Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas Story

I've been considering writing a Christmas story. Perhaps a short story or novella. A little holiday magic, romance and perhaps a bit of danger mixed in as well. The thought has popped in my head here and there over the past few weeks. Funny thing about keeps moving. So, if I am going to do it, I'd better whip it up fast, get edits done and get it out there, right? I mean, after all, Christmas isn't very far off.

So I am starting the story today and hoping for the best. It will start on Black Friday and be set in the retail environment. Anyone who has ever shopped, in person, during the holiday season knows that it is a wicked time. Some people are aggressive and edgy. Some people are so wrapped up (pun...hee hee) in the holiday season that they wear perpetual smiles and hum Christmas tunes throughout the day. I tend to fall somewhere in between. I love the season, hate the cold and dread shopping. I love to give gifts, especially the 'unexpected'. The kids may want today's latest game system, but my mind works overtime to recall all those 'little things' they love, want and enjoy. I don't buy the trendy stuff, but focus on the lasting items that show I pay attention to the recipient's interests.

Anyway, the heroine will be a retail clerk. She will be surrounded by co-workers and customers that try to stifle her enjoyment of the holidays. An optimist at heart, and a romantic through-and-through, the heroine will find that this holiday season, the best gift she could ever hope for will come from a complete stranger (our hero). But, in order for her to be happy, she must deal with the ghosts of Christmas past. And, her hero must be willing to deal with his ghosts of Christmas present.

Very excited to put these thoughts in to a story that will hopefully touch the hearts of others.

Working title: "Four Week 'til Christmas"

Stay tuned!!


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