Saturday, April 20, 2013

8 Sentence Sunday WeWriWa Danika and Derek

I am currently doing edits on my next book, which is titled "Danika's Gift."  The main character, Danika, has a gift for seeing events before they can happen.  The problem is, whether or not it is truly a gift or a curse.  When she meets Derek, she begins to wonder if she can actually have a normal life and whether or not her gift can be used for good.

Here's a spicy 8 sentence snippet for WeWriWa aka Weekly Writing Warriors.  If you enjoy it, please feel to subscribe for future updates and share with others.


I closed my eyes and threw an arm over my face.  I couldn’t stop smiling.  Derek came up next to me, his hands now tracing patterns along my stomach and chest.  He kissed at my shoulder, nibbling my skin.  Every inch of me was hypersensitive and his touch was making my body tremble.
“That was amazing,” I murmured.
“You are amazing,” Derek whispered in my ear. He licked at my collarbone, sending shivers through my heated body.

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