard.

Slipping one warm hand up my skirt, while the other firmly grabbed my breast, Andy managed to slip my underwear down, and then off.  I was literally grinding on the chair at this point, desperately needing his tongue on my pussy.  Andy picked up on my cues, as he always did.  Moving his mouth up my thigh, he came closer to where I wanted him.  But, then, he started nibbling back down the other leg.  I groaned and slid forward, chasing his mouth, almost slipping off the chair completely.  Andy laughed and then tugged my legs wide open.  I gasped as his mouth finally descended on my throbbing clit.  His tongue swirled around the bud, then dipped inside my pussy as far as it would go.  He retreated then repeated it all over again.  I was chanting his name like a prayer.  I needed more.

"Andy....please."  I begged.  I couldn't take anymore teasing.  Finally...."Yes!"  He slipped a finger in and stroked me rhythmically as his tongue danced over my clit.  I gushed...literally.  When his head finally emerged from between my legs, I was already wanting more.  Now it was my turn.  I ripped off the blindfold and leapt at him, pinning him against the counter.  Our tongues dueled and the taste of me in his mouth excited me further.

I reached over an grabbed an ice cube from the bucket where the champagne was.  At some point, Andy had lost his shirt.  Now it was my turn to tease him.  I began to trail the ice cube down his chest as his gaze stayed on my face.  I smiled when I saw his erection poking up out of the waistband of his boxers.  This was going to be fun...drawing out his pleasure and teasing him until he begged this time.


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