Friday, July 26, 2013

New Facebook Page!

Hey Folks!

I just created a new facebook author page for my pen name Jayn Wilde.  Now, I did have one before and that FB account got flagged for some reason.  In my years as a Network or Internet Marketer (think "MLM" or something like "Amway") I had built many pages on the internet.  Not just FB, but twitter, myspace, youtube, etc. etc. etc. and so I was quick to get the page done fast BUT after gaining some momentum, some unexplained obstacle came up.

ANY WAY...I am back and if you would do me the honor and privilege of clicking "Like" on my page, I'd be so happy!  Just go to facebook and look up " Jayn Wilde Romance".  Since it's a new page, I don't have a pretty, fancy shortened URL, but I hope you'll find me all the same.

I will be posting book snippets, special promos, new books and other information right there.  I will probably share some hot, hunky guys as you've been forewarned!  LOL 

Thanks SO much for sticking by me and I will return ALL likes, so if you could..."Like" from your personal page and then comment with your author or business page.