Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wet Wednesday

Okay, I have seen a lot of authors doing themed days and I've wanted to, but never really got into it, so I am going to try again.  I think practicing writing each day is fun and good for a writer's imagination, so here goes nothing.  Be sure to leave your comments below and link to YOUR blog if you have some stories to share...true or fiction.  *wink*

Wet Wednesday

Monique closed the door to her apartment and headed towards the stairs, her mind preoccupied by all the errands she had to do that day.  A groan echoed down the hallway and Monique stopped dead in her tracks.  She recognized that sound.  Usually she heard it coming through her bedroom wall when the guy next door had "company."  Between his groans, creaking wood and the thumps, she always found herself aching to see what was going on next door.  More times than not, she'd end up spread-eagled on her bed, eyes closed, imagining her hunky neighbor watching as she pleased herself.

Realizing she had moved towards his apartment door, Monique brought her hand up to knock, but stopped.  His door was cracked open.  His groans drifted into the hallway again and again.  She squeezed her thighs, trying to calm the storm brewing there.  She could hear water...he was probably in the shower.  She knew that she should just pull the door closed and walk away.  She knew it, but instead, she found herself pushing the door further open.

Her feet had a mind of their own, apparently taking direction from her libido instead of her brain.  She ached to see what he was doing.  Well, she had a good idea, Monique knew her imagination was quite vivid, but to actually see him...that would be amazing.  His hard body covered in soap as he ran his hands down ripped abs, over thick thighs and back up to his perfect erection.  Water rivulets running down his wide shoulders, pushing suds along his sculpted arms and chest.  How badly she wanted to trace every inch of him with her tongue right now.  If she could just slip in, unseen...

She could actually feel herself almost drooling.  She took a quick glance around the batchelor pad as her steps brought her closer to the sound of running water.  The groans had stopped.  Monique stopped dead in her tracks when Hunky yelled, "Fuck!"  Shivers ran through her body and she was instantly dripping between her thighs.  She heard the water turn off and panic set in.  She had made her way across the apartment and now she wondered if she could escape without being caught.  She pivoted on her heels and tiptoed towards the door.

"Hello Monique."

She was caught.