Friday, January 10, 2014

Sexy Saturday

From a WIP that I started in  March of 2013 and worked on from time to time.  I haven't finished it yet, and it stands at 17k words.  I hope to finish it this year.  Anyway, here's a little excerpt.  ;)



I was seriously starting to get annoyed.  I couldn’t find that brunette bombshell anywhere and now I’ve got sleazy chicks hitting on me.  Well, just one, and maybe not so sleazy, but once I said no she acted like I slapped her in the face.  I really just wanted to see that girl one more time before I left.  Bobby had said he was ready to go.  They wanted me to drive them to a party across town.  I told Bobby I wasn’t staying there, and he said he’d take a cab home.  We were just about to leave when I saw her again.

“Hi,” her voice was smooth.

“Hey,” I tried to keep my voice even.

“Red heads not your type?” She joked.

“Um, not really.  I prefer brunettes.”  I wasn’t trying to flirt.  It just came out. 

“Hmmm, me too,” she winked.  I think my heart stopped beating right there.  I was obviously blonde.  Was she joking or what?  She pulled her hair back over her shoulder and the scent of flowers tickled my nose. 

I didn’t know what to say.   

“What’s your name?”  I may not be her type, but I at least wanted to know the name of the girl that was going to haunt my dreams tonight.

“Kailee. Yours?”


“Well, Kevin, I have a confession.”  She paid for her drinks as she turned to me, her scent waved up my nose making my pulse kick up a notch.  “I have a weakness for blondes.”

She turned and walked away and all I could do was watch, mouth hanging open, heart thundering in my chest.  Bobby ribbed me and the guys started hooting and hollering.  I watched her walk back to the other side of the club where her friend waited.

Bobby smacked me on the back and said, “If you don’t want it, I’ll take it.”

I looked at him, trying to figure out what the hell he was talking about.  On the bar, by my hand was a napkin with writing on it.  Kailee 555-6824  Holy shit!  She’d slipped me her number and I hadn’t noticed.  What a jackass I was.  I snatched up the napkin before Bobby or any of the other guys did and tucked it in my pocket.

Now, was the hard part.  Calling her to go out on a date.  Not exactly something I was very good at.  


Hope you enjoyed.