Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Release Danika's Gift

I have released my latest book, Danika's Gift.  A contemporary romance with a little bit of special abilities included.


Danika's lived a secluded life, hiding her 'gift' from others.  Her mother protected her and home-schooled her after a tragedy at the age of six.  Now with her mother gone, her father a thousand miles away, Danika is moving forward with her life and heading to college.

Despite trying to blend in, Danika meets Derek and she fears the new feelings he brings out in her.  She’s never known her stomach to flip flop, her pulse to race without exercising, her face to heat up or the feel of throbbing between her legs.  His attention to her creates mixed emotions and with that comes the fear that her gift may become known.  For her to get close to anyone may reveal future events that she cannot control.

Everything comes crashing down around Danika as she and her friend are kidnapped.  While every previous event was a distant fear, now her gift has brought danger directly to her.  All of her fears and insecurities are laid out before her as he struggles to find a way, any way, to use her gift for as something other than a curse.

Her gift makes her special...but is the gift worth dying for?