Monday, April 1, 2013

Bound Book Series by Tracey Jane Jackson

Bound Book Series, Volume 1 and Reviews.

Bound By Blood

Right from the beginning, I simple adored Samantha. She is such a down-to-earth, strong, intelligent female that was perfect for this story. Add to that her wonderful friends, such as Pepper, Payton and Fiona and I am hooked! I felt like I was one of the girls as I read through to the end.

Now, for the guys... SWOON... I have always been one to LOVE stories where there are 'mates', as in people meant to be with one another; people that have NO insecurities about the one they are with. There is no doubt, no cheating, no lack of desire and of course, there is TONS of heat, because the two are intended for one another. So, since I adore Sam, of course, I fell for Kade. And his brothers sound like an amazing, handsome, powerful bunch!

Wonderful characters that I really felt like I knew as I went through the book. Now, add to it some mystery and magic. And, I was pleasantly surprised that these mates, or bonded couples, weren't werewolves or vampires (though I've found myself falling for a few of those in the past). I won't tell you how they are different, but the Gunnach family is definitely interesting.

I love the bond between Sam and Kade...there's so much more than just mating. Oh and what small-town girl wouldn't mind becoming a queen one day? Anyway, I really enjoyed how everything played out (so far) and can not wait to get my hands on the next book. Truly wonderful!

Bound By Fire

This is the second book in the series and I truly hope there will be more because I have already come to know and adore many of the characters.  Sam and Kade are now married and the focus of this book is on Sam's best friend, Pepper.

Right from the very beginning, my heart goes out to Pepper.  Her life has been rough and in most recent weeks, as you'll see in the beginning, things haven't gotten quite a bit worse.  She is being stalked by an unknown individual and if that isn't tough enough, she has to keep it all hidden from her best friend, Samantha.  Not only does she suffer through this guy's threats, which he carries out, but the police can't find out who he is and her only help comes from Dalton, Sam's brother and not exactly Pepper's closest friend.

When Collan Gunnach first lays eyes on Pepper, the realization is there.  Pepper is his mate.  However, there are many obstacles.  Not only the stalker,  Dalton's attentions and the fact that going from broke to Princess is a huge leap for someone like Pepper.  Pepper loses a lot along the way and Collan seems too perfect for her.

I love how the story follows up from book one, yet, it can stand alone too.  Ms. Jackson does a great job of sharing the details of the Gunnach clan and Cauld Ane history plus the relationship between each character, so that a new reader isn't lost because they didn't read book one. Just as in book one, I found myself laughing, swooning and all together loving the story.  Towards the end, things do get dangerous, and my heart was racing, but what needs to be resolved is taken care of and I cannot wait to read more!

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