Friday, December 20, 2013

Fantasy Friday

This Fantasy Friday piece comes to you from my published book, "Lexi's Lessons."  ENJOY!


“Come on in. Perfect timing.”

Seth came in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. He lingered just an extra second and Lexi could swear he sniffed her.  Not that she minded. She inhaled his spicy scent too.

“Beer?”  Lexi offered and Seth gladly took it.

They chowed down on pizza, each knocking back a few beers a piece.  The movie was horrible, although the story was good.  Lexi figured that they must not have had much of a budget to work with, and said as much to Seth.  Lexi wondered if any big producers would pick it up and remake it.  There was a scene towards the very end that captivated both Lexi and Seth.

The hero had saved the heroine and was making his move on her. He thrust her up against the wall, passionately kissing her.  He carried her off to his bedroom and the heroine gasped.  There, in the hero’s bedroom, was a gigantic four poster bed. Each corner had fur-lined cuffs. On the side table was a blindfold, a tube of lube and a flogger. The hero proceeded to blindfold and bind the heroine.  The woman was enjoying it and her passionate cries at his touch echoed through the small living room.

Lexi watched the scene unfold on screen with interest.  She felt her pussy pulse at every act the hero performed.  When the heroine screamed in orgasm, Lexi felt herself become wet.   Cheeks hot, she was noticeably panting.  Lexi didn’t register Seth’s eyes on her.  When the screen faded to black and the credits rolled, she gulped down the last of the beer.   Only then, did she realize Seth was watching her, a noticeable bulge tenting his khaki shorts.

“Wow.  Um. That was intense.”   Lexi licked her lips as she met Seth’s gaze and her eyes trailed down his body.

“Did that turn you on, Lexi?”  Seth’s voice was husky.  His finger trailed up her bare arm to her shoulder, then down along the collar of her tank top.

“To be honest, Seth, yes.”  Lexi closed her eyes, not wanting to embarrass herself further, and focused on the trail of his fingers.

“Maybe you’d like a little of that too?” 

“Um-hmmm,” Lexi realized her whole body was thrumming, her nipples were hard and aching and her sex throbbed.

Seth trailed his fingers over her nipple, slowly circling it through the cotton material.  He pulled gently at her nipple, then twisted it.  Lexi moaned.  He slid his fingers across to repeat the process to her other breast and again, Lexi moaned.  Seth bent his head down and put his hot, wet mouth over her nipple and suckled it right through her shirt.  Lexi arched her back, pushing her breasts forward.  Seth continued to tease one breast with his hand and suckle the other with his mouth.  He switched repeatedly until both of her breasts throbbed through her soaked shirt.

Lexi’s pussy trembled with every pinch, pull, tug and suckle of her breasts.  She’d heard that some women could orgasm from breast stimulation alone, but until this night, she’d not believed it.  Seth pinched her left nipple and bit her right nipple at the same exact time and Lexi screamed out as the orgasm rushed through her body.

She was a believer now.

“You are so fucking sexy, Lexi.  I can’t believe how responsive you are.”  Seth’s licked along her collarbone and up to her ear, nipping and soothing along the way.

“I…have…never… oh my God.”  Lexi’s words stumbled out of her mouth.

“You are amazing.”  Seth sucked on her neck.  “There is so much more I would love to do with you.  To see how you respond to it all.”

Lexi giggled, her orgasm high fading.  “I think I am going to like being friends with you.”


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