Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teaser Tuesday

Andy sat me in a dining room chair and smiled.  "I have a surprise for you."  I couldn't help but look around the room.  He knew how I hated surprises.  Yet, I knew how much he loved to do special things for me. Andy found ways to tease and please me all the time.  I merely had to have enough patience to let him do what he planned.

"Now, I know how you are about surprises.  So, I have this."  Andy held up a long black sash...a blindfold.  "Keep your hands in your lap for now."  Andy tied the blindfold snugly at the back of my head.  I took deep breaths, waiting for what would come next.

"If you are a good girl and keep your hands to yourself, then I won't tie them.  But..." Andy let his words drop away, as I felt the silk drift across my hands.  I knew what that meant.  Last time I couldn't keep my hands to myself, he tied them securely behind my back.  Memories from that night flooded my mind and I felt myself warm from my chest to my cheeks.

I heard Andy walking around, sounds of plastic bags rustling in the kitchen.  Though I couldn't see him, I easily sensed when he stood before me.  Warm fingertips touched along my collarbone, and I jumped at the sudden contact.  Deftly, Andy unbuttoned my blouse and opened it wide. Trailing his fingers over the swell of my breasts, Andy teased my hot skin.  He gently caressed and played with my nipples through the satin material of my bra.  With one flick, he undid the front clasp on my breasts, allowing them to slip from the confining material.

I took a deep breath.  My hands twitched in my lap.  I wanted to taste and touch him so badly that I almost couldn't control myself.  Andy must have noticed, because he took my hands and brought them to my sides, letting them hang down alongside the chair.  "Behave, love."  I nodded.

Something cool and wet trickled from my collarbone down to my breasts.   I could feel rivulets of the mystery liquid travel across my breasts, down over my nipples and tickle along my stomach to my navel.  I squirmed at the sensation.  Andy tugged on my skirt, unzippering it and then his warm hands pried the material open, exposing my satin panties.

Another item, cold and hard traced the path of the liquid.  I could smell it was sweet...possibly a strawberry.  Andy trailed it across both breasts, then over each nipple, finally trailing down to my navel.  "Open."  The hard item was suddenly at my mouth.  Yes, it was a strawberry...covered in champagne.  That must've been the liquid.  I nibbled at the strawberry until Andy replaced it with his lips.  His kiss was sweet, the effect of the champagne and strawberry amazing.

"There's so much more to come, love."

I smiled.  I couldn't wait.