Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things Are Heating Up

From my latest work-in-progress.  My two main characters Danika and Derek have just come back from their first date.  

“I know.  I don’t want to tell you.”  Derek had a devlish grin on his face and my stomach flipped with nervousness.  “Don’t look at me like that.  I can’t tell you all my secrets on our first date.”

“Good night.”  I was pissed at him and yet I wanted to laugh.  I reached for the handle and got out before he could stop me.  I ran up to the apartment and he followed after me.

“I like that better than good bye. But I’d rather do this the right way,” Derek whispered in my ear as I fumbled to unlock the door.

Derek leaned over me and kissed the side of my neck.  A gasp slipped out before I could stop it.  His strong hands came around me and he hugged me back towards his body.  A moan threatened deep within me and I felt my knees go weak.

“Kiss me good night Danika,” Derek’s breath was hot against my neck.  Thrilling chills thrummed through my body and I had to rub my thighs together to stop the tingling there.

Could he read my mind?  Could he know how badly my body desired him?  That can’t be fair.  I slowly turned in his arms and grinned at him.  I had an idea.  I envisioned a fat man, with rolls and rolls of fat, in a beer stained tank top and droopy boxer shorts with a bald head and pimply face.  I closed my eyes and thought hard.  Then I quickly opened them to see Derek’s reaction.  Nothing.  Hmmm…. Maybe he isn’t reading my thoughts.  

Without thinking any further, I reached up and pulled his head down to mine pressing my lips against his.  Damn his lips tasted sweet.  They were soft yet firm and when his tongue darted out to tickle my bottom lip I lost control.  I opened my mouth to him and let him in.  His tongue caressed mine.  They tangled together and my body shuddered in his arms.  He pulled me even closer as he deepened the kiss.  My body was on fire and I felt like I would explode.

I couldn’t think even if I wanted to.  If he wanted to read my thoughts, then so be it.  They were a complete jumble of lust, desire, need, compassion, empathy and love.  Love?  NO.  He snaked on of his hands up under my shirt and the skin-to-skin contact changed everything.  Suddenly, I felt connected to Derek.  It was as if we were one being.  As he touched my body, an energy soared through me like I had never felt.  It was like earlier, but way more intense, more powerful.  I couldn’t move from him and he couldn’t move from me.  Our bodies were fused together, or souls intertwining.  How could this be?

And then the moment was gone.

“Oops, sorry.”  Sam blushed as she came up behind us.  Derek and I broke apart, neither of us able to catch our breath.  His face practically glowed beneath the tan, his eyes were bright in the dim light and his body was covered in a sheen of sweat."

Hope you liked that little interlude!  Leave your comments below!  :)