Monday, March 18, 2013

Favorite Character Names?

If you don't already know, I read a LOT of books.  When I do, I am very aware of the character names that I like.  Of course, when I go to write my own stories, there are names that just come automatically to me.

For guys, it always seems like Dominic, Derek, Drake are strong names that I favor quite a bit.  I also like Brian, Ryan and Seth.

For the gals, it's always names like Belle or Isabelle, Amanda, Danika, Sherry or Annabelle.  I like names that are pretty and yet show a hit of strength to them.

So, now it's YOUR turn?  What character names do you like?  Your favorite movies or shows, what names do you find really stand out for you?  Are there names that you always think "hunky guy" or "gorgeous gal"?  Comment below with some of your favorite names.