Sunday, December 15, 2013

Officially A Bestselling Author

Wow!  I am so excited!  Okay, for a writer, I should be more eloquent, but honestly, words have escaped me.  *LOL*

I just did a one-day Freebie promo of my book, "Four Weeks 'til  Christmas" and it was downloaded over 2700 in the US and UK combined.  Plus a few dozen in other countries as well.  I am so amazed by it all. 

And, it has inspired some ideas for more short stories as well as some promotional concepts so that I can help other authors as well.

Lots of words floating in my head right now, but the most prevalant...THANK YOU!!!  Without people buying my books, I wouldn't have gotten this far.  It is a huge honor to write stories that readers enjoy.  I only have 4 reviews on my latest book, but I know that there will be more over time.

Anyway, again, Thank You!  And a huge thank you to my friend and fellow author Samantha Holt who has helped me along the way.  She's kicked my butt when needed, inspired me and edited my work.  You rock girl!

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I love you guys!!!