Monday, May 27, 2013

Facebook Hiccup

Well, for those of you that don't know, "Jayn Wilde" is my pen name.  I use that name for my FB account to not only promote my own writing, but help others with their books.  I love to share, review, and post about other authors whether they are Indie or not.  This afternoon, while I was chatting with my friend (and fellow author) Samantha Holt, I was suddenly asked to log in, in the middle of a chat message.   UGH.

Not sure why the sudden request, but recalling I had that same problem yesterday, I logged back in.  Now, yesterday, I had to verify I owned my account by identifying photos from people I am friends with on FB.  That was hard, since I have friends that also use pen names, who share animal photos, etc. and that left me stressing because I know these friends as fellow authors.  I don't know their spouses, their personal stuff.  But, I got through it anyway.  The only alternative was using a phone number to verify my account, but that's not an option.

Back to today...

When I tried to log in, it brought me to a page where I needed to verify myself again.  This time, it was ALL about the phone number.  *sigh*   I don't have a cell phone to use.  In fact, when I did, it was linked to my old FB accounts.  Those, by the way, I deactivated BEFORE creating the account for my pen name.  The  oly account I have now IS Jayn Wilde.  And, I cannot provide a government ID to verify (the alternative to a phone number) because, again, this is my pen name.  I will NOT re-activate any of my old accounts, because those were personal and they all were sharing a different side of me.  I now write fiction, some of which is erotic in nature.  I don't have my friends and family attached to "Jayn Wilde" because, like most authors in these genres, I value my privacy to share my creativity without the cloud of familial condemnation or judgment lingering over my shoulders.

Needless to say I am upset.  I am frustrated. And, I am missing out on my new world.  I considered if it was a personal attack.  Honestly, I know how easy it can be for someone to rip apart your life.  And, being completely honest, Jayn Wilde is not my along with their guidelines, I am being dishonest.  Yet, it is my persona.  It is who I am when I indulge in my creativity.  People like Nora Roberts enjoy the benefits of a pen name.  And, I am sure she and others do not have to worry over such trivial B.S.  I have yet to truly make my mark on the writing world, so I can't imagine one individual flagged me so FB would "pick on me" and yet, I just can't figure it out.

This is just a vent, truly.  I mean, why would typing any of this out benefit another.  At the same time, it's my way of leaving a bread crumb.  To say to my friends and fans... "Hey, I'm still out here."  I hate this.   I really do.  I didn't have all of my eggs in the fb basket, no...I've learned that in the past through other endeavors.  However, it is the one place that everyone seems to know and utilize.  The one place where I have made connections with wonderful people who I cherish.  The one place where I could go and find sexy half-naked guys, funny photos, beautiful quotes and of course info like open submission calls for my writing, new books by my favorite authors and freebies to grab for kindle.  It was all ONE place.  My place.  *sigh*

Okay, it shouldn't...but this all is making me teary-eyed.  Thanks for reading and being there for me.  Need to take this energy and do some writing.

Much Love,