Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Sentence Sunday

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My excerpt is from my current WIP "Naughty Surprises, An Erotic Collection of Short Stories" which will be released in February.


Oh good Lord, Yvonne thought to herself.  There is a gorgeous man in the tub.  A naked, slippery and 

hot hunk of muscle only a few steps away.  She felt the strongest urge to strip right then and there and sink 

in beside him.  He tilted his head back and Yvonne soaked in his profile.  Strong jaw line, straight nose, 

dark skin and just the slightest sexy stubble covering his face.  Yvonne pressed her legs together. 

She wanted to feel that stubble scraping along her thighs, her ass...everywhere.  


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