Friday, January 10, 2014

Fantasy Friday

Christina put her cell in her purse and walked in to the bar.  She straightened her skirt and glanced around for her friends.  Her eye caught sight of Melanie, her co-worker.  Mel was hard to miss at 5'10" with platinum blond hair and a group of guys always hovering around her.  Chris chuckled to herself as she made her way over to the bar.  Pushing her way through the groupies, Chris finally made her way to Mel, Alex and Simone.

"Hey girls!"  Christina hollered over the music thumping through the speakers.

Chris hugged each of the girls and ordered herself a beer.  "How's the prospects tonight?"

Alexandra, or Alex, laughed.  "Slim pickings.  Once Mel cuts these guys down and sends them with their tails between their legs, it's gonna be hard to find anything young and handsome here tonight."

The girls all laughed and Chris looked around.  Sure enough, "Ladies Night" was truly that for a change.  Most of the guys that were present were either the usual bar slugs or young bucks that had gravitated towards Mel.

Chris didn't blame them.  If she were a guy, she'd do the same.  Melanie had an amazing personality, a beautiful heart and was a professional model.  Problem was, most guys never looked beyond the fact that she was a model, to see the true gem she was.

Sipping down her beer, Chris realized that most guys in bars were the same.  At 5' 8", with long wavy golden-brown hair, deep green eyes and a curvy figure, Chris had her fair of attention.  But, it was always the hook-up and then one kicked the other to the curb right after.  At almost 30, she was getting tired of all the nonsense and wanted to find someone real.

Like Toby.

Toby was Melanie's brother.  They'd all grown up together, but Toby was 3 years older, so when Chris finally was allowed to date, he had already left for college.  Tall, blonde with blue eyes, he was the male version of Melanie.  And, he got just as much attention as she did.  A fact that always irked Christina.

Now, at 33, Toby was a prime catch.  He'd matured not only physically, but mentally as well.  His body had transformed into a rock hard wall of muscle covered in tattoos.  After he left college, he went off to be a professional fitness competitor and model.  Now, he was a personal trainer as well.  Chris remembered when she saw him last, at Christmas.  He was not only amazing looking, but was just as witty and funny as he'd always been.  But, he still treated her like his little sister.


Mel was standing right in Christina's face, shouting her name.  "What?"

"I said...can you let me know if you see Toby.  He's supposed to be meeting us here."

Toby.  Here.  Tonight.

"Uh, yeah."  Chris smoothed down her skirt again and reached to fix her shirt.  She'd left an extra button open to display her cleavage, but she wondered if now it was too revealing.

"Leave it."  Simone slapped away Chris' hand.  "You want him to notice you, don't you?"  Simone was the only one that knew of Chris' major crush on Toby.  Sometimes drinking loosened lips, ya know?

"But, not for these."  Chris motioned to her breasts just as someone walked up next to her.

"Those are quiet nice I think."  Toby chuckled.

Chris blushed fiercely.  Holy crap he had the worst timing.  "Oh shut up."  Chris smacked his arm, trying to play off her embarrassment.

Toby leaned over to kiss Chris on the cheek, a greeting he always gave her, but she had turned her face at the last minute and his lips landed on hers.  She froze.  A zing of electricity ran through her.  He didn't move immediately and Chris held her breath.  Straightening, Toby cracked his usual sexy grin.  "Didn't expect that."

Chris wondered what he meant...her turning or the electric charge.  Or, maybe she was the only one that felt the latter.  Eyes wide, Chris couldn't say a word as Toby turned and said hello to Mel, Alex and Simone, then introduced the guys that came with him.  Chris didn't hear a word.  Something so small had struck her completely dumb.

It was too overwhelming for her, so Christina grabbed her purse off the stool and headed to the door.  She'd made it all the way to her car when a strong hand grabbed her elbow.  Toby whipped her around and firmly pushed her against the car.  He leaned down and hovered his mouth over hers.  His minty breath washed over her face as he panted.  He must have run to catch up to her.

"Can I get another shot?"

Another. Shot.  Wow.

Christina sucked in a breath and nodded.  Toby's mouth slowly inched closer and Chris opened her own slightly.  His soft, warm lips tickled hers at first. There was that shock again...electricity that coursed through her body.  From her mouth to every part of her body.  "Do you feel that?"  Toby whispered against her mouth.  Again, Christina could only nod.

He didn't ask permission again.  This time his kiss was intense.  His tongue slipped into her mouth and Christina groaned.  He wrapped his strong arms around her and pulled her tight to him.  She could feel his erection against her belly and her underwear was instantly wet.  She'd wanted him for so long that this moment was surreal.  But, he was here, his tongue was probing her mouth, causing her whole body to go boneless. Only his strong arms held her up, her legs useless now.

"Do you want to continue this somewhere else a bit more private."

Christina finally found her voice.  "Yes.  Please."