Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wet Wednesday

Channing Tatum

Bri brushed back her hair with a muddy hand.  She'd been slaving in her garden all morning, sweltering in the midsummer heat.  Rocking back on her heels, Bri took in the scenery.  Her garden looked beautiful and other than the birds, the neighborhood was quiet.  She loved having a weekday off; no one else was around and she could truly enjoy her beautiful property.

Kicking off her shoes as she went in the house, Bri shed her clothes and made her way to the bathroom.  She grabbed her bikini off the hook on the back of the door and tugged it on.  Her sweaty body made the material difficult, but she knew once she hit the water, she'd feel better.

She took a moment to glance in the mirror.  A huge smile spread across her face.  It had taken over a year, but she finally had a body to proudly display in the bikini she wore.  It had been one of her goals...and rewards.  Lose fifty pounds, tone and tighten her 30 year old body and for the first time in her life, wear a bikini.

Making her way to the back of her property, Bri looked around before diving in to the pool of fresh water.  One reason she had bought the house was the small body of fresh water at the edge of the property.  No one fished here, no one could see her.

Rolling over on to her back and floating, Bri closed her eyes and let the sun warm her body.  The small pool was chilly, being constantly sourced by a stream from the mountains nearby.  Bri thought about all the times she and Damon had swum together in the lake behind his summer house, as kids.  Damon had been her best friend since they were toddlers.  She smiled as she thought of the good times they had; the trouble they got in to.  Her smile slipped when her memories wandered into high school and beyond.

Damon had gone off in to the Navy right after school.  He'd written to her often, but as time went by, their lives took different paths.  She started a catering business, and he'd become a decorated Navy SEAL.  Last she'd heard from him was about two months ago, when he was about to go on some secret mission.  Bri felt the tears trickle down the sides of her face.  She'd loved Damon since childhood, but deep down, she knew it was one-sided.   His love was the SEALs.

Turning her body, she dove under the water and started swimming laps across the width of the pool.  It was one thing she'd struggled with when she was overweight.  Now, she felt free as a bird, or in this case, a fish. Bri kept going until her body was exhausted and her mind was clear.  Pulling herself up on to the side of the pool, she laid in the grass and closed her eyes against the sun.  A dark shadow crossed over her and she sat up.

"Well aren't you looking hot...and wet."  His deep voice reverberated through her.  Goosebumps covered her body and her nipples hardened.


"Uh, hey.  What are you doing here?"  Bri scrambled for her towel.

"I'm here for you."  Damon stood before her, as gorgeous as ever.  Big and bulky, dark short hair, dark eyes, black tattoos sneaking out under the sleeves of his t-shirt.  Tan cargo pants hugged his thick legs and his trademark black boots finished off the ensemble.  She couldn't help but giggle.

"Isn't it hot for boots?"

"You know me, babe. Either barefoot or boots.  Only two ways to go."  Damon took a couple steps towards her.

Bri began to back away, frantically tucking the ends of the towel under her arms.

"So, how long are you home for?"  Bri started to walk back to the house.  She needed to dry off and get into clothing.  Being so close to Damon after not seeing him for so long was doing funny things to her body; things that would be quite evident in her tiny bikini.

"For good."

Bri stopped in her tracks and turned to face him.  "What?"

"Yep.  Staying state-side and going into teaching here at the base."


"I want to settle down Bri.  I don't want to be away from home anymore.  Away from you."  Damon had stepped closer to her and his rough hand traced the side of her face.  An intense look in his brown eyes that she'd only seen when he was dead-serious, now gazed into her own eyes.

Bri gulped.