Friday, December 20, 2013

Recent Reviews Four Weeks til Christmas

Just wanted to share some of the most recent FIVE star reviews for Four Weeks 'til Christmas!

"This is the perfect quick read for Christmas. Sweet, heartwarming, well written and charming. If you're looking for something to provide a nice satisfying read with very likeable characters then this is for you."

"This is designed to be a book to read in a single setting, like you would view a holiday movie, and Jayn Wilde accomplishes exactly this. This is a fairly traditional Romance about Noelle and her relationship with Zane during the month of December. Without giving away too many details, suffice it to say that Noelle manages to conquer her inner demons, and the journey is well-chronicled, real, and heart-warming."

"Noelle is an overworked, part-time student who also holds down a full-time job.
Zane is handsome and charismatic with a lot of dough, and he had me when he went in search of a doll for his niece.  How sweet! you say? That's exactly what I said.  His deep family values made him even more attractive.  With all the festivity and cheer during Christmas, love had to blossom between them.  A lovely, short, but enjoyable read that's perfect for the Silly Season. 5 stars from me."

If it sounds like something you'd want to grab for yourself, or load onto someone special's Kindle, just visit the link here--->