Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thirsty Thursday

From a WIP with the working title "Reconstructing Kailee"


My heart pounded ferociously in my chest.  Our first time was intense but the second time left me seeing stars.  Kailee fit me perfectly, her body curved against mine as if she had been made just for me.  She was tight, wrapping around me like a glove.  And, she tasted amazing, like strawberries.  I didn’t even know exactly what I was doing, I just let myself explore her and watched her reactions carefully.  I hadn’t imagined she’d be so responsive, so hot for me.

After I put out the fire in the fireplace, Kailee took my hand and led me down the hallway.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Would she want me to stay the night?  We’d slept in each other’s arms before.  But, that was mostly from staying up late watching movies and just drifting off.  Would this be different?  I wanted so much more from her, but I didn’t know what she’d want from me.

Kailee led me in to her bathroom, which was surprisingly large and modern.  After seeing the rest of the house, I’d have figured this bath would need work too, but it was redone with a huge tub and shower.  She turned on the water, and stepped in, never letting go of my hand.  I followed her in, not sure what to expect next.  Kailee’s eyes were roaming my body, her tongue licking at her bottom lip.  She was so sexy, I felt myself growing hard again.

I had never showered with a woman before, so I had no idea what to do first.  I wanted to touch her everywhere, but honestly, I was scared I was going to fall on my ass in the tub.  Kailee handed me a soap-filled washcloth.

“Wash my back, please,” her voice was too damn sexy.

While I washed her back, Kailee soaped her front, slowly rubbing her breasts, her flat stomach and then in-between her legs.  I don’t remember when I stopped washing her back, I just know I wanted to be where her hands were.  My hands covered hers and roamed her body.  I pressed up against her, wanting to climb inside of her over and over until I was lost completely.

Kailee slowly turned in my arms, her hands still soapy.  She started at my neck and slowly moved her slick hands down my chest, then up and over my shoulders, down my arms and returned to my chest.  She put more soap on her hands and then rubbed at my stomach, slowly inching lower until she was just above my shaft.  Her hands teasingly went around and rubbed at my upper thighs, coming around inside my thighs up to my balls.  She soaped me up there, then her hands gripped my shaft and I almost fell to my knees.  The slide of her hot hands made me throb and twitch. Shifting to the side, Kailee allowed the hot water to rinse all of the soap off of my body.

Her hands never left me, and once the soap was completely gone, she dropped to her knees in front of me and I braced myself against the wall behind me.  Was she really going to…?  Holy shit.  My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I started panting as Kailee slipped those beautiful pink lips over the head and slowly up the length of me until I hit the back of her throat and her nose almost pressed against my lower belly.  Her soft mouth moved up and down my length and despite having already come twice, her mouth on me had a third orgasm erupt from me in mere minutes.

When we finally made it to her bed, I was completely exhausted.  That was the first time in my life, that I came three times in one night, and in only a couple of hours.  No one has ever made me so horny in all of my life.  But, there was more to me and Kailee.  Right from the moment we met, I felt something so strong for her that I couldn’t explain it.  And, every time we were together, even if just watching a movie or driving in the car, she made my heart beat faster and my body heat up.

I wrapped my arms around as she tucked her back in to me.  I think spooning is my favorite way to sleep with her.  As if I can keep her safe and she can’t escape my arms.  I tuck my nose in to her neck and inhale the scent of her hair.  She is perfect for me.  I don’t ever want this to end.


Hope you enjoyed!  And, I sincerely hope you needed an ice-cold drink after that.  ;-)

I'm hoping to finish this WIP and release it this Spring!