Sunday, March 31, 2013

Connected by Kim Karr Book Review

If you don't know me by now, one thing is that I LOVE to read, especially romance novels.  Another thing is that I seriously ENJOY posting reviews.  I love to share how stories move me, heart & soul.  And, one last thing, more specifically about my reviews, is that I don't re-tell the story.  I feel that the author, publishers, etc have already spent their time giving readers a synopsis, and some reviewers really dig deep and tell you a lot of detail.  So, I tell you how the book made me feel, what I thought and by the end, what I was left with. 

One other note I wanted to add is that if you want AMAZING book reviews, I highly recommend Aestas Book Blog, just click on the pink box over on the right hand side of this page to visit it.  Great reviews! back to "Connected" by Kim Karr...

Connected by Kim Karr

This story is beautiful in so many ways. In the beginning we find a loving story between Dahlia and Ben.  Childhood friends that grew to be lovers and in love.  Their story was sweet and fairly 'normal'. The tradegy and following pain that Dahlia went through is sadly realistic and broke my heart. Adding in a little intensity with a band lead singer named River causes Dahlia a great conflict not just of the heart, but of the soul.  And, she makes the wise decision to walk away.  

The reconnection, between Dahlia and River is what got my heart racing and had me "hot under the collar" for most of the book.  Their story is not only hot & steamy, but aside from that, there is a soul-connection between the two.  A connection that few will probably ever really know, and most only dream of.  Of course, this confuses and terrifies them both; I could feel that throug the words Ms. Karr wrote in their scenes and their dialogue.

I am going along the journey with them on their intense and whirlwind romance.  But, as is life, some curveballs are thrown in, and even though I knew it wasn't all a coincidence (I just watch too much tv and read too many mysteries), they go along under that assumption.  By the end, every reader will know a bit more about these curveballs I am referring to.  *wink*

Of course I adore Dahlia, fell in love with River, am unsure about Caleb and laugh at Aerie's boldness.  And, sad to say, by the end, I'm no longer liking Ben very much.  He wasn't my "type" in the beginning...I've never been one for the over-confident type, but it worked for Dahlia and of course, she'd known him since childhood.  But, something always loomed over his character and after the Epilogue, I think I wanted to go back to the beginning and strangle him. 

There are many unanswered questions in my mind as I finished. I know the author will wrap it up in "Torn", the next book. If you don't like cliffhangers, and many of us don't; if you are the type to wait to watch all of your fav shows on DVR in one shot so you're never left screaming, "I have to WAIT!?!?" then, yes, wait until "Torn" is out and then read them back to back.

By the end, after the Epilogue, I was anxious to get my questions answered. Ms. Karr promised all of us Facebook fans that all will be revealed soon...and much like life...sometimes you just have to wait it out.
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Highly recommend for those who love soul-mates, steamy intimate scenarios, and true love stories. ;)